Saturday, April 29, 2006

She walked out on Zaturnnah

You read that right. I was with my officemates watching the ZsaZsa Zaturnnah matinee this afternoon when we noticed this mestiza sitting up front with an extremely handsome mestizo. It was in Act 2 when Dodong was already professing his 'love' to Ada. She looked bored, while her partner seemingly enjoyed the show. All of the sudden, she stood up and left! What the F?!?!!?!? Geeeez!!!!! Talk about looking educated but no breeding at all! Standing up and leaving in the middle of a play!!! Bad.

Hmmm...maybe she didn't like the stage..... LOL

Photo: view of the stage from the balcony.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ruffa Mae As ZsaZsa Zaturnnah

Thanks, Jheck for that update !

Hmmm.... amazing how news rapidly spread, and my brother hasn't the slightest idea?!?! LOL Nauunahan siya palagi. So, Eula Valdez won't be playing Zaturnnah in the movie version (we still hope that there will be a VCD version of the play.. ahem! is this pushing too far? hehe... more on Eula). Ruffa Mae Quinto now has the part. We remember the first time the movie was offered 2-3 years ago. The first person who came into our minds was indeed Ruffa Mae... though Cak was looking physically at the likes of Jackie Foster then (tall, big bodied).

I was almost nervous that they might consider Keanna Reeves after her winning in the Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition, especially after that small 'debate' over cup sizes (sheeez!) Anyway...
Heard that Ogie Alcasid was tapped to play the role of Ada. I'd say it's a probability coz you can't have a taller Ada than Zaturnnah. LOL this is another thing to look forward to! :-)

Photo courtesy of Jheck.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Woah, I've Been Cited

I feel completely honored that my not too recent post about State of Emergency: Where? has a permanent posting on Pinoyblogpress (Pinoy Blog Press - Filipino Media and Blog Parodies and Humor - By ExJournalist)listing about "Philippine State of Emergency: Notable Blog Posts".

I noticed an incoming visitor from Pinoyblogpress in my site statistics and went to go find out what Pinoyblogpress article could possibly be linking to my site. Sure enough, My Scratch Pad's State of Emergency: Where? post was there. Too bad the blog ceased its postings it does have some very interesting entries. . Well, it was raining with spam comments anyway...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Cafepress noted

Botanical Art Peacock Tile Coaster Morning Weeds Wall Clock

My latest dollar commissions from Cafepress are from My Backyard Gallery! As I barely just visit my cafepress stores and update designs... I only get an around of 2-3 sales/month, averaging $8-$15 at the most, aside from google ads and other affiliate sites. Oddly, it was only this month that I didn't get any sales from JustCATS. Ok, I know... I need MORE time. I still have a bunch of reciprocal links request to attend to. Noted.

TING! An idea just hit me!....

Friday, April 14, 2006

Growing up with Zaturnnah on a Good Friday.

Finally woke up (yeh at this time!) with Diego crying (tired and trying to stay awake after coming home from church and joining a procession with Yaya and Andee). Found out that their dad visited this afternoon and took them to McDonald's. Got a whooping 23 text messages (unlimited text addicts!) and 3 missed calls from friends.

Slept at around 11:00am this morning after arriving from work at around 8:00am, helped Yaya Delia with lunch, watched Good Friday mass on TV with the kids, and a bro-sis bonding moment over tusilog (tuyo, sinangag and itlog!! ) and coffee with Cak and updates with Zaturnnah and his recent meetings with Mother Lily and Mark Meily for the movie.

Cak wanted me to take Andee to watch a Zaturnnah matinee at PETA. Sigurado ka? She's a 7 year old! So what? Cak mentioned that during one of the runs at Tanghalang Pilipino, he saw a kid in the audience. Ah ok. What the heck?!?! Andee and Diego practically grew up with and around Zaturnnah! and they are his/her youngest fans! They had learned to accept (or realize?) that there are other orientations, besides being boy or girl. They know that people with this orientation should not be ridiculed or laughed at. They have watched (intrudingly) on how their Tito Cak drew the boards for Zaturnnah (labas! ang gugulo ninyo!). They were around when we were laughing out hysterically and having a ball talking about Zaturnnah-would-be scenes and suggesting gay lingo or swardspeak (told you "sundutin mo sa k_ps" is better than "kurutin mo sa ut_ng!"). And they were there the first time Zaturnnah was featured on TV... on Ernie Baron's Knowledge Power.

How ironic to talk about a gay-parlorista-turned-sexy-female-superhero on a Good Friday! And how is it, as a parent, exposing my kids to gay (and lesbian) issues!..? I am not religious... but I go on private 'dates' with Him (I had to catch up, because I almost lost Him last mistake). I want my kids to be aware that some people are not really, well, up to norms. They are still people of God. I don't give a damn what other people say that the bible condemns these sorts or that it is not acceptable. My God is good. The society only 'sees' the bad side (much like seeing ALL bad sides of the current what else is new?).

When Cak started out Zaturnnah 3-4 years ago, there was only one goal here... to remove/falsify (right term ba?) whatever society dictates about gays and/or lesbians. Funny, you know. My kids know better.

