Friday, October 03, 2008

Perfect and not-so-perfect.

PERFECT. Received Diego's 1st trimestral exam results and it did me proud. Gone were the days where I'd be so stressed to the bone, worrying whether or not he'd be doing well with his exams because he complains when we sit down to review or study.

All 5 subjects have 60 items, combined oral and written tests, He got 56/60 for Math and IQ, 59/60 for both Reading, and Language; and a perfect 60/60 for Science. Hurray!

Diego: (while eating merienda) "Si Fonzo (his classmate), nagweewee sa mat namin sa classroom!"
Baby, how did you know?

Diego: "Wet kasi yung mat namin eh".
Eh, bakit mo naman nasabi na weewee siya?

Diego: "Hinawakan ko kasi. Eh mainit eh! Di ba yung weewee mainit?!?!"

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