Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ito na..

Spent the day bonding with Andee and Diego. Watched Night at the Museum 2, then went ahead for some National Bookstore shopping!

While having dinner at McDo (naku--walang kakupas-kupas!!.. kahit papa-deliver sa house..) I faced the reality that the two are no longer babies. Lalo na si Diego. He'll be on 1st Grade already at the San Benildo Integrated School, and Andee, 5th Grade at SSAM. Time flies. But I've got a long way to go!

Friday, May 15, 2009


There were a lot of significant changes recently.
Family. Kids. Work. Self.

We're now slowly but surely 'fixing' our house in Marikina. Diego will be in 1st grade at a big school, while Andee, Grade 5. We're done with tuition fees and books. What's left are a few school supplies and bonding 'let's-all-cover-your-books' moments. Work has finally been 'good' to me, got to get and do what I really loved doing. And finally..Self. I've never felt so inspired. I think I've pick up most of my broken pieces already and mended them so well that I am almost my old self--!! I have never loved so much that I feel that everything is falling into place.

But one last thing though...

My blog needs an EXTREME MAKEOVER!
It's sooo eighties...eeeiioouuu!