Going back..
Yeah, I'm taking Andee to watch ZsaZsa Zaturnnah: Ze Muzikal Repeat at the PETA Theater tentatively on the 23rd, as per request of my brother (so when you see a 30-something mom watching with her 7 year-old daughter amidst an all straight and gay-loving and/or curious audience...hmmm...that'll probably be us LOL). This will be the 1st of a series of 3 Zaturnnah shows that I will be watching.. (April 29th Matinee show with friends from work; and the last evening show, April 30th with family and friends...and hey, the only show where Cak has confirmed that he will DEFINITELY be there!)

Thursday, April 13, 2006


I've never met anyone as sensitive and passionate as him. There are some things in life, when it happens, brings out something in a person that makes him different from how you know him. This actually surprised me. He is strong-willed. He knows what he wants. He strives to make things happen..for others' sake.

Nakakagulat, because for a guy in his stature, he started this support group, Let-Go-and-Move-On, which caters to separated/newly-separated individuals. He looks back on what was a perfect relationship, hoping to find answers. He got to realize a lot of things. He 'found' himself (as I see it) within himself, trying to accept reality, swallowing much pride and wallowing in the shadow of what has been.

The aim of this group is to be a haven for people who are trying to move on (yup, ex-married, or soon-to-be-ex-married). No knick-knacks here. This is not a dating group, nor a place to 'pick-up' vulnerable men or women. This is serious business. This is a group where one can share experiences, cry, be angry, voice out, rant, and at the same time help others who are on the same boat. It is different getting advices from friends or family. This is a diverse group of disinterested individuals (well, no shrinks here) who would find time to talk and talk and listen and listen.

To you, my friend.. may this group fulfill the goals you have set.. that is, letting go, and moving on. Member na ako, di ba?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Think Smart

Time flies. And it has been almost three years since I've seen my former team mates from Smart/ePLDT. We were a small bunch, around 12-15 I think. Kat had set a small reunion the other Saturday and barely half made it. Had a grand time laughing and catching up on things, kahit lima lang kami! We fondly recall the first day of training, up to the time when we would have regular 'callers' (hmmm...does 'Popeye' ring a bell? We remember Mr. Carino (hey Argel!), Dra. Bambie (favorite!) and others. And oh yes, who would forget the never-ending battle for truth (stupid amazing phone!?!?!?)... is that what it was? Well, of course, kahit papano, loyal pa rin kami.
So, to everyone who attended (parang ang dami ah).. sa uulitin! Next time, earlier time slot AND complete roll call!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Masahe nga!

Oh my! My body aches! What DID I do during those 2 days' off?!?!

Hmmm....Not only that, but I have this terrible sunburn on my shoulders. The kids had a swimming spree in their mini pool at the garden. I got myself wet too...ahem... and in charge of the water hose, taga-spray ng tubig! With this heat and these aches, oh how nice it would be just spending sweet time on the beach... or treating yourself to a tremendously great massage! (Abs, next time you send me a picture, do include a gift certificate treat to a massage!!!! LOL)

It's a Zaturnnah date!

It has been more than a week since I last posted an entry. Mainly because of adjustments in work schedule (yeah right..graveyard shift pa rin), Andee's schooling, personal commitments, and of course, Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal rerun!

The original run of the musical last February left us a rampage for tickets. That's why as early as now, for those who will be watching for the first time, or the second, or the third... we had marked the last show, April 30th, Sunday at 7:30pm to be a family-and-friends-get-together-of-sort-cum-comic-book-signing-fans-day (whew!) Do consider watching on this date. As they say, the last show is always the best! Of course, Carl will be there (dapat lang!), and we'll all get to meet! At last!!!!
Call Tanghalang Pilipino at 832-3661 or Ticketworld at 891-9999.

Movie update! As far as I can remember, the movie project started out eons ago..(2002, I think) after the comic book, Ang Kagila-Gilalas na Pakikipagsapalaran ni ZsaZsa Zaturnnah won the Manila Critic's Circle Award. Hindi pa rin matuluy-tuloy. Jheck gave a wonderful update in his blog, The Jheck Journals Online. Eula got the part (yay!), not after much thinking over Ruffa Mae Quinto and ZsaZsa Padilla.

See you on the 30th!!!

Monday, April 03, 2006


It was a pleasant surprise riding the MRT on my way home from work this morning. The men are now separated from the women (with the disabled grouped with the women). I could imagine the inconvenience when this was implemented. Imagine having to separate from your husband or boyfriend to get on a separate car...unless you'd like to be the only rose among the thorns.

I was with my officemate, DJ, and we took our seats and chatted away the morning. It smelled fresher (unlike before when it smelled a mixture of sweat against reworn jeans and cigarettes) and of course, a LOT comfortable and 'airy'. We looked at the next car and saw it cramped and packed with men--- really sardines-like! Wawa naman..

'Tis great to be female! No more cramped spaces or smell of sweat. No need to position yourself in a manner where you had to make sure the taller male-form beside you don't get to peak through your neckline. And no more wondering whether you sworn you just felt something like a folded umbrella or briefcase rub you from behind!!!!