Thursday, June 28, 2007

Diego's 5th

Today is Diego's 5th birthday!!!! Had to get home early and do a last-minute-panic-buying-cake for him. He comes home from school at around 11:00am so we had to rush. Mama and I went over to Marquinton's Blue Wave Mall, stopped by Red Ribbon and got a cake for him. Diego is easy to please when it comes to food (ask him what he wants for breakfast and he'll insist on tuyo or daing) so it wasn't that hard in choosing the right cake for him-- he is not that head-over-heels-gaga over specialty birthday cakes with SpongeBob or Superman on it. Good boy. :-)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Why I cried at the Zaturnnah Muzical

For the record, I think I've watched the muzical more than 10 times since the 1st run last year. And I confess that I laughed as if it was the first time I've watched it--- Really hard till my tummy ached and I swore I could've gotten near having a lock-jaw. Last night was different.

I cried.

I cried because I laughed soooo hard that not only did my tummy ached, I could not breathe. Tumigas na ang tiyan ko dahil sa sobrang tawa at hagikgik na di ko na talaga mahanapan ng lugar para isingit ang huminga. K Brosas did it. The part where Amazonista Dina B. was singing. OMG!!! "pinaliligiran ka na namin! sumuko ka na!", "lakas tama mo. pre!". Soooo hilarious!!!! K has taken Zaturnnah into really a new experience. It's impossible to compare her with Eula because they have each placed a unique take and interpretation of the red-haired bombshell.

I'll be crying again next week.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Wala lang... miss ko lang...

The whole week I was hoping to get as much sleep as I can. Now that it's weekend off, got home at around 10am after having breakfast with friends from the office, I can't seem to get some sleep. Bummer....

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I see dead people...

There's a different one everytime-- and it started just this week. Inside the bathroom. By my bedroom door. At the kitchen. Is the so-called portal open?!?! There seem to be a lot 'moving around' lately.

Baka naman natutuwa sa weather dahil umuulan at malamig na?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

K as Z

Watched ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzical (for God knows how many runs now) at the Carlos P. Romulo Theater, RCBC Tower in Makati., with Mama, Carol, my sis-in-law (and her officemate), Tita Lang, my cousin, Lala, and my Tita Ann, visiting from Bangkok. Unfortunately, her husband, American Tito Rick was not feeling ok that day. Sayang! According to Tita Ann, a week before their trip here to Manila, Tito Rick has the 4 year-old Zaturnnah book by his bedside.. 'reviewing' it -- . He knows how to read and understand Tagalog fairly but sometimes turn to Tita Ann to ask her what some words mean..("What's betlog? what's keps?")

Missed seeing Carlo (kamusta outing?), Zee was there and Penny also! (how I wished I could wear what she's wearing--frustration ko yon!-- long skirt and tank top!) Anywayzzzz..... K Brosas as Zaturnnah is a welcoming experience. When Ada transaforms to ZsaZsa and back-- this time I 'see' one person. Unlike the preview runs, I felt K Brosas and Tuqs Rutaquio(Ada) blended in a way that Ada/ZsaZsa is ONE person-- they talk alike and seemingly have just one personality. From afar, (loge seats) K looks like a bigger Eula Valdez-- bigger boobs and bigger voice!. Vocal-wise, Eula has my vote, though there are some songs, like "Ang Pagmumuni-muni ni ZsaZsa" where I find K's version more 'feeling' and 'sagad sa buto'. Enjoy kami. There are new things to watch out for, though I do not like it much when there wasn't any 'fight scene' anymore at the kakanin factory. Parang nagtago na lang si ZsaZsa that time, and the Amazonistas cluelessly looking for her.

I liked how they added more detail in the last part 'Ikaw and Superhero ng Buhay Ko'. Very effective! Cak mentioned it to me last week, that he suggested it for the last part though he doesn't know kung itutuloy nila. Well, they did, and I couldn't help but blurt it out loudly.."Ay!!!! tinuloy nila!!!!" Hehe--parang 1970's musical!

Will be back next weekend, the evening of the 24th AND on July 1st matinee with friends from the office. "Can't get enuf ano, Te!!"

