Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lazy November

I have not done much posting recently. Maybe because of the cooler weather, Maybe because I get drowsy very frequently now or or maybe because of the supposedly picture attachments that I can't upload yet. The PC's monitor is busted and we are now on a slow laptop. My camfone's software and USB is 'attached' to the PC. Anyway.....

Much activity has passed... Diego's Halloween-Kids of the World party at school; Andee's participation to the Book Quiz Bee; Miriam's new auditorium; the better and improved (than last year's) Marikina Riverbank bazaar..and my obsession right now with! (Trying to get the hang of it initially buying small stuff, then slowly learn how to sell. Still got some items from my Ali Mall store stacked somewhere.) Probably can decide if I'd publish the other posts without the pictures. Probably.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Make Your Mark

'MAKE YOUR MARK’ is an art competition open to anyone worldwide. The competition has been organised by Daler-Rowney as part of their 225th year celebration. They are asking artists of all ages and skill levels to come together to celebrate art, by encouraging more people to paint and make their mark. This competition is about personal inspiration, so those interested can paint whatever you like. There are 4 categories: below 12 years old, under 16, full-time art student, and leisure painter.

I am encouraging everyone to be a part of this. With the ongoing preparation of Art In Site magazine's Covers Project, this can get the (dormant) artist in you going! I've shown this to Andee and boy, it's so good to see her intrerested. She just submitted an entry for a Christmas card cover sponsored by Scholastic Books with the theme, "Give the Gift of Reading". I sort of got her started when she was in Kindergarten when there was a parent-child competition sponsored by Phoenix Publishing, the 1st Golden Crayon Awards. It was a Draw-A-Book contest, with the theme "Spending Quality Time with a Parent". After an on-the-spot elimination process, her entry Tiny Turtle Tanya was to represent Miriam College Child Study Center to the contest finals at the World Trade Center in Pasay. ..and WON!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

5th Commandment

"Prostitution is when a man or a woman lets someone else touch them so that they will get money".

This was how mama answered Andee's question about what prostitution is. Andee's lessons in school in their CLE class (Christian Living Education) now evolves under sensitive topics like this-- euthanasia, genocide, abortion, mutilation, subhuman living conditions, drug abuse, to name a few. All these are discussed under the 5th commandment, 'Thou shall not kill', which in context would really mean caring for human life and the human body. Which in turn, points to all the hullaballo thingi on the Reproductive Bill issue recently. My two cents worth: I'm for it. The bill doesn't go beyond or against what the Catholic Church teaches or believes. It mainly serves as a support or guide to educate those who 'might' end up going against the 5th commandment. It's more of a respect for oneself, their loved ones and their future. Sobrang babaw kasi ang nakikita ng iba. They tend to take the consequences literally and not the whole picture.

7 years sex education in school is not bad. I do think it is appropriate. In Andee's PE class they are now being taught about the female reproductive system..which again in my opinion is perfect timing because it is at that age where some girls begin to menstrate. I also believe that the modules being prepared for sex education will aptly be relevant information depending on the age of the student. In college during one of our psychology classes, we learned a very interesting topic about erogenous zones. But that's beyond my point sidetracked! Anyway.. it makes sense. We definitely can't decide for others as 'life is what they make it'. And we can't make bantay to our children forever. Give them space to grow and learn and make mistakes, and learn again, then grow again to a better person. Proper education will make them curious I agree, but then as being more educated now, they can decide for their own and not end up "killing themselves or their future." Come on now... don't tell me all those who opposed to this bill is as clean as a whistle?

So going back to what Andee's reaction to mama's definition of prostituion?
"YUUUCHHHH!!! I don't like that!"
So study hard. Enough said.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Andee's turn

Andee showed me a certificate she received at school for placing first at their Grade 4 level Science Quiz Bee at school. Naks naman! With this I can proudly say na mana sa akin hehe! Science was a favorite subject for me in grade and high school. I remember sometime this month when she got home really upset because she was not able to answer problem solving Math questions. She cried. I think she got embarassed because her classmates were counting on her. Not to hard to appease her though as I recalled a stint when I was at 5th grade where I represented our class for a Math quiz-- and this was on stage with the whole student body present! (that time I was thinking, why the hell was I chosen for this?!?!) "Wow!" Andee was smiling. I only answered 2 out of 5 difficult Math questions! I didn't win, obviously. And I didn't cry. Andee was now laughing. Told her it doesn't make her a lesser person if she was not able to answer a question or two, as long as she was able to do her best (I don't think I did that time..eheh). And the best thing here is, she still has friends and they are still there for her! I did ok, right?

Sunday, October 05, 2008


Received an email from Scott, my barkada Gel's hubby, bringing good news that Gel gave birth to Theresa Elizabeth last September 21st. Actually, it's more than great news. I remember Gel and I talking between raising a family or spending quality, bonding time first with Scott before she got married and left for Michigan. Descisions, descisions. Well, it's one that's worth it-- mainly based on fate, in my opinion. Kahit ano or papano i-plano, if it's meant to, it is and it will! Guess in his case, Gel got both-- now raising a family, and now even more bonding and quality time with Scott because of the baby!

In my other friend's case, Nannette, it is a combination of perhaps 'fate' and 'life is what you make it' drama. We (sort of) envy Nannette as she, for whatever reason, seemed to ba a 'boylet magnet'! Younger men fall for her-- and I really mean younger. But unfortunately, no real relationship ever blossomed. Mainly perhaps of the age difference-- we are looking at literally half her (our) age. And Nannette may be somehow skeptical with the thought as well. But...

Finally, she has now decided to really go out again, this time with someone older. Actually still younger, but definitely older that those early 20's boylet suitors she had. Count 7 years her junior. Not bad huh? Kilig nga eh. So there you go. Beginnings for them. As for me, I think I did na rin. Almost 3 years ago. Chika! :-)

Friday, October 03, 2008

Perfect and not-so-perfect.

PERFECT. Received Diego's 1st trimestral exam results and it did me proud. Gone were the days where I'd be so stressed to the bone, worrying whether or not he'd be doing well with his exams because he complains when we sit down to review or study.

All 5 subjects have 60 items, combined oral and written tests, He got 56/60 for Math and IQ, 59/60 for both Reading, and Language; and a perfect 60/60 for Science. Hurray!

Diego: (while eating merienda) "Si Fonzo (his classmate), nagweewee sa mat namin sa classroom!"
Baby, how did you know?

Diego: "Wet kasi yung mat namin eh".
Eh, bakit mo naman nasabi na weewee siya?

Diego: "Hinawakan ko kasi. Eh mainit eh! Di ba yung weewee mainit?!?!"

Monday, September 29, 2008

Andee at 10

Andee celebrated her 10th birthday at home. Cousin Angge got her a Kim Possible birthday cake (kelangang color purple eh) which to my surprise was enormous!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Boy talk

"Mike who?!?" I asked yaya when she told me I have a phonecall. The only Mike I know is my team mate, Daddy Mike, but then again he surely does not know what my landline number is. It might be from work so I decided to take the call. It was an unfamiliar voice. "Hi Reia". I asked who he is. "It's Mike. Kamusta ka na?"

Umm, Mike who?

"It's Mike. Dr. -- (says his last name)". It was the endocrinologist who examined me at the hospital. He called to remind me of the blood tests he'd like me to go through again and to see him on a specific date. Uhhh..ok.  "Alright. You take care, bye".

 Interesting call. Normally they'd ask their secretaries to make the call, or, actually say that they are Dr. so and so. Definitely not by their first or nickname. Sobrang friends ba kami? Anyway.. niloloko tuloy ako ng nanay ko. Gwapo naman daw. Sorry, --tall, mestizo and handsome nga but not my type.

