Sunday, January 28, 2007

Oh Dodong

Finally got to watch the Zaturnnah musical last night with Bambie and Maan at the Huseng Batute in CCP-- too bad Nanette and Gel could'nt make it.

This will be my nth time watching the muzical and I never get tired of it. There is always something new in every show-- . The are 2 a bit disappointing things though-- one of which is the numbering of the seats on the reserved section. Since it is so very hard getting tickets to the muzical, we were prepared not be seated next to each other. We've got seats # 66,71 and 72. And to my knowledge, seats # 66 and 71 will be in one row while seat#72 will be on the next row. Low and behold! Seat#66 is on the second row while seats# 71 and 72 are beside each other on the 6th row behind seats 68 and 69, and to the left of seats 34 and 35. What the---?!?!?! We were trying to decipher how TP assigned seat numbers. That's why there was always a confusion whenever people in the reserved area came in. The seat numbers were in one hell of a total mess!!!!

The second thing is Janvier Daily, alternate to Arnold Reyes' Dodong. OMG!!! The singing! I thought at first he was just nervous, but then towards the next few bars of the song 'Ikaw ang Superhero ng Buhay Ko'-- I wished he'd stop. Such a handsome specie and yummy noodles to die for!! Sayang. Instant crush ng bayan. Ok lang naman... maybe a little workshop? :-)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mrs. Rodden

Gel is now Mrs. Kenneth Scott Rodden. Congratulations, girl! Oh wow.. 1 down and 2 more to go! and that would be you, Nannette and Maan! hehe

The wedding took place yesterday, Jan. 20th at Cathedral Shrine and Parish of the Good Shepherd and reception was at the SEAMEO Innotech Pearl Hall near Diliman. Naku! You should've seen Scott! Very , very handsome and dashing in his Tux! And Gel... sa sobrang blooming in her champagne-colored wedding gown.. you really see the sparkle in her eyes. AS Didi would say to Zaturnnah, "ang ganda!--- ang ganda, ganda, ganda!!! ANG GANDA!" Sarap ng feeling.. seeing one of your best friends sooo happy.

The program during the reception was emceed by me, Bambie and Nanette. Ha! female versions ng Tito, Vic and Joey minus the antics. Well, the antics came only briefy during the program, with a surprise message from Maan to the tune of "Say a Little Prayer". Maan and Nanette did most of the singing.. hehe.. I'd admit di muna ako lumapit, until me and Bambie did a tsuwariwap while the 2 sang (which, afterwards we also presented Gel with our 'Forever Friends' duet! One of the signature songs me and Bambie used to sing during college).

All's well that ends well! Congratulations to Gel and Scott!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Mang Roger, ShoZu and ZsaZsa

Andee came home yesterday and showed me her official Communion photo taken last December. Ganda daughter! (I had to finally throw in the white towel.. kamukha nga niya ang tatay niya. ) It was a long queue for this photo opt during her communion. While waiting in line, just like the other moms, I had to apply konting make-up lang on her face. Aba! Bench's Pretty When Pinched cheek tint and Cover Girl's Rose Quartz frosted lipstick works well on her! :-) What is more amusing is, by the time we were nearing our turn, I was looking at the St. Scho's official photographer. He looks VERY familiar... and did I realize it was Mang Roger.. siya pa rin!!!! I remember him taking our class pictures, oh my, more than 25 years ago already!!!!! Mabuhay ka Mang Roger!
Was tinkering with my phone the other day and visited the Sony Ericsson website. I chanced upon ShoZu, an application that allows you to transfer or upload your photos to your blog from your phone. Hmmm... interesting. It's a free application and you also have to register online on the website. I'm just having trouble if I'm using Globe for this. Can't seem to connect, even with the settings. Kelangan dalhin sa service center. I've got no problem with Smart though.
The 4th run of the Zaturnnah muzical has my weekends booked! Not only do I prefer to watch it with family (of course!), but also, friends at work, and former work, and college would like to watch with me in tow! Feeling daw nila, VIP sila coz they are with the sister of the Zaturnnah creator! AS IF! First scheduled is the Jan. 21st evening show, and the succeeding, well, pinag-aawayan pa! Ok lang...basta treat niyo ko ha! :-) See you there!

For those planning to watch, Cak has designed a souvenir poster for sale at the muzical, and oh, you can get your copy (and additional copies, in case your own copy has not yet been returned from borrowing, or is already dilapidated because of borrowing) of the comic book, and of course, the muzical CD soundtrack too. Something more to look forward to!

(Hmmm....wondering if the Amazonista wands will also be available?!?!?)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ericsson Girl

My new toy-- Sony Ericsson W810i :-)

This used to be my brother Earls' phone... "naligo" (read: salt water wisik) daw ito sa dagat so he gave it to me for Christmas. Love it!!!! And oh, he got a new one.

Bro, Kelan kaya maliligo sa dagat ang P910 mo?!?!

Erratum 01/05/07 :
Ahem, my mistake.. Earl pointed out a slight error here... it should be a P990 Sony Ericsson phone, not a P910-- hehe

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Oh new year!

Spent New Year at work. Had to go on 'idle' 5 minutes before 12 midnight to make sure I see the new year arrive. The lights were turned off on the floor and we marvelled at the fireworks outside the office window. Hehe...marvelled, that is, cause since we were just on the 3rd floor, most of the Makati buildings were blocking our view! 'Lunch' was a choice of Beef Teriyaki or Cordon Bleu (tama ba spelling?), and some of our team mates brought Lechon Kawali, spicy fried chicken, menudo and ensaymada! Yummy!

Was feeling quite not well already after shift. The roads and streets that early New Year morning were scattered and littered with what's left of the revelry-- and the smog! That's why hotels and motels were 101% booked! Most friends and people I know had to check in mainly because of the aftermath of the celebration and these are people whose kids or family members who are ashmatic. Took a quick shut-eye but woke up with fever, clogged sinuses and flu. Hay naku, ito ang new year ko! As I post this entry, I am on my second day absent from work.

Goodbye, attendance bonus! Kainis.