Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mrs. Rodden

Gel is now Mrs. Kenneth Scott Rodden. Congratulations, girl! Oh wow.. 1 down and 2 more to go! and that would be you, Nannette and Maan! hehe

The wedding took place yesterday, Jan. 20th at Cathedral Shrine and Parish of the Good Shepherd and reception was at the SEAMEO Innotech Pearl Hall near Diliman. Naku! You should've seen Scott! Very , very handsome and dashing in his Tux! And Gel... sa sobrang blooming in her champagne-colored wedding gown.. you really see the sparkle in her eyes. AS Didi would say to Zaturnnah, "ang ganda!--- ang ganda, ganda, ganda!!! ANG GANDA!" Sarap ng feeling.. seeing one of your best friends sooo happy.

The program during the reception was emceed by me, Bambie and Nanette. Ha! female versions ng Tito, Vic and Joey minus the antics. Well, the antics came only briefy during the program, with a surprise message from Maan to the tune of "Say a Little Prayer". Maan and Nanette did most of the singing.. hehe.. I'd admit di muna ako lumapit, until me and Bambie did a tsuwariwap while the 2 sang (which, afterwards we also presented Gel with our 'Forever Friends' duet! One of the signature songs me and Bambie used to sing during college).

All's well that ends well! Congratulations to Gel and Scott!

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