This happened I think the other day, and mama broke the tsismis to my cousin, Angge at breakfast kanina. This started what I'd call a very rare opportunity at breakfast table... boy and relationship talk. From the one/s we are dating and not dating anymore, to the types we prefer and not prefer, if it's commitment or companionship, maginoo or konting bastos.. etc. etc. Perhaps the most wild moment was when Angge asked what was the most memorable(kilig) thing that a guy has told us. The three of us shrieked. Parang mga school girls. As if automatic, I answered the question immediately. There was a pleasantly funny reaction from mama. Hehe. Tawa kami ni Angge because of the look on her face. It was Angge'sk turn to share. Kakatuwa. Sometimes without them realizing it, may nasasabi na sila na nakakataba ng puso. Sa totoo lang, that time, the emotion was so intensed I was almost in tears. (next time na lang kwento hehe). When it was mama's turn, she started with a laugh and then... "wala eh!". Nge.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Small needle and Diego

Yesterday, Mama took Diego back to the Medical City for the 1st among 4 succeeding vaccines/ injections after the dogbite incident last Tuesday, as I was in turn, at Makati Med with a scheduled doctor's follow-up consultation.

Diego: (while being braced for an injection and looking terrified at the syringe and needle the doctor is holding) "AYAW KO YAN! MASAKIT! MASAKIIT! AYAW KO NG INJECTION!! AYAW KOOOOO!......ay bakit ang liit ng needle, lola?"

Comedy ka talaga, baby. After ng injection, nag hot fudge sundae nanaman sila.

One wonderful reason of maintaining a blog is recording funny moments like this with the kids, especially with 6 year old Diego. Here are random quips:

Me: "Diego!!!! Stop that! Where did you get that? Akin na yan! Dirty!" (Scolding Diego for the nth time. He has this nasty habit of putting things (anything!!) in his mouth)
Diego: "Si mama pumapangit pag nagagalit."

Diego: (Ran over to me, excited, without anything on, after taking a bath) "Mama! Mama! Tignan mo abs ko!" (strikes a pose ala muscleman)
Me: "Baby, di yan abs. Ribs yan!"

Hehehe... till next laugh.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

40 pesos vs. 20k

It would only take a McDonald's hot-fudge sundae to forget the pain of 5 injections for a dog bite.

Just when I am just 'not yet' recovering from (very) frequent trips to doctors, physical therapy, and an overwhelming emotion of being an LWOP (leave without pay), helpless, sitting duck at home, it was another rush over to the emergency room at the Medical City yesterday. Diego was apparently bitten by a neighbor's dog.

When Diego was fetched from school at lunchtime yesterday, Yaya Wilma noticed traces of blood on Diego's school trousers. When asked, Diego said 'Natusok lang,lagyan ng band-aid', which his yaya did. However, the story changed when they reached home. Diego was saying that the neighbor's dog bit him while they were walking on their way to school that morning.

In Marikina, there are free cat and dog registration and anti-rabies vaccinations done yearly per barangay and the neighbor, when asked, did have his dogs vaccinated. The thing here is, the dogs were inside the house and unfortunately somehow the smaller dog was able to stick out its head from the gate.

Still a bit whoozie from a never-ending headache, we rushed Diego over to the Medical City. The doctors pronounced the wound as a 'category 3 dog bite' (blood is present). Vaccines are VERY expensive and Diego's health card can only cover half of the initial amount needed, this is not even including the succeeding 4 other vaccinations. The initial shock of seeing a 7k per vial pricetag on a Human Rabies Immune Globulin-Berirab, among others, kinda took a back seat when Diego, after being quiet and probably trying to absorb what the doctors are about to do, said in a very calming innocent voice, "Mama, di na masakit, Ok na ako. Tara na".

Cak arrived and I almost cried. Like I said, being home, out of work and recovering, can really pose a problem especially in cases like this. Good thing also there's HMI. Diego endured the 1st 3 injections: 2 on the right arm and 1 on the left. The 4th one was directly on the wound, under the skin. This was when Diego started to 'howl' (pardon the word).. His cry was loud enough for the other people in the room to take a peek at our cubicle (I could imagine the pain as I went through skin tests when I was confine) The 5th and final injection was on his buttocks.

We had Diego rest awhile and then we went home. But not before a late lunch at McDonald's where Diego apparently forgot everything after a hot fudge sundae.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Missing work

I can't believe I'm saying this but I missed work. It has been almost 4 weeks.. hospitalized twice and now undergoing physical therapy to somehow ease the headaches or dizziness I am feeling. Can't go around much even when I wanted to. Kelangan may kasama..

I'm still a bit afraid of going out by myself because of this head thing. I'd like to go around just to keep my mind off from getting into a self-pity mode. See a movie or cool off while malling. But I can't. Kelangan may kasama..

But I could go ahead and update my blog and online store. Make the most out of google adsense and affiliate sites to earn extra. But I can't. Sumasakit ulo ko.

Or I could spend my time on my drawing board.. fiddling with oil pastels or whooping up another piece of botanical art.. but I can't. Lumolobo ang ulo ko.

Maybe just rest. Sleep the whole day. Watch TV, cable or DVD's. But still I can't. Nahihilo ako AND lalaki lang ang bilbil sa kakaupo.

Bottomline here is... yes I needed the rest and I miss work. I am caught between getting through and finishing therapy and completing medications first (one would last till Oct 4th) or run the risk of going to work hoping that I won't be rushed to the E.R. the 3rd time. Kainis.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pacify me!

No, it's not that this baby has a complete set of teeth already. It's actually an innovative and cool design for a pacifier. Hehe. I'd imagine the shock and look of people's faces when they see your child with this.

I actually can't remember if I had Andee or Diego on a pacifier. Probably not that long--meaning only about a month or two. There had been heresays that pacifiers greatly contribute to a child's being buckteeth (or what we jokingly call 'bugs bunny').. much the same with thumbsucking. But then again putting that aside, these pacifiers really deserves a second look (of curiosity, that is!)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Letter Swap

Part of Diego's lesson at school is the introduction of community helpers or personalities and what they do to help the community, like policemen, street sweepers, bakers, etc. They went on a mini-field trip at a nearby bakery wherein each student was requested to bring 30.00php. Diego had fun 'buying' bread and drinks of his choice.

There ws also a lesson on letter sending when they were introduced to the work of a mailman. We parents were asked to compose a short letter to our kids to give them an idea of how letter sending and recieving is done. When Diego got home that day, he was pretty much excited to say that he received a letter from 'mama'. Two days after the letter sending thingi, Diego surprised me with a handwritten letter as well. Unfortunately, I am unable to post a picture of the letter, but it read this way:


"Wow, baby, ikaw nag-isip nito? You wrote this?"
Diego: "Si teach.... opo!"


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Back home

It has been a gruelling 3 weeks for me right now. Spent 3 days confined at the Medical City in Ortigas and 5 days rest period at home, after which on the very 1st day back at work, I was rushed to Makati Med's emergency room for dizziness and (again) very low blood pressure 80/50. It was actually better than at the Medical City's emergency room where my blood pressure went down 80/40.

My problems with attendance started in July where aside from fever, body pain and sore throat, I was constantly bothered by hot flushes. Tanda na kasi eh. Pre-menopausal na daw. I was given medicine for that by my OB which took care of those flushes and headaches, or so I think it did. At Medical City, I was diagnosed to be very dehydrated and have 'community-acquired low risk pneumonia' (?!?!). Lack of water intake has been a perennial problem for me as drinking a full glass of water leaves me very bloated and an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach. I got accustomed to drinking mostly juice at work (I've slowed down with coffee na eh) so drinking 8-10 glasses a day is always mission impossible for me. Anyway, was given antibiotics but still nothing about why I get these headaches, whoosie feeling, and shortness of breath.

