Saturday, September 30, 2006

8th Birthday

Andee celebrated her 8th birthday yesterday, which went by oh, so quietly. Her request for a party was not granted (again...*sob*..I'll make it up to you, baby..) and the supposedly treat to Enchanted Kingdom didn't push through either, because of her school's Family Day activity which was originally scheduled for this morning, was moved to a later date.. because of typhoon Milenyo.

Andee and her Tito Cak went out this afternoon.. a bonding thing. When they got home late afternoon, out went the cake, on top went the lighted candle, on went the 'happy birthday' singing... and then Diego blew the candle out! Hehe... not until Andee blew the candle first. We had to do a second take so that Diego can have his turn!!!!

I still don't have a recent photo of her, unfortunately for some reason, my phone can't send pictures to my email here I had to check old folders (if she sees that she doesn't have her photo posted, she'll make kulit lang! lol).

Sunday, September 24, 2006

It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas

Went to Robinson's Metro East supermarket this morning with my mom. The kids were busy watching Sharkboy and Lavagirl DVD so it's a great moment to escape without them having to plead to tag along (which meant more unnecesary items in the grocery cart than usual).

It was only today that I really noticed that for the past few weeks I've been hearing Christmas songs/carols over the radio and establishments, Robinson's is no exemption. I remembered the first time I heard the carols was on Sept. 2nd, when our team at the office visited 8 Waves Waterpark in San Rafael, Bulacan. We kinda felt it was odd that time but then didn't really give it much attention. September na pala! The month where Christmas starts in the Philippines! Better start preparing that list!!!


A lady from France gave me my latest sweatshirt sale at JustCats, and my very first sale from my Warhol inspired cat designs. She came next after last week's sale of two (2) ash-grey Siamese Here, Kitty, Kitty design t-shirts.

The Here, Kitty, Kitty collection is my most saleable. Same thing when I still had my store, JustCats in Ali Mall (Araneta Center, Cubao) way, way, way back. Most popular shirts then had a hand-painted cat clinging at the back of the shirt (drawn by moi of course!), and other varieties of that theme. Hayyy... sana tuluy-tuloy na!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Dixie Doo

I mention several blog posts before that one of the people that make me laugh is Dykee. He is my team mate at work and whatever one-liner he says, actually even one word that ever comes out of his mouth, never failed to make me laugh. Even a single facial expression can lead all of us in the team ache with laughter! He'd come to work in this fabulously wild-colored, or brightly patterned slacks.

Incidentally he hosts kiddie parties part-time... hmmmmm ... gotta ask if he does adult parties too! Anyway, for those who'd like to 'try him out' hehe, give this clown a favor, call him up! (wala akong referral fee dito ha?!?)

Dick Saraza 235-7924 / 0906-304-7518 (clown, party host, baloonist, party specialist)

*****update Sept.28: Dykee has just left for the US. We will miss him!!!! *hikbi*

Sunday, September 17, 2006

My stress-reliever for the week


Lalo ata ako na-stress!

Hold my hands, please?

Could holding hands be good for you?

Researchers at Ohio State University found that holding a loved one's hand can help reduce levels of pain or stress. Holding a stranger's hand doesn't have the same effect, so no need to start making new friends when your train breaks down...

Taken from Psychologies magazine, June 2006 issue

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Of High Grades and St. Benedict

It's Saturday and it's report card releasing time in Andee's school! Had a quick 'bonding' breakfast with my team mates at Yellow Cab after work, and at exactly 9:00am, zooom I went to St. Scholastica's Academy in Marikina hoping to get there before the card-releasing time ends at 10:30am.

Near the Registrar's Office was a mini exhibit of the "Kulasas of SSAM". One board has a collage of pictures. I went for a closer look and whoa! No wonder it was familiar! Posted was a picture of a 'Maria Clara' field demonstration way back when I was in 1st year highschool. And yup, there I was..with several classmates in a hot fushia Maria Clara ensemble!.. haha..longer hair and..ang itim ko pala! There was also one picture of our Glee Club, performing on stage, well can't see where I am... :-) hay.... !

I went to the Grade School Building and got Andee's 'card'..well, actually, unlike during my days when report cards are actually 'cards', this time it was more like a printed 'receipt'. Hehe, sorry for the fold there! Great idea.. lalo na for those, hehe during my time ha, who would erase their original grade and change it to a more satisfactory one. Hmm...not bad. Proud mama :-D..Andee's grades as follows:

Reading and Phonics 93
Language and Spelling 91
Mathematics 93
Health and Science 94
Filipino 91 (hindi ito nagmana sa akin!..good riddance!)
Araling Panlipunan 89

