Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fireworks and Jambalaya: PyroMusical Show at the MOA

Fireworks and Jambalaya.

We are on a trio trek to the Mall of Asia. Today is the 1st day of the 3rd Philippine International PyroMusical Competion. This Ensogo treat gave me the chance to take the kids out for an experience I'm sure they'll enjoy.  We've no ride so we first took the LRT Purple line from Santolan to Cubao, then an MRT ride from Cubao to Taft.  From there, we took a shuttle to MOA. We made sure to be early, knowing how the lines would be long.  Left Marikina a little after noontime, and had late lunch at Gumbo's.  Andee and Diego (and me!) enjoyed trying on their assortment of hats and head pieces whule waiting for our food.

The show starts at 8pm, and we were in line at 4pm.  Grabe. Daming tao. When we got through the gate, it was running frenzy for everyone.  Can't stop laughing.  You get to make friends with other people whole in line.  One family brought umbrellas and mats, and coolers! They said that they come every year and watch ALL of the shows.

With the long wait, it is really best to have someone fun to spend time with while waiting.  Andee and Diego kept themselves entertained watching boats, birds, and ripples on the water.

For today, South Korea and Malta competes.  I just wish that they improve their sound system.  It's a totally different experience when fireworks and music synchronize.  This is also one instance when you wish you had a really, really, really good camera with you!

That was fun! Again, again, again!