On my 1st day back to work, after placing my things in the locker, I needed to go to the clinic because headaches were starting again. This time I almost fainted. After the company nurse took my BP which again was 80/50, my hands began to curl involuntarily. WTF?!!? There were tingling sensations and parang nangangalay ang hands and feet. I was told it has something to do with the (excess of) oxygen I was taking in or something like that. I was rushed over to Makati Med.

It was a dizzying chaos at the emergency room as blood tests were taken twice for whatever reason and my head was like throbbing as if a balloon was being inflated inside. Blood pressure was still low that time. I was given 2 very painful intravenous pain killers and then an IV. I am very grateful and really appreciate our company nurse (thanks, Nurse Candy!) for staying on with me until my brother Cak arrived. It was very uncomfortable lying there without any support for my head and my feet elevated. It was just around 8pm and no rooms were available until about 4pm the next day.

Spent 5 days confined at Makati Med where my arm has turned black and blue for a total of 6 blood tests. Underwent 3 x-ray procedures, urine exams, ECGs and almost an electroneuro something. Reason for headaches turned out to be muscle spasms/tensions and Cervical Spondylosis Disc Disease, the wear and tear of the vertebrae and discs in the neck region which in turn 'traps' the nerves and causes numbness and headaches. Naiipit na ang nerves kaya nagkaka-headaches na ko. Not only that, but because of the numerous tests made, it was also found out that I have urinary track infection (hmmm..di ko ata naramdaman yun) , hypothyroidism , and hyperventilation syndrome (panic/ anxiety attacks).

I am taking tons of medicines under a strick time schedule specially the one for the nerves. It has to be taken before bedtime because it induces sleep and dizziness, and would need at least 8 hours or sleep (something I never had the luxury of since I work graveyard). I will be starting with physical therapy today in order to ease the rubbing together of the discs. I am still getting those headaches, and numbness which make me time out to relax, stay put, breathe until the discomfort fades away...only to come back shortly, and the whole cycle repeats.

Well, life begins at 40 daw o.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Covers Project: Art In Site

Calling all artists! Submit a cover design!

Their goal is to give their readers "a snapshot of the contemporary Filipino art movement". The ART IN SITE magazine is the Filipino magazine for artist, by artist about artists. Their magazine and official website will be launched January of 2009 and they are inviting all Filipino artists to be part of this project.

Each of their magazines will have a unique cover created by the Filipino artist: writers, filmmakers, painters, poets, dancers, photographers, jeepney painters, graffiti artists, etc.,etc., and everyone with a Filipino artistic soul.

The magazine aims to feature as many Filipino artists as possible-- to write, draw, smear, tear, paint, etc.-- so, join the bandwagon, and let's show the world what we Pinoy artists are made of!!!!

Click here to design and submit a cover or view the guidelines. Submission deadline is on September 15, 2008.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Miss Sister 2008

This one caught my eye awhile ago. It's not a sister-sibling kind of thing, but read on:
ROME - An Italian priest and theologian said Sunday he is organizing an online beauty pageant for nuns to give them more visibility within the Catholic Church and to fight the stereotype that they are all old and dour.

The "Miss Sister 2008" contest will start in September on a blog run by the Rev. Antonio Rungi and will give nuns from around the world a chance to showcase their work and their image. (more..)

I bet there are already tons of reactions and criticisms. I actually don't know how to react. It would probably be a different story if it was re-worded into something not so pageant-like, since connotations of a beauty pageant is synonymous to what most would think of as fully-made-up-gown-and-swimsuit kinda thingi. Don't get me wrong as I have nothing against beauty contests or titlists (lest I'd be biting my own tongue) Iba kasi ang dating pag mga madre na ang pinag-uusapan. Probably a title that's a bit more subtle, like a nun-wide search for a Mother Theresa Recipient Award, or a Nun of the Year Award, or something. Oh yeah, and definitely no swimsuit competitions here!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Garden Set

We've been living in Marikina for 38 years already, the time when our house was just the 3rd house in this street inside the subdivision, surrounded by rice fields.

**Read: as in 'rice fields' with the pilapil, scarecrow, kalabaw, tutubing karayom and kuhol.**

One of the oldest things in the house is our steel garden set my dad bought in 1970. It has withstood all atmospheric conditions, from extreme heat to hard rain, and had numerous paint jobs already. In short: tried and tested through time.

This morning while having breakfast...

Mama: Yang, pinalipat ko ang garden set natin sa garahe.

Mama: Nababasa kasi eh.
Nge..kaya nga garden set eh!

Eh pano mga bata, sa garahe sila naglalaro? pano yung sasakyan?
Mama: Basta pinalipat ko sa garahe para pwedeng umupo-upo, kape-kape...

Nanay, sino pa ang uupo don? Sayang lang pwesto..
Mama: Aba! P130.00 din yan ah!

Mama: At 6 gives pa!!

Astig. Kailangan talagang sabihin yun! hehehe. Bombay pa daw ang pumupunta sa house (uso na rin pala nun), at 25.00 pesos a month!!!! Gaaassstosss paaareh!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

One Corel Morning

Started my Sunday morning at 7am by having an oatmeal and egg breakfast with mama, Andee and Diego. This is one of the very rare moments that we'd sit down together during mealtime. After breakfast, I had to get started with good 'ol Corel for teasers and certificates for an office project again. This is a repeat or a continuing project that started late 2007 to give recognition to outstanding agents who meet their stats and KPI's.

Patterned after America's Next Top Model, I was included into a team of apprentices and senior agents, headed by one of our Coaches, to start off the project. The first four months ran cycles 1 through 4, of course, changing the word 'America's' in America's Next Top Model, to the account's name. It was also the first time in years (after designs for my JustCats store, and lay-outs for a coffee-table book) that I again got face-to-face with Corel. After four Top Model cycles, it was followed by our version of Pinoy Big Brother- Celebrity Edition, which unfortunately, didn't quite had the impact we were hoping. It only lasted 'Season 1'. Those times were great because I get to spill out all my frustrations (!!), depressions (?!!?), and creative juices with Corel. It was again a getting-to-know-you stage. Insecurities started to settle in mainly because, well.. old school syndrome. Feeling ko lalabas na masyadong outdated ang layout or design..pang 80's ba. Had to spend more time online and check out subjects on graphic designs, consulting with Cak, and try to reinvent myself..etc. , etc.

Now we are again back with the Top Model Cycle 5 project and I'd say, this time.. or, this morning rather it seemed that it didn't take me forever to think of what to put in or do. It was the usual surfing for new America's Top Model pics (Cycle 10 pala na sila!) and embelishing again. Aside from blogging and dating (hehe)... good thing there's this therapeutic 'work'. Never been better!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mama Mia!!

It's a girlie flick. Pang barkada, mother-daughter bonding! Guys 'would' enjoy it too-- granting if they're Musical fans or aged 50 up (hehe); or were dragged along by their girfriends or wives-- at least show that you enjoyed it, man!.

Pierce Brosman was a surprise. Never thought I'd see the former James Bond belting out tunes. Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried had voices very much Abba. Bagay na bagay.

