Saturday, December 29, 2007

Of Pics and Gifts

Hanep talaga ang nagagawa ng natural outdoor light(was does a redundant thing to say?) ! Can't hide the wrinkles noh?

Taken last Christmas at our garage. Diego at 5 and Andee at 9. Wished I took them to the photo studio instead-- I need to put that on my checklist!

Also had our picture taken with my brothers and Mama. Earl came home for the holidays from Dubai, and had to take this opportunity to have our picture taken together again--had fun doing that!

The Christmas tree that time was adorned with the usual, plus candy canes that Mama placed the night before. Gifts were bigger as most of them came in boxes this year!!! Diego's wish to receive an Optimus Prime robot was granted by his dad, in addition to a few more things. Ditto with Andee--- her usual 'anything-basta-Bratts' and/or 'Disney Princess' and/or 'High School' musical ek-ek was also received. Gifted her (again) with another set of books, this time, Grolier's 24-volume I Wonder Why. And since Diego has been bugging me the whole year for Transformers or Dinosaur toys, gave him a set of 4 Dinosaurs that transforms to a robot, and a remote-controlled car which he played with the whole afternoon.

This year, the kids got a lot of gifts to open. Signs of the times ba? I'm glad they enjoyed this Christmas. Their dad picked them up to take them over to their side's family reunion. Andee was begging me the week before to go with them. I had to honestly decline. I know I hurt her but I don't want to ruin anything either. Well, they did enjoyed, and that was it. They were 'returned' home at around 1:30am Dec. 26th, with enough moolah from their ninongs and ninangs to watch Disney's Amazing Journey on Ice this January! Ako naman ang mamomoblema to pay for my own ticket!! Cige na nga!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!

Was working Christmas eve and got home on Christmas Day at around 7am in time to help out in last minute preparations for our Christmas Family Reunion lunch. Did my contribution of Green Mango Salad with Coriander, Pork Meatballs, and, later in the early evening, Chicken Pandan with KangKong. Kala mo originals hehe. May konting embellishments yan, so to speak. Hit ang Green Mango Salad, hehe. I'm planning to put up a separate recipe corner for me to share to you all. Hope I'd get the time to really work on it though. Anyway.... more details next time!
Merry Christmas to All!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Let's Imagine with Barney

Took the kids out last night, thanks to Cak, at the Araneta Center Coliseum in Cubao to watch Barney's Let's Imagine World Tour. We had early dinner at the Gateway Mall and met with Cak for the tickets. Andee enjoyed the show more, singing and dancing along. Diego says it's boring. I'd say, it's a kiddie treat if they grew up with Barney, especially for kids up to Diego's age, but this thinks it's too 'kiddie'. As for Andee, it's 'fun'. Oh well. Strolled around the Gateway Mall before going home. Buti nalang mababait at 'hindi masyadong' nagkulit na magpabili ng kung anu-ano! .. except maybe Diego whose battlecry right now is "Mama, toy!". It's two more days before Christmas guys!!! *kiss*

Sunday, December 23, 2007

In embers--, not in flames

I was awakened this morning at around 9:30am by chaos downstairs in the living room. Got home at 1:30am from our team's christmas party, and surprisingly (no hangover whatsoever after a trio-shared 1 and 1/2 bottle of tequila) I was able to get up with ease. When I opened my door, the living room is in smoke.. and it smelled like something burned. Anong nangyari?!?!?

It was just after they found mama's batik robe completely burnt, actually, almost nothing was left of it. The back rest of the chair is of wood and it was scarred. Mama left her robe at the back rest of the computer chair at the library the day before. She was on the phone when she smelled smoke. They traced it at the library and found her robe in 'embers' not in flames. If the robe caught fire, then, by what?!?!? Why was the robe in embers?!? Why wasn't there any smell of smoke beforehand as the library's door was open? Why then??!?! Yaya Wilma said she went in the library minutes before it happened but noticed or smelled nothing unusual.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Aftershock.....

Ellen DeGeneres just can't over it!!!! It was the day after Charice guested on her show. Had problems with embedding that video, just try here...

Also, check out the video that started it all.. Charice at the Star King program in Korea..

Friday, December 21, 2007

CHARICE PEMPENGCO on Ellen DeGeneres Show

Wala akong masabi!!!!! It was Sam Concepcion who won at the Little Big Star contest around 2-3 years ago. Our bet was then 12 year old Charice, we really like her-- gave us goosebumps everytime she sings. Kaso siyempre--- because Sam came off much like a matinee idol already, he won the contest, with Charice only as a runner-up! I never got the chance to watch this on Ellen's show. Anyway, enjoy please, as much as we did!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Harry's mine!

Christmas comes early for me this year as I finally got myself (hard-earned!) a complete set of Harry Potter Books 1-7! No, was not able to get it all together in the promotional Hogwarts chest, which came out 3 days AFTER I got the set---but then again, happy na ko. The first 6 came in this sturdy cardboard box, however the 7th book was at it's lonesome.

The books are sitting on the table at the library at home still in it's original plastic cover untouch. It's like if I open it, mawawala ang value!! Parang ang arte ano?!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

The tale of Trillanes

It was about half past two in the afternoon on November 29th when I was awaken by my usual "You've got a text message, your Royal Sexiness" message alert from my cellphone. It was 30 minutes earlier than my usual wake-up time before I get ready for work. It was a text message from work, and it read: "Armed soldiers led by Magdalo Heads and ex-VP Guingona are having a press-con at the Mla. Pen Hotel right now as a result of the Magdalo hearing at the makati City Hall. Reports say that the group might call for a nationwide rally against the gov't. All employees and trainees are advised to stay inside the ofc for safety reasons, while those who are on their way to work shld stay away frm the vicinity of Mla. Pen (Ayala cor. Mkt. Ave.)" Great. And they say they are doing this for the love of their country and for the people who are suffering! Don't they see malls and condos sprouting almost everywhere? Don't they read the papers about the rise of sales for luxury items?!?! Aren't they glad of the 41.00 Php rate against the dollar?!? GRABE! Now people who are working night shifts are now placed in a situation wherein it's "go to work or not"! May pre-shift overtime pa naman akooo!!! There I was hurrying to work and surprisingly, travelling was a breeze at Buendia. Oo nga naman...pinauwi na kasi ng maaga ang mga normal na mga empleyado! Anyway, after hearing the news that the hotel main doors were destroyed by an APC and finally the drama that went on at the Mla. Pen. has ended, a new drama started at the office. Employees were a handful. Then there was another text message sent by the management: "Please be informed that Malacanang has imposed curfew 12-5am. For those shifts starting 12am-5am, we encourage you to come b4 midnight to avoid checkpoints. Chill out rooms will be prepared & free food 4 those who will come in early. Call center employees are exempted as long as you present your ID. Shuttle pick-ups will be available from MRT and LRT. Please coordinate with your supes." There were mixed reactions. Some would say that it is a prelude to martial law. Most would say, (--kasama na ako don), "buti naman". If we let this pass as if it was just another Oakwood story, we'd be probably witnessing another hotel takeover! It's like disciplining little children! It's as simple as that. Trillanes and his group just wasted precious time and effort for nothing. He also wasted the votes given by people who had faith in him--- not necesarily leading revolts, but standing up to what he believes in. Sinayang mo , chong! Good thing you were not on my list... gwapo ka pa naman! The curfew did not exactly dampen passionate working spirits at the office. Attendance was, wow! Towards and after midnight, the new shifts came in and the workfloor was back to its normal busy self. Parang walang nagyari!