Galing! After this I dropped by the Tuason Center to see if I could get extra school blouses. While waiting for my 'order' to arrive, I was entertaining myself with the cute dolls in Scholastican's outfit, either in school uniform, or in P.E. uniform. There were also various shirts on sale, as well as rosaries and St Benedict medallions. St. Benedict, the twin brother of St. Scholastica, ...........founded the monastery at Monte Cassino, where he wrote the Rule of his order. His discipline was such that an attempt was made on his life; some monks tried by poison him, but he blessed the cup and rendered it harmless. He returned to his cave, but continued to attract followers, and eventually established twelve monasteries. Had the ability to read consciences, prophesy, and forestall attacks of the devil. Destroyed pagan statues and altars, drove demons from groves sacred to pagans. (information lifted here)<

The time when I was struggling with a 'visitor' during nights early this year, I was given a St. Benedict medallion, and I never had those visits again. I now wear the medallion everyday. It works. :-)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Enough of the sentiments I had the other day!!!! Sobrang drama.
A friend forwarded this picture which I find, hmmm... hehe, cute :-) So they really posted this huh?!?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Where is the real me?

Where is the real me?
Nikki came over to visit the kids and to also say that he'd try his luck abroad. I usually stay in my room or inside the house when Andee's and Diego's dad visit. I don't want to confuse myself anymore or stress myself out with whatever he has to say (again) in regards to his getting his act fixed, plans for the kids, or plans for us. I am angry with myself. After almost 5 years of blindly trying to move forward and trying to set a straight path..start a new life..again, it seemed I (almost) fell prey.

I still see remnants of the old me... or the 'original' me. Compasionate being, what not. You see, even if you've done a mountain of faults, a simple gesture of hope erases everything. Is there still a chance that this person, who has hurt me mentally, physically and psychologically, change for good? Deep inside, part of me believes that a person can change for the better, that there is hope, that perhaps my kids will finally grow up with their dad. But then, another part is shouting and cursing at me.. Are you out of your mind? It's clearly a complete cycle! A pattern! Didn't this happen not only once, not twice, not thrice before? How many times did I actually thought, or worse, convince myself that everything will be back in place?

When he is here, I see the new me. Someone I am not fond of. Someone I don't recognize. Someone that he made me become. I can't look at him. When he talks to me I stare out into space. My responses are merely a couple of words, a short phrase, one sentence. I can't smile or laugh at his jokes anymore. When he was 'hacked' the other week, wherever he was, by whoever addict it was, he showed a 10" long wound across his right shoulder .. I felt no emotion. What's this?!? And he has to show it to the kids! What's my responsibility then as a spouse? Honestly I don't know.

Ang kalaban ko ngayon is myself. I'm so tired. Suko na ako. I have to finish what I've started before I fall prey again. Before my old forgiving, compasionate self emerges again. Before it's too late. I needed to go on with my life. Yes behind that smile is something else. I am grateful to my friends and my brother for being there. And to those who have given me special attention... Thanks. For the attention. And making me smile.

Friday, September 08, 2006


This is the nth time I was unable to go to work because of this headache! And here I am complaining because...
#1: did you know how much per day is deducted from my paycheck?!? (hehe, no, I won't tell);
#2: attendance bonus just flew out the window; AND,
#3: it's sooo damn stuffy at home (believe me, this impending rain always gets the humidity up and the nose reacts!)

All this just because...
#1: I don't find time to get out and see a doctor (galing mo, Reia!);
#2: I think I'm Superwoman or something..; AND
#3: I can't get unnecessary things off my mind! (naku, kasalanan ko talaga!)

.....well, at least I get to rest, but then, look....I'm wide awake at this hour!!!! :-(

Monday, September 04, 2006

One more time, ok...?

Ok, alright... my fault. I completely forgot! I am not able to post the supposedly every week incredible cat photo I promised. One of my resources, ...ahem, was not able to send my 'back-up' supply of this occassional stree-relieving, feline-preferred dose. He had spoiled me, kaya labs ko siya e, with this much favor that I completely had forgotten sharing it with you. Hehe, di naman selfish ano. Ito na po ang simula! Promise!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

ZZZ again!

We were all excited this evening. The family (and that included Andee and Diego), at 9:00pm, gathered in the living room and had a sampling from the musical soundtrack from ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Movie ( which, incidentally is one of the finalists for this year's Metro Manila Filmfest) .

For those of you who watched and re-watched the play, I figured you'd get goosebumps like I did (well, most of us did, including Cak) upon hearing the oh, so familiar tunes from the original muzical play soundtrack...pop version. Though we can't help but compare how Eula Valdez (for the play) and Zsa Zsa Padilla (for the movie), or Agot and/or Kalila ( for the play) and Pops Fernandez (for the movie), interpreted the songs, ( there is a huge difference, in my opinion), Vince de Jesus, as always, did a remarkable and brilliant twist, or switch, in regards to rendering the original R&B-gospel-blues version of the song/s to a pop-version, as what is required in the movie. A few favorites were included but we unanimously agreed that the Zaturnnah BattleHymn (Viktoria!Winner!Tagumpay!) should've been considered also. At any rate, we are all excited about this, and hopefully, though no news yet, the 4th run for Ze Muzical will push-on... wonderful come-on for Ze Movie too!