I'm having last song syndromes with this movie. Mama Mia will work for you if you are a huge ABBA fan (like me!). I think I still have Abba's 33RPM-long playing record hehe... it was a christmas gift (naku, grade school pa ata ako non) and I was gaga over 'Nina Pretty Ballerina' and 'Mama Mia' that time.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

HSM Ice Tour

Watched Disney's High School Musical The Ice Tour with Andee as a sort of mother-daughter bonding thingi. I was not able to get tickets beforehand so we LRT'd over to Cubao Gateway and got our tickets an hour and a half before the start of the second show at 1pm. Good thing we did, and went in, as the tickets we got were 'free seating' tickets-- coz the moment we got past the ticket turnstile, 2 or more buses arrived at the Coliseum's driveway. Astig nga eh. Field trip ng St. Mary's Academy (of Guagua, Pampanga -- if I read it right). Kakatuwa. They all (teachers, students, parents and chaperones alike) sat at the same section we were. Ang dami kaya nila!

It was fun, mainly because literally everybody (including parents!) knew the songs. And why not if Disney Channel has reruns of High School Musical 1 & 2 almost every now and then! The cast are near look alikes of the original shows' main characters, like Troy, Chad, Miss Darbus, Sharpei, etc. The only thing is, Gabriella's character doesn't seem to come off as well as the others. Very poor characterization. Actually, it was rather boring, her character.

Overall, everybody had fun. Andee had fun. And as if we didn't get enough... we followed it up with Brendan Fraser's Journey to the Center of the Earth at Robinson's Metro East :-)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's Remifemin time?

Remifemin. A reliable, clinically-studied black cohosh extract can provide natural relief from hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings.† It allows you to have a strong alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for the treatment of menopausal symptoms.†

... and I am taking it. Had another fit of discomfort at the office, was sent home (again..) For almost three years that I've been trying to find relief and been gone through all possible tests.. potassium levels, thyroid tests, ct scans, etc., etc., etc. Finally went directly to my personal OBGyne. Well, lo and behold! (Probably) got the answer I needed. Not surprisingly though, as mama also mentioned that she had a first cousin who 'stopped' at age 38. Symptoms I've got --hot flushes, headaches, restlessness, depression (?!?!) etc.,-- but my doctor says it really isn't official yet because of the fact that I am still menstruating (occassionally missing a month or two).

... *sigh* lalo ata ako nadepress!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


When mama woke up this morning and looked out of her window, she saw what she thought were 3 cats sitting under our star apple tree, side by side --- one white one (Shiela), another white one with black spots, and a brown one. Afraid that it might be a noisy morning (Shiela was menstruating and it has been an interesting few days when a lot of tom cats would visit and fight over her), Mama tried to shoo away the two suitors.

Shiela and the white with black spots scampered away, while the brown one went up the star apple tree... and went swinging from one branch to another. Swinging?!? The brown one happened to be Muy-Muy.

Friends sila?!?!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Shiela Marie

Shiela Marie. A stray. This is the name Andee gave her afer she asked permission if she can keep it and give a name. What's particularly odd here is, she is pretty tamed and it's as if she has been part of the household for the longest time. She reminds me of my other cat, Sergio... half persian, half asian short. The only difference is, Sergio had green eyes, while Shiela has blue. Di mapakali si Andee. Every now and then, every second, she would take a peek at Shiela, leaving her homework aside. She would sit at the gallenera in the terrace and Shiela would lay on her lap, and boy, does she PURR!

When Andee went out with Tiannge to buy at the corner store, Shiela followed them, till they reach the first corner, and wait for them to return and escort them back home. Parang may isip. Parang tao. Never really experienced a cat like this after 2 dozen other ones before. She is just too tamed. Too soon.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Imagine a world without Filipinos

My Tita Bing forwarded an email. It's not just everyday when you chance upon an article like this! This is written by Abdullah Al-Maghlooth ( ) on Arab News.

The article starts off with "Muhammad Al-Maghrabi became handicapped and shut down his flower and gifts shop business in Jeddah after his Filipino workers insisted on leaving and returning home. He says: “When they left, I felt as if I had lost my arms. I was so sad that I lost my appetite.” "

More like, you'll never know how important a person is to you until they're gone. Well, that just goes on without saying.. parang love ano? hehe.. There is a unique trait that Filipinos have that other nationalities don't, or have the lack of. And sometimes, we Filipinos don't really see it until someone else pats our back.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Best Super-Awesome-Uber-Whack-Ek-Ek!

On the way home on the LRT from work, I was reading over the shoulder of a fellow passenger a copy of the LIBRE tabloid. The word 'ZsaZsa' caught my eye but I really didn't think there'll be any news about Zaturnnah (st this time) since most newspapers don't use 'ZsaZsa' anyway. Just thought it was some news about the Padilla actress.

Anyway, got an update from Carver about the Zaturnnah moveeh as being one of the RILEY-METZGER HONOURABLE MENTIONS of the recently concluded 10th Calgary Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival specifically the distinction of being the "BEST SUPER-AWESOME-UBER-WHACK-MEGA-GAYLORD-MAGIC-SURPRISE FILM" I swear! tumbling kami ni mama when we saw this. Hahahaha! Galing, bro! Yun pala yon! Sa sobrang tuwa nga ciguro nila, they had to come up with a special title!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Diego at 6

Diego turned 6 today. Called him last night from work, before 7am. He seemed more like a nine year old than Andee...

Hi baby! How are you?
DIEGO: Ok lang.

What are you doing?
DIEGO: Nood kami TV ni Ate Andee.

Sleep early ha?
DIEGO: Bakit?

Late na eh.. para rest ka na.
DIEGO: Bakit?

Birthday mo bukas di ba?
DIEGO: Oo nga.

Ok. Bye na. Work na ko. Love you!
Ngek. Binabaan ako ng phone!?! Inistorbo ko ba? Anyway. Got home, took a quick nap. Cousin Angge arrived before lunch with Diego's cake. Kami-kami lang. Sang Happy Birthday and Diego exhausted himself trying to blow up 6 re-light candles-- and enjoyed it! Hahaha!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Pro-GMA, Pro-BF

Today is the last weekend before school officially opens on Tuesday, June 10th, as GMA again moved Independence Day, June 12th, to tomorrow, June 9th. A lot of people disagree claiming that national holidays should be left alone-- rooted to the exact day it would fall under. But no, GMA would move it next to a weekend. For me it doesn't matter. To each his own rule. New managers, or CEO's would try their own thing also for the company they handle to see if it will work. Si GMA. Presidente siya, why not?!? Ok nga yun eh. For the normal working class, 3rd day weekend ito. Sa retailing and other leisure businesses, mas ok. Those who complain as I see it, complain because of personal frustration, or because of own inconvenience. I get p**sed off when everything is being blamed on the present administration. Especially the part when they say, naghihirap ang Pilipino. There is this commercial that I saw that has a tagline, 'Umaasenso na ako'. Like me, nakaka-bili na ako ng bacon, or I can sometimes hail a cab to work. The 500 pesos a week we spend for buying vegetables and meat is enough to feed a household of 5. Others who 'feel' that their monies earned is not worth it should rethink and revamp their lifestyle. 800-1,200 pesos for flip flops? night out with friends? new cellphone every 3 months? O come on...?!? Maghihirap ka nga. Again, most people complain because they are inconvenienced.. if that is the right word to say. When peso when up 39 php versus $1.00, we rejoiced! Others complain. See?

Like last week...

