Saturday, April 26, 2008


This little primate has adopted our home.. star apple tree, narra, euka and all.. as its very own.
When I got home the other morning, the other neighbor yayas were sort of trying to 'trim' a tree at our corner street. Or so I thought. Only to find out that they were trying to catch this run-away monkey. Pano ko nalaman? When I woke up in the afternoon and about to get ready for work, Diego came in and is bragging about 'Muy-Muy'.
Muy-Muy is the name given to this monkey who is now taken refuge of our star apple tree. He is still wearing a 'belt', probably or apparently where a chain used to be, and may had 'escaped' from his former owners. He now transfers from the star apple tree in our backyard, to the narra tree or euka tree at the front yard. Cousin Angge swears of an ebola epidemic.. while I rant about Muy-Muy's slowly eating away the tiboli lights on the euka tree! He is sometimes seen across the street on the neighbor's mango tree, and still goes back home to us. Neighbors have been trying to catch him. Mama swears she'd be calling Marikina's Parks and Leisure Office after Muy-Muy peed on my nephew's yaya!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Honor's Assembly

It was report card releasing at St. Scho between 7-9:30am, and the Honor's Assembly followed at 10:00am.  Awards and recognition were given out for Prep up to Grade 5 students. Aside from the Merit Award she garnered during the first school semester, Andee also qualified for the second semester as well as year-end ---- "Semestral Awardee with High Honors". Naks!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Diego and Holy Week

During Holy Week, Marikina is known for its procession of 'santos' during early evenings, participated mostly of old Marikina families who have mostly decades or centuries old relics of saints, Sto. Nino's, Mama Mary's, and various images that depict the passion of Christ, in carozzas that are heavily decorated with flowers and lights (which are a sight to behold! See video at YouTube; or pictures from Slythe, MD).

Imagine a carozza depicting with the 'Last Supper' or when Jesus was taken down from the cross!). These are paraded around Sta. Elena, San Roque, and Calumpang. Incidentally, one of our neighbors annually participates in the procession because they have their own 'santo'.

I was lucky to have watched the procession around 3 times already since it started years ago. Andee was only about 3 or 4 years old then. This was the conversation, as told by my mom, after Diego watched our neighbor decorate their carozza and witnessed the parade:

DIEGO: Lola, sino pwede maging Isaiah Jesu? (where he got the name, I don't know..)
LOLA: Yung mga mababait and malalaki na na boys. Gaya ng mga tito, kuya, manong...

DIEGO: E si Tito Cak and Tito Baron and Tito Earl pwede maging Isaiah Jesu?
 LOLA: Oo naman because big boys na sila and mababait.

DIEGO: .......
DIEGO: (after a thought..) Di pwede si Tito Cak at tsaka si Tito Baron eh...
LOLA: Why, baby?
DIEGO: Eh pareho kasi silang kalbo! di naman kalbo si Isaiah Jesu eh!!! 
LOLA: (suppresing a laugh)... a ganon ba?

DIEGO: .... eh si Papa pwede?
LOLA: Oo naman kasi big na rin siya eh 

DIEGO: .........

DIEGO: eh.... di rin siya pwede eh!

Lola: Bakit?
DIEGO: kasi mataba si Papa eh! .... tutumba ang krus!!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Brother Cak at The Carver's House started this meme:
Instructions: If you were a famous celebrity and you were asked to endorse three products and/or services, what would they be? With each product or service, state in one or two sentences the reason why the product and/or service has won you over. End your post with the usual tagging (up to five is I think the standard), as well as a link back to the blog you got the meme from.

Here goes...
1) Mocha Blends - not only is their Cafe Latte the best I ever had (extra whipped cream, please!), their House Blend Ice Tea and pastas are to die for! Also, a perfect place as well to relax.. as their 'star***ks' counterpart tends to be so sikip (and noisy) for comfort!

2) Nichido's Dazzling Peach Lip Shimmer - I don't usually go for really imported brands. Nichido has my vote.. lips never crack or run dry, and the color does fit my palette. Pang-morena baga!

3) Nivea Sun Oil Spray 4 - 'For a golden, long lasting tan'... true. Never did I had a more satisfying tan and my skin doesn't feel or look dry after swimming, in fact, it was soft has a mild delicate scent...not a smell of coconut oil. A true 'sun goddess' as my friends would call me, I tried a lot of SPF4s, etc. but this is the best. No regrets!

I tag you... Jheck, Fortuitous Faery , Angge, Ives and Charmaine!