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Goodbye, Dean

Back in third year high school, ninety ek-ek, in Geography Class, we were encourage to have penpals from other countries, yup--snail mail! There was this service called IYS - International Youth Service, where we would put down our 'requirements' for a penpal, like, from what country, age, gender, likes, etc. After a week, you will be given a name and address, and you'll begin to correspond! During that time, I did have penpals from Germany, Denmark, and Tonga. Mama's best friend in Minnesota (and mama, of course), set me up with their next-door neighbor, Dean Johnson, a DJ that time, if I remember correctly.

We began corresponding and it lasted years, we each got married, had kids, and he moved from Minnesota to another state. That was when we lost track. The last letter I received from him was when he placed his email address--that was when emails were still 'greek' to a majority of people. When I got my own email, I think I emailed him once and sent a picture of Andee (then still a baby). And I never heard of him since.

The other day, I was deleting spam in my emails. For some unknown reason, it was an email I failed to delete. After refreshing the inbox my mind when blank when I saw 'Dean Johnson' as the sender amidst emails from friends and Cafepress. I opened the email and my heart sanked. It was a mass email sent out to all listed in Dean's email address book, from Tim, his brother... and it started as..

"...It is with deep sorrow that we are sending out this email....."

I immediately knew what it meant. Heart pounding, I read on...

"...On behalf of Dean's wife Kerry and his parents Frank and Lenora (Nory) Johnson, it saddens us to inform you that on June 7th, after a long battle with lung cancer and pre-existing lung problems, our brother, Dean Johnson passed away...."

I began thinking on how a great friend he was, then sharing things he like, talking about his DJ stints, his wife, Kerry, and his son. Sayang. I felt bad. My condolences to Kerry, and Dean's family. Now I realized how I missed those days waiting for his mail to arrive. He would share a picture of his cat, his picture with his favorite guitar, which right now, I am wondering where it was.

Farewell, Dean. I wished we never stopped writing to each other. But right now I know you are at peace. You are in good hands.

Monday, June 04, 2007

You complete me

This is the nth time I've watch Jerry McGuire. I enjoyed the story the first few times I've watched it and it was only this time that I cried buckets.

Perhaps this time it's different--- Being the 'only one ' with Andee and Diego, basically 'single', 'alone' or whatever wordly metaphor you can sqeeze in or think of, made me connect even more with the characters.

And so like what most people think, one can stand up alone as long as you have a mission, a goal, or a purpose. Either to snag the right endorsement for a client and feel the wave of achievement-- or raise a child as a single parent and give them a good future. Yeh, some people live that way-- and prefer it that way. Though some, like me probably, would wish to share the feeling, tell the kid's wild and funny stories, laugh at what happened at work, etc. etc. etc., to someone other than your brother or mom, or best friend, or officemate. When that will be---well, there's someone out there..
...if there is still one destined for you.....
*hikbi!* *sigh!*

Friday, June 01, 2007

Z3 to 2910

Getting home from work this morning is a relief. Relief because my darn pants are so tight (I did grew fat!) it's hard to do calls sitting down, nonetheless getting a street-map-of-manila marks across the belly, not to mention the ohh so obvious button mark in the middle; and the gwafaw of a fellow team mate because of my butt 'sticking' out.

Riding the MRT home from Makati always find myself standing near the doors even there are still a lot of seats in the ladies-children-elderly-disabled-only MRT car. As we passed the MRT Shaw station heading north, I suddenly remembered seeing Cak doing a new lay-out for Zaturnnah. Today is June 1st!!!!! ... and...AND THERE SHE WAS--- right before Poveda just as the MRT is leaving Ortigas station--- ZsaZsa Zaturnnah in her splendor (ok ba bro?!?)occupied the top billboard, promoting her 'downloads' and of course, the Muzical, come June 15th to July1st at the Carlos P. Romulo Theater at the RCBC building.

I immediately texted Cak and with all my excitement, failed to take a picture of the billboard. Hmm..... maybe I can get down Ortigas station the next time--no, sobrang gilid . Or maybe I can get the MRT driver to let me in his, umm...what do you call that?!? box? cockpit? driver's seat? to get a good picture!... nge--- too kinky ata. (Stay tuned for the pic!)

Anyway, decided to try the downloads. Text Z3 to 2910...
"To continuously enjoy Globe's services please keep your account updated."
WHAT THE..?!?!?!?