Thrice on a ride on the way to work, I would overhear--or evesdrop-- at drivers exchanging rants with another passenger (usually with the one seated beside him). MMDA woes, traffic here and there, Bayani Fernando (BF) is no good, etc. etc. As a resident of Marikina and had personally witnessed the city grow to what it is right now, I almost had the tendency to answer back in defense. What is actually weird here is, for those 3 times last week, these drivers are saying something like.. BF plans to run for President, but, "walang boboto sa kanya" cause pro-GMA siya. Mas magaling pa rin si Erap. Nge?!?!? Who feeds this ideas to them? I am sure this is not personal opinion anymore.

Traffic they say is not getting any better. Hayy naku.. if only they knew how it was when there were gazillions of stop light intersections at EDSA, or at Marcos Highway. The u-turn thingis, in my opinion is THE best solution done by BF as compared to all his predecesors in regards to controlling traffic. Pasaway lang kasi ang mga jeepney and bus drivers, and sometimes also, yung mga pasahero.

No other leader can top BF for solving traffic. E wala naman daw nangyayari.. traffic pa rin. Fine! How many brand new cars, vans, and SUV's roll out the streets everyday? Traffic has improved. A lot. Our lives has improved a lot too. People just need to know what they should do to help out, and need to double think of what their place in society is.

Isa pa...

..that hulaballoo protest about that animal rights ek-ek with the opening of the Manila Ocean Park. Taking animals out of their natural habitat is indeed very cruel, that is, if you don't replicate their environment when you decide to keep them! Better close down all the country's zoo's if that is the case. Of course you'd need to pay a price to see them. Ergo. When I first heard about the park's opening, I see it as a great opportunity to bond with my kids. They don't get to see this kind of thing everyday you know. Minsan, iisipin mo pa... better than seeing them die because of pollution or illegal fishing or what not, take them in and care for them yourself.


If you are complaining about an extra day off because a national holiday was moved, pumasok ka! Kami ngang nasa retail, entertainment, leisure, and call center industry hindi nagrereklamo eh!

If you are complaining na wala nang mabili sa pera mo, start eating healthy and make baon to work nalang, stop buying signature things dahil uso, minimize or limit your vices and lastly, be thankful for little things and slight improvements in life! Ang bigas, worldwide nararamdaman ang shortage! Don't know about them.. dito sa Marikina walang problema.

If you are complaining about traffic, take the bus or MRT rather than saying mahal na ang gas, follow road rules, at wag nang bibili ng extra sasakyan na wala rin namang paradahan sa house.

If you are complaining about GMA, BF, etc. etc. etc., Leave the country. ...and you will have peace of mind!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Zaturnnah Book2: Sneak Preview

An update from Carverhouse.

The EVENT: "9 in 1 Kolektib Intelidyens".

WHERE and WHEN: Shop 33 of the Cubao Expo, starting at three in the afternoon, May 24, 2008, Saturday.

WHAT to EXPECT: First six pages of the Zaturnnah sequel, exhibited gallery style.

Cak's publisher, Visual Print Enterprises, will be having a little "conference" and all of Visprint's published authors will be there, including Budjette Tan, Manix Abrera, and David Hontiveros. See you there!!!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Go, Speed Racer, Go!

What can I say?

It's a dizzying kaleidoscope of colors. Fast action, and a touch of humour!!!Makulay ang buhay ika nga. Watched the movie with Diego as my date after our dentist appointment the other day.

This live action "Speed Racer" is an English adaptation of the Japanese anime Mach GoGoGo (マッハGoGoGo, Mahha GōGōGō) which centered in automobile racing (more on Wikipedia) . Mach GoGoGo was first created and designed by anime pioneer Tatsuo Yoshida as a manga series in the 1960s and made the jump to TV as an anime series in 1967.
The 2008 movie adaptation showcased the kind of revolutionary visual effects and cutting-edge story-telling of the Wachowski Brothers (creators of the Matrix trilogy). I swear, the scenes would literally take you breath away (well, my breath, that is..). One just had to be keen in understanding the storyline because there are a lot of storytelling in between as well as flashbacks. Diego sat through the movie with eyes glued to the screen! We would laugh at certain scenes as well. Too bad we were not ale to watch it at IMAX. Wow, siguro duling-duling na kami nun! hehe!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nanay's Day

Happy Nanay's Day!!
Lunch was spent at home with Mama, Andee, Cak, sis-in-law Carol, and nephew Hugo. Diego spent the weekend over at Yaya Wilma's as he is set to be a 'konsorte' at their Santacruzan. The afternoon was spent sharing stories and bonding as usual; and doing duck calls! hehehe! Ang hirap pala non! Andee showed us how to do it and we were so entertained (by ourselves!) that we laughed the afternoon away.

Andee sent me an email attachment with a Mother's Day greeting. Hahaha! It rocked!!! Just double click on the box! Thank you, baby!

Create Your Own GushyGram

Saturday, May 10, 2008

ZZZ-Bk2 Teaser3

V is for AHAS!!! Pwedeng gawing logo for bag at leather accessories! Hehehe!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Manaoag trip

As a special birthday wish of a friend, we went on a trip (my first!) to The Shrine of Our Lady of Manaoag in Pangasinan. The trip was a bit tiring, clocked it at 5 hours-- went to the Dagupan Bus Station straight from my shift at around 6am. The day before was Andee's enrollment and I got home with a burning fever. Thanks to good 'ol paracetamol, I was able to go to work last night and of course, make it to the bus station this morning---probably also because of the mere thought of going on this trip is enough to get me so enthusiastic and excited!
When we finally reached our destination, I was pleasantly surprised that it isn't as crowded as I imagined it to be.. well, Wednesday naman kasi eh. It was around 11am. I was expecting pilgrims and devotees spilling out of the church into the courtyards, but the church was just half full. Towards the entrance to the courtyards, were the usual vendors with images of santos, religious artifacts, rosaries of various colors, sizes and materials, and of course, tupig, puto, and what was that you call?-- patupat?! We first visited the shrine's store where similar items were being sold, as well as prayer books, pamphlets, medallions, etc., bought a few pasalubongs and had them blessed after the last morning mass. After this, we lighted candles for our petitions at the Candle Gallery and stayed a while, observing visitors from all walks of life.. yes, even tourists! It has been quite a long time since I had a 'good talk' or even reflected on what my goals or wishes are in life for my family, kids, friends, special people, or myself.. kakaiba. (I should be doing this more often.) Had lunch in one of those roadside eateries.. and ang pinakamasarap was an ice-cold glass of coke!!!! GRABE! with the heat and all!--heaven!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

ZZZ-Bk2 Teaser2

Cak has finally finished his American Classics project and (at last!) is now on the drawing stages for 'ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Sa Kalakhang Maynila'. Online preview URL is TBA (to be announced). This was a long-time project that we weren't able to finish (or get started even!) after Earl left for Dubai. This is definitely something to look forward to.

Shown is the second teaser for Book2. The character with the yellow funky hairdo is Gwynneth-- remember the original owner of the Ms. Gay-Aruba 2000 ensemble-turned-Zaturnnah costume? Mismo! And as was quoted on Carverhouse: "No, the woman isn't Didi, and the man isn't Mr. Clean."

Saturday, May 03, 2008

ZZZ-Bk2 Teaser!

