Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Senior moments

Hanggang iling na lang ako.

While evaluating calls at work, sometimes the system is just so congested that you'll end up 'behind schedule' and 'behind quota'.  It's hard enough that my agents now are US-based and you are in the mercy of the tools you have. Unlike my previous job where you have the option to go side-by-side with your agents or remote monitoring when there is an issue with the system, here, you're a sitting duck.

It was one of those days that there were some Quality Analysts experiencing difficulties with the recordings.  No, that should not happen to me.  But it did.  After my first break, I pulled up one recording after the other.  No audio.  Hmmm.  Reset. Re-launch program.  Video okay, but still no audio.  I'm now getting irritated because of this, asking my team mates if they where experiencing the same thing. This is about to ruin my day.

Standing up from my station to report it found me stopping in my tracks and giving me a palmslap across my forehead.  Kaya pala.

I found out that I was not wearing my headset.  Geeeshh!!