Sunday, March 04, 2007

Birthday gift :-(

I just finished half a bottle of Novelino in 15 minutes. Celebrating 39 years by myself at home. Well, actually had lunch with the family earlier today, and with a friend yesterday. Nothing new really for me, except for longer hair and clearer, allergy-free skin.. still recuperating from those ugly marks and scars.

The past 2 weeks were very tiring. Andee was admitted in the hospital for bronchopneumonia. Other than that, she has to undergo an operation to remove an abnormal mole growth inside her left eye. We initially discovered her mole when we were kidding around years ago. Old folks say that if someone can 'see ghosts, elements', etc. (which Andee does, that time), most likely there is a mole in her eye. True enough, there was one in her left eye about the size of half a grain of rice. Almost two or three weeks ago, it was discovered that this little mole is now almost the size of her iris, and it has shown to have, upon consultation, small blisters, or cystic somethings. Her doctor would need to remove it, because, like any other mole that changes in charateristic, it has to be examined.
I'm afraid, Very afraid. Andee has to be cleared of her pneumonia first before the operation. Though she will be under general anaesthesia (out patient pa), the doctor will not scrape the mole off, but rather 'slice it off'. It is expensive.. especially to someone who raises 2 kids by her lonesome. Naiiyak nanaman ako. Why this?!? Hanep sa birthday gift!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Diego answers....

Diego has this nasty 4 year old habit of putting anything in his mouth. This morning, while playing in the kitchen, his hand was again in his mouth, and he seemed to be nibbling on something.

"Diego, what's that?!?!? Ano nanaman yan?!?"
"Kinuha ko sa mata ko!" (I got it from my eye!)

Well, wild guess, what our reaction was...