Dadating ulit Zsa!
Almost 2-3 weeks ago, there was again a surge of ZsaZsa Zaturnnah fever! Office acquaintances would, after finding out my about my affiliation with Zaturnnah creator, Carlo Vergara, hound me with questions about when Book2 will be published, when the muzical will again be shown, why they can't find copies of the muzical soundtrack or Ze Moveeh DVDs, etc. etc. etc! HAYY, CAK!!! Naloloka nga naman ang ate mo! (in a good way) hehehe!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


This little primate has adopted our home.. star apple tree, narra, euka and all.. as its very own.
When I got home the other morning, the other neighbor yayas were sort of trying to 'trim' a tree at our corner street. Or so I thought. Only to find out that they were trying to catch this run-away monkey. Pano ko nalaman? When I woke up in the afternoon and about to get ready for work, Diego came in and is bragging about 'Muy-Muy'.
Muy-Muy is the name given to this monkey who is now taken refuge of our star apple tree. He is still wearing a 'belt', probably or apparently where a chain used to be, and may had 'escaped' from his former owners. He now transfers from the star apple tree in our backyard, to the narra tree or euka tree at the front yard. Cousin Angge swears of an ebola epidemic.. while I rant about Muy-Muy's slowly eating away the tiboli lights on the euka tree! He is sometimes seen across the street on the neighbor's mango tree, and still goes back home to us. Neighbors have been trying to catch him. Mama swears she'd be calling Marikina's Parks and Leisure Office after Muy-Muy peed on my nephew's yaya!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Honor's Assembly

It was report card releasing at St. Scho between 7-9:30am, and the Honor's Assembly followed at 10:00am.  Awards and recognition were given out for Prep up to Grade 5 students. Aside from the Merit Award she garnered during the first school semester, Andee also qualified for the second semester as well as year-end ---- "Semestral Awardee with High Honors". Naks!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Diego and Holy Week

During Holy Week, Marikina is known for its procession of 'santos' during early evenings, participated mostly of old Marikina families who have mostly decades or centuries old relics of saints, Sto. Nino's, Mama Mary's, and various images that depict the passion of Christ, in carozzas that are heavily decorated with flowers and lights (which are a sight to behold! See video at YouTube; or pictures from Slythe, MD).

Imagine a carozza depicting with the 'Last Supper' or when Jesus was taken down from the cross!). These are paraded around Sta. Elena, San Roque, and Calumpang. Incidentally, one of our neighbors annually participates in the procession because they have their own 'santo'.

I was lucky to have watched the procession around 3 times already since it started years ago. Andee was only about 3 or 4 years old then. This was the conversation, as told by my mom, after Diego watched our neighbor decorate their carozza and witnessed the parade:

DIEGO: Lola, sino pwede maging Isaiah Jesu? (where he got the name, I don't know..)
LOLA: Yung mga mababait and malalaki na na boys. Gaya ng mga tito, kuya, manong...

DIEGO: E si Tito Cak and Tito Baron and Tito Earl pwede maging Isaiah Jesu?
 LOLA: Oo naman because big boys na sila and mababait.

DIEGO: .......
DIEGO: (after a thought..) Di pwede si Tito Cak at tsaka si Tito Baron eh...
LOLA: Why, baby?
DIEGO: Eh pareho kasi silang kalbo! di naman kalbo si Isaiah Jesu eh!!! 
LOLA: (suppresing a laugh)... a ganon ba?

DIEGO: .... eh si Papa pwede?
LOLA: Oo naman kasi big na rin siya eh 

DIEGO: .........

DIEGO: eh.... di rin siya pwede eh!

Lola: Bakit?
DIEGO: kasi mataba si Papa eh! .... tutumba ang krus!!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Brother Cak at The Carver's House started this meme:
Instructions: If you were a famous celebrity and you were asked to endorse three products and/or services, what would they be? With each product or service, state in one or two sentences the reason why the product and/or service has won you over. End your post with the usual tagging (up to five is I think the standard), as well as a link back to the blog you got the meme from.

Here goes...
1) Mocha Blends - not only is their Cafe Latte the best I ever had (extra whipped cream, please!), their House Blend Ice Tea and pastas are to die for! Also, a perfect place as well to relax.. as their 'star***ks' counterpart tends to be so sikip (and noisy) for comfort!

2) Nichido's Dazzling Peach Lip Shimmer - I don't usually go for really imported brands. Nichido has my vote.. lips never crack or run dry, and the color does fit my palette. Pang-morena baga!

3) Nivea Sun Oil Spray 4 - 'For a golden, long lasting tan'... true. Never did I had a more satisfying tan and my skin doesn't feel or look dry after swimming, in fact, it was soft has a mild delicate scent...not a smell of coconut oil. A true 'sun goddess' as my friends would call me, I tried a lot of SPF4s, etc. but this is the best. No regrets!

I tag you... Jheck, Fortuitous Faery , Angge, Ives and Charmaine!

Friday, March 14, 2008

KOF Graduation

It's Kids On Focus' graduation day today, at the Water Nymph Resort in Marikina. The event was at 4pm and we had to fetch Andee at 3pm from St. Scho before we proceeded to the venue.

As usual (and always), we were among the first who arrived. Got good front seats and waited for the event to start. Kakatuwa. Unlike the time when Andee graduated here years ago, the kids now are more talented and witty. Instead of the teachers leading the program, they had their Prep students hosting the event! After each level has shown their respective song, dance, or declamation number, the kids were awarded medals each for their own unique contribution and abilities in school. I was half-expecting Diego to get a medal for Math as he has shown extreme interest for this. Well, surprise, surprise-- he got a medal for 'Independent Worker Award' because he has shown utmost independency in all assigned tasks (ngek.. redundant ba?). He can be left alone to do what is expected of him after giving instructions the first time. Naku, kahit sa bahay ganyan..'Sinabi mo na yan sa akin ano!'..'Paulit-ulit ka naman eh'. Okay, okay!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sonya's Garden

Spent my post-birthday lunch yesterday at Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay. The trip took almost two hours (South Super Highway is undergoing rehabilitation), but once you've reached and passed the Sta. Rosa exit, everything is a breeze! This is one trip where you'd leave your car windows open to feel the cool air. No pollution, no smoke belchers.

Sonya's Garden is a place where one can't just say, 'just dropping by', since it is tucked away from the main road and you'd really have to exert extra effort to get there. It was overwhelming! Perfect for quiet moments, conversations, relaxations and what-nots.. any nature-lover will go gaga with the country settings, numerous flower gardens and trails, and secluded garden nooks, coupled with the very cool fresh air Tagaytay is famous for. Here I found and was so excited in seeing a red caballero, as Manila would have it mostly in orange, or yellow, as well as multi-colored, what looked like siling-labuyo, planted near the cottages. Parang christmas lights!!

Hopeless romantics, according to their website, sees the garden as, and I quote, "a wonderful haven of romance, love blooms in Sonya’s garden like flowers of an eternal spring.... and have found it to be a popular spot to disarm, to court and to propose." I don't blame them. If you have all the time in the world, and would like to engage into simple conversations-- no frills... then this is the place!

The food is very filling! Their lunch include unlimited freshly squeezed dalandan juice, a garden salad, whose ingredients are freshly picked from their vegetable gardens; freshly baked, oven-hot wheat bread with dips, as well as their pasta with their signature sauces. And if you think that was all, you'll be surprised with their dessert of sweet-boiled kamote (yummy!) banana rolls (turon!) and very moist chocolate cake. Lunch, by the way, also took us almost 2 hours! With the kind of food they serve, you'll be talking and talking in between! How's that for conversations?

I'd certainly would like to return. Probably spend the night to relax and get away from it all.

Hmm..Kelan pa kaya?!?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


It's the big "four-O" for me today.

