Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mama Mia!!

It's a girlie flick. Pang barkada, mother-daughter bonding! Guys 'would' enjoy it too-- granting if they're Musical fans or aged 50 up (hehe); or were dragged along by their girfriends or wives-- at least show that you enjoyed it, man!.

Pierce Brosman was a surprise. Never thought I'd see the former James Bond belting out tunes. Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried had voices very much Abba. Bagay na bagay.

I'm having last song syndromes with this movie. Mama Mia will work for you if you are a huge ABBA fan (like me!). I think I still have Abba's 33RPM-long playing record hehe... it was a christmas gift (naku, grade school pa ata ako non) and I was gaga over 'Nina Pretty Ballerina' and 'Mama Mia' that time.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

HSM Ice Tour

Watched Disney's High School Musical The Ice Tour with Andee as a sort of mother-daughter bonding thingi. I was not able to get tickets beforehand so we LRT'd over to Cubao Gateway and got our tickets an hour and a half before the start of the second show at 1pm. Good thing we did, and went in, as the tickets we got were 'free seating' tickets-- coz the moment we got past the ticket turnstile, 2 or more buses arrived at the Coliseum's driveway. Astig nga eh. Field trip ng St. Mary's Academy (of Guagua, Pampanga -- if I read it right). Kakatuwa. They all (teachers, students, parents and chaperones alike) sat at the same section we were. Ang dami kaya nila!

It was fun, mainly because literally everybody (including parents!) knew the songs. And why not if Disney Channel has reruns of High School Musical 1 & 2 almost every now and then! The cast are near look alikes of the original shows' main characters, like Troy, Chad, Miss Darbus, Sharpei, etc. The only thing is, Gabriella's character doesn't seem to come off as well as the others. Very poor characterization. Actually, it was rather boring, her character.

Overall, everybody had fun. Andee had fun. And as if we didn't get enough... we followed it up with Brendan Fraser's Journey to the Center of the Earth at Robinson's Metro East :-)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's Remifemin time?

Remifemin. A reliable, clinically-studied black cohosh extract can provide natural relief from hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings.† It allows you to have a strong alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for the treatment of menopausal symptoms.†

... and I am taking it. Had another fit of discomfort at the office, was sent home (again..) For almost three years that I've been trying to find relief and been gone through all possible tests.. potassium levels, thyroid tests, ct scans, etc., etc., etc. Finally went directly to my personal OBGyne. Well, lo and behold! (Probably) got the answer I needed. Not surprisingly though, as mama also mentioned that she had a first cousin who 'stopped' at age 38. Symptoms I've got --hot flushes, headaches, restlessness, depression (?!?!) etc.,-- but my doctor says it really isn't official yet because of the fact that I am still menstruating (occassionally missing a month or two).

... *sigh* lalo ata ako nadepress!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


When mama woke up this morning and looked out of her window, she saw what she thought were 3 cats sitting under our star apple tree, side by side --- one white one (Shiela), another white one with black spots, and a brown one. Afraid that it might be a noisy morning (Shiela was menstruating and it has been an interesting few days when a lot of tom cats would visit and fight over her), Mama tried to shoo away the two suitors.

Shiela and the white with black spots scampered away, while the brown one went up the star apple tree... and went swinging from one branch to another. Swinging?!? The brown one happened to be Muy-Muy.

Friends sila?!?!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Shiela Marie

Shiela Marie. A stray. This is the name Andee gave her afer she asked permission if she can keep it and give a name. What's particularly odd here is, she is pretty tamed and it's as if she has been part of the household for the longest time. She reminds me of my other cat, Sergio... half persian, half asian short. The only difference is, Sergio had green eyes, while Shiela has blue. Di mapakali si Andee. Every now and then, every second, she would take a peek at Shiela, leaving her homework aside. She would sit at the gallenera in the terrace and Shiela would lay on her lap, and boy, does she PURR!

When Andee went out with Tiannge to buy at the corner store, Shiela followed them, till they reach the first corner, and wait for them to return and escort them back home. Parang may isip. Parang tao. Never really experienced a cat like this after 2 dozen other ones before. She is just too tamed. Too soon.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Imagine a world without Filipinos

My Tita Bing forwarded an email. It's not just everyday when you chance upon an article like this! This is written by Abdullah Al-Maghlooth ( ) on Arab News.

The article starts off with "Muhammad Al-Maghrabi became handicapped and shut down his flower and gifts shop business in Jeddah after his Filipino workers insisted on leaving and returning home. He says: “When they left, I felt as if I had lost my arms. I was so sad that I lost my appetite.” "

More like, you'll never know how important a person is to you until they're gone. Well, that just goes on without saying.. parang love ano? hehe.. There is a unique trait that Filipinos have that other nationalities don't, or have the lack of. And sometimes, we Filipinos don't really see it until someone else pats our back.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Best Super-Awesome-Uber-Whack-Ek-Ek!

On the way home on the LRT from work, I was reading over the shoulder of a fellow passenger a copy of the LIBRE tabloid. The word 'ZsaZsa' caught my eye but I really didn't think there'll be any news about Zaturnnah (st this time) since most newspapers don't use 'ZsaZsa' anyway. Just thought it was some news about the Padilla actress.

Anyway, got an update from Carver about the Zaturnnah moveeh as being one of the RILEY-METZGER HONOURABLE MENTIONS of the recently concluded 10th Calgary Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival specifically the distinction of being the "BEST SUPER-AWESOME-UBER-WHACK-MEGA-GAYLORD-MAGIC-SURPRISE FILM" I swear! tumbling kami ni mama when we saw this. Hahahaha! Galing, bro! Yun pala yon! Sa sobrang tuwa nga ciguro nila, they had to come up with a special title!