Unlike last year, this time it really took a lot for me to finally blurt it out. One thing here is, when you look into the mirror.. you'd also realize that you've really aged. Iba na dating eh. Though I had the majority pop their eyes out and/or leave their mouth wide open, it feels good, hehe. No one believes.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Family Day at 8Waves

It was a first. Family get-together out-of-town. Everything was a blast! We left  Marikina at around 6:30am and had breakfast at Jolibee NLEX. We were 16 altogether including the yayas. ( except bro Earl, and cousin Angge). Arrived at 8 Waves at exactly 9am, but lo and behold! We thought that since it was an early summer treat, we'd somehow have the park all to ourselves. Little did we know that there was this big, big religious gathering, as well as 3 school field trips were also scheduled today!!!
The nice lady at the ticket counter said that they are expecting around 2 thousand guests and if we'd like, we can do an ocular first to see if we'd really like to push through. Hay naku! and pushed through we did. The kids are all excited, not even gazillions of people can stop them! Anyways...
Everyone had a wonderful time kahit sa sobrang dami ng tao. We vowed to return, of course, but made sure we'd call first to see if there were any bookings. Left the park at 6pm and had dinner at Max's NLEX. The kids were exhausted, the yayas have fun stories to tell their amigas, and we had our own tans. Yey!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Welcome sa Kowhsina Kowh!

Oh, the many ways to cook Awdobong Mahnauk! This was forwarded by a long-time friend. Very hilarious. All I can say is...too much laurel leaves, and why did he mix the vinegar before letting it boil?!?! Anyway, to each his own! Enjoy :-)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Waves and henna

It's early swimming and summer for me and friends at the 8 Waves WaterPark in Bulacan! Had a blast.. and the park almost all to ourselves last Feb 8-9! It's times like this that you've got the courage to don a 2-pc bathing suit without worrying if your companions had better toned abs! Well, for your information, pare-pareho kaming naka-tuck-out ang bilbil hehe! That's why it's fun.

Also had (at last! least..) a cat-henna tattooed on my lower back. Kaka-enganyong gawing permanent! Konting convincing pa. Almost had one, actually, way back 1990 as Merchandiser for Sylvia Santos, Inc. when, during a get-together with the other merchandisers and designers, was also a tattoo session... and everybody was having one-- a butterfly tattoo above the right ankle. Bakit di natuloy?---- oo nga ano, bakit nga ba??!?!

Anyway, will be going back to 8 Waves on the 23rd as a joint birthday celebration for -- mama (21st), brothers Ron (18th) and Earl (23rd), nephew Jaki (28th), and Me, hehe, next month on the 4th. Till then!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Museo, Pizzas and the 'wild' Life

It was Kids On Focus' fieldtrip today and I had to hurry home from the office to take Diego to school before 6:30am. Was just getting ready when KOF texted saying that the group will be leaving shortly (scheduled departure time is 7:00am). It was only a 3-4 minute walk from the house to Diego's school.
First stop was at the Museo Pambata , a children's interactive museum, in Roxas Blvd. (beside the US Embassy). The tour started with the kids entering 'Miss Big-Mouth's mouth, passing through her esophagus then finally into a room where kids can learn more about the human body. They can press a large nose, a tummy and even a big butt to hear a sneeze, a rumble, or a f*rt! hehe. They see what blood vessels go where, or touch and feel different surfaces (and guess what it is). It's hands-on all throughout the museum. There is a science room, rain forest room, etc. There were a lot of educational trips that time, and the Museo management was able to organize the groups very well!
After this was lunch and a Pizza-making party at Shakey's Libis. We all had a quick tour of the kitchen and afterwards, we were given our pizza 'skins', as what they call it-- pizza' crust' actually to ordinary folks-- and basic ingredients for us to make our own pizza-- pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham, pepperoni and pineapple. Diego literally took a handful of pineapple bits and spread it over his pizza skin. I had to include the other ingredients for him. By the time the party host came over to get our pizza masterpiece and put it in the oven, Diego has plucked out all the pineapple bits and had eaten it. So much for a masterpiece. Shakey's special guest was Mr. Pizzaman, which is well, you guessed it, a giant slice of pizza that danced with the kids to the tune of 'Kembot'. Sa totoo lang, nakakaawa siyang tignan. What happened to Capt. Shakeys??!?!?!? Anyway....
Our last stop was Ark Avilon in in Tiendesitas. Its owners also own the Avilon Zoo (2) in Montalban, Rizal (obvious ba?) . After the infamous over-reacting snake bite news, there was still no clinic, but roving first-aid people (nice di ba?).
Like Manila Zoo's Kinder Zoo, one can get up close and personnal here with the animals. They have a 'centerstage' for photo ops with a sea eagle, albino snake and Coleen, the orangutan. The animals here are healthier looking-- the owners really do care for them! (makes me itch to take the kids over to Avilon Zoo). And like Malabon Zoo, you won't get an eyesore or strain your eyes getting a glimpse of the animals because the way they layout the place almost make you feel that you can touch them!
The main attraction (especially for the kids) is feeding the animals on the second floor. There is a mini 'corral' full of rabbits where kids can go in and feed them. Diego had a blast feeding a carrot to several rabbits, and okra to a tortoise, but begged off feeding a cricket to a chameleon. Definitely coming back with Andee in tow.
Good thing there are places like these where you can bring your kids. In this modern world where kids are mostly exposed to computers and books, only in pictures will they be able to see and experience this. Next to look forward to is the Manila Ocean Park, behind the Quirino Grandstand in Manila and expected to open this February 2008! Now that will be an experience!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hearts forwarded

What's with it when you'd start receiving emails about the 'heart'-- the next big thing for the majority after the Christmas season, that you'd somehow feel nostalgic? I would have my share of the usual surprise roses, cards and chocolates on Valentine's Day from people I'd really expect to receive from as well as those whom I'd raise an eyebrow ("Why on earth are you giving me these?"), or from those I'd hardly expect ("Why, really? --- *blush*) hehe.

Valentine's Day officially started for me during high school when I started receiving freshly picked roses, which were then better than those coming from flower shops. During those days, rose gardens were popular and one would really go out of his way to go and pick the right flower (naks!). This will evolve to a bouquet (or basket!) of roses in college. I remember in college, (without fail) during my four years when the reception area was literally 'filled to the brim' with roses and roses and roses, and balloons! Imagine people traffic here! Students craning their necks expecting (or hoping) that one had their name on it. Outside the school premises opposite the gate, in the middle island along Katipunan road were streamers and banners from boyfriends. Parang fiesta.

When I started working, uso na ang long, single-stemmed rose or the 1 or 3 roses in a box from flowershops. Signs of the times din ata-- it gets expensive na hehe. But it was during these times that Valentines happens any day of the year. I'd receive an unexpected rose because, 'wala lang'-- or 'Naalala kasi kita eh'. Hay, those were the days! When you get married, you can count with only the digits from your right hand, the times you'd get this special expected surprise from the hubby. (Di na daw uso)

After marriage, it would be unexpected Valentines again anytime during the year. This is when I get surprise love notes, mostly from Andee... and 'I love you's' from Diego. Now as I start a new life, those nostalgic "been there, done that" moments are now coming back to me. Nice feeling :-)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Be Part of the Big Bang!

Monday Morning Power has got what it takes to have visitors visit your site and you yourself gaining a 'place' in the blogging world---
"Let’s face it; one of the main goals of joining a meme is to increase links. So, let’s call a spade a spade and see how “Big” of a “Bang” we can get. The goal is to exceed 1,000 sites. Can it be done? With your help we will leave all the other memes in our dust! Just follow the instructions. No thought necessary."

Joining memes is fun. Makes you think and enjoy at the same time. It lets you gain ringside access to the lives of others where you yourself can learn, laugh, share insights, etc. Here's a sample.. read on...

*Start Copy Here*
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Add your site(s) to the list. Just be sure to post at each site you add.
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Let MMP know your blog’s name and url by leaving him a comment HERE. He will add you to the master list. (If you would like the scroll box code, leave him your email address and he will email it to you.)
Come back and copy the master list back to your site, often. This process will allow late-comers to get as much link benefit as the first ones in.

1-Attitude, the Ultimate Power 2-Juliana's Site 3-Rusin Roundup 4-Grow Rich Along With Me 5-Comedy Plus 6-lynda's loft 7-Amel's Realm 8-MAX 9-Speedcat Hollydale 10-Mariuca 11-Complain Complain Complain 12-Mariuca's Perfume Gallery 13-Life Is A Roller Coaster 14-Sugar Queen's Dream 15-First Time Dad 16-Life 17-My Life 18-The Painted Veil 19-My Thoughts 21-Little Aussie Cynic 22-A Nice Place in the Sun 24- My Scratch Pad 25 - etc., etc., etc., ........ more HERE

*End Copy Here*

The BIG BANG Masterlist is here. Great blog sites!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I just don't know

It started out like an intense heat coming from my lower back going upward, and filled my back. I began to perspire and began to have chills. Then the heat reached my neck and my head. It felt like it was coming out of my ears. It (the heat) was radiating from somewhere and was escaping through my back, my nape and head. All of the sudden, something swelled inside and I felt it rising, up my back again, to my neck, then my face.. 'forcing' tears (I'm not kidding) to come out. And I was crying. There was no pain.. just heat and something that I can't explain.

This happened when I was on healthbreak at work last Friday's shift. There was again an impending blackout feeling and I had to excuse myself and ask permission to go to the clinic. The nurse on duty already knows my history of 'sent-homes' because of this inconvenience that I often encounter at work. Not a headache, but something like na-ha-highblood ka (as if I know how it is). Medical check-ups get me nowhere-- ECGs, 2d-echos (I have MVP), goiter tests, and we even suspected pre-menopausal whatever it is. They found nothing.

"Anong nararamdaman mo ngayon? Nagagalit ka ba?.... Natatakot?..... Nalulungkot?" The nurse asked me. What the?!?! "Bakit mainit? Anong ginawa mo sa akin?!?!" . I started crying again. "Why are you crying?" "I don't know!--- it just came out, ayaw tumigil!" The nurse was quiet. Then she again asked "Nalulungkot ka ba? Nagagalit?".

It was the first 15 minutes into my healthbreak. The nurse didn't know what medication to give me because she can't really zero-in on a diagnosis. She just asked me to stay put and drink plenty of water first, when she mentioned that I was the first time she saw me in a jumper skirt. Told her that I wear skirts in just 2 occassions--that is, if I have nothing else to wear, or, if my allergies act up again. She focused on my allergies--until it came to the point that I had to share my experiences before on what or why, or how I started to get the rashes (medyo 'parang di-normal' na ito for those who still don't know). "So you see them? dwarves? incubus? -----Nakikita mo ba yung nasa likod ko?" she asked me. I said no. She stood up and touch my shoulders, my back, then lower back. After she did it..everything started.

I was still crying, for no reason at all. "Nalulungkot ka ba? Nagagalit?". Sometimes it seemed that maybe she was talking to someone else and not me. "Anong nararamdaman mo ngayon?". "Anong ginawa mo? Bakit uminit pagkatapos mo akong hinawakan?" She said she doesn't know. She said she didn't do anything. "Why am I crying? Bakit ang lakas ng emotion na nararamdaman ko? Bakit sobrang init??!" "Wag mo siyang pansinin" she said. "Basta wag mong pansinin". Then she asked if I feel something hot in my stomach. I said no. And I kept on crying. "Kakalat maskara ko!!!"

I was at the clinic for an hour. And for 20 minutes or so, I was feeling this heat, the emotion.. nanginginig ako. I was perspiring. I was crying. After that, there was heat coming from my stomach. Psychological na lang ba ito? "Ok ka na" the nurse said. True enough I was fine.

Ngayon, nababagabag nanaman ako. I was 'left alone' when I was given the St. Benedict medalion for protection. Now just last week, I dreamingly remembered a figure in my room again. What's this? Is what I'm feeling at the office something supernatural? Bakit sa office lang and not at home? May mga check-ups ba dapat na I should've took? Whatever it is I don't know.

I just don't know.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Amazing Journey

Took the kids out today for their much-awaited Disney on Ice "Amazing Journey" at the Araneta Coliseum. They had a blast.. actually, ako rin and Yaya Wilma. Diego, for the first time was so enthralled that we can't even get his attention or talk to him during the show, unlike the time when we watched Barney where he was definitely bored to death. Andee most remembered the Little Mermaid part where she can't stop talking about how Arielle's sisters came out of the big, colorful shells, and also says that she almost cried watching Lilo and Stitch. Diego, on the otherhand says that it was 'maganda'. Period.

I remembered when we were little, we'd watch then Holiday on Ice also at the Araneta Coliseum. It's like we as a family would always have this annual christmas/holiday tradition of watching ice shows at the Big Dome. That time, wala pang Disney characters. From the usual world class iceskaters, it evolved to Flintstones on Ice, and then, Disney on Ice. The very first time we watched it I think I was in the 3rd or 4th grade. Front seats!!!! The thrill there was feeling the ice on your face when the performers pass, as well as the usual handshakes from them. I clearly remember the ticket price then-- P500.00 for front seats VIP!!!! (General patronage was P50.00 hehe). Only later did we realize that it's better to be seated farther and higher... Oh well!

This will be a start of a tradition that I intend to uphold. I was hoping to expose them more also to stage plays and the like. Andee is now making kulit because of the featured advertisement of the High School Musical Ice Tour that was showing before the show started. Excited nanaman siya. But not until we go back the second time on the 27th to again watch Disney on Ice, as she won 3 tickets to the show by joining in a question-and-answer contest sponsored by the Jr. Inquirer. Aside from the tickets, she was also given a Guyito plush toy (Inquirer's carabao mascot)-- collector's item ito! But I swear.... sinusumpa ko talaga ang Chino Roces Ave. na yan sa Makati where the Philippine Inquirer office was located. The traffic was more than horrible!!!!
But for the kids, it was worth the trouble.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

We are brothers forever!

O.M.G.!!!! Last song syndrome I swear!

Was checking out Zsali's posting on her Multiple account about Filipino Renaldo Lapuz' audition at the American Idol. I was laughing so hard I can't breathe. Na-memorize ko na!

Kakatuwa siya. --- "you give chance to any talent for FREE OF CHARGE!" And he was teary-eyed not because that he was not picked, but because he was able to show what he's got! William Hung, look out! See Renaldo's audition here.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Got this for Christmas.

Cute noh?!?! hehehe! Was surprised how heavy this is! Afraid to move it or carry it elsewhere lest it might fall and break! She now took her territorial spot near my Yamaha organ (had to brand it!) at the living room.

Ahemm... Sana may kasama rin siyang iba! She gets lonely kasi eh.
Wawa naman... Ahemm...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hello, 2008

Was a bit teary eyed at around 10:30pm during my first break when I called home to say Happy New Year in advance because my 'lunch' was at 1am. I won't be able to call at midnight. This is my second year in a row where I celebrated New Year at the office. For some reason, mas 'malungkot' ngayon, in a way because maybe a lot has changed in my life already. This year is the start of a new me.

2008 is a year I am looking forward to because I feel that I am officially at home and at ease with my job, therefore, I get to do a lot more (kahit papaano) activities with Andee and Diego, start saving, and more importantly, have time for myself. I feel happier inside. And friends and family says that it shows.