Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Colored Mung Beans

Can't believe that Christmas was just yesterday!

Had to rush home from work, got home at around 10am. Caught cousin Angge cooking her specialty "Pad Thai" (she also arrived a few hours before me from work too!); had to gear up as well. My turn to cook (Dory Fillet with Asparagus cream sauce)!

Every year, Christmas Lunch is tradition for the family. We don't celebrate Noche Buena like what most families do. Normally we'd just spruce up the house, bringing out all plates and utensils, finish our cooking marathon. We'd then open a bottle of red wine and toast at midnight, Christmas Day, wake the kids and open presents! That was then. Sans the wine toasting and gifts opening, this year, sleeping early was the agenda. I was at work when I called at midnight expecting to hear the kid's excitement opening their gifts. Ha! everyone's asleep-- Mama answered the phone, a bit groggy--sorry, woke her up kasi. Anyway....

Our house becomes the venue for a grand family reunion. I remember about two weeks before. Mama was really down to tears, not wanting to plan the celebration anymore. Mainly because we (literally) have no chairs for our relatives and visitors to sit on! --thanks to Ondoy. And to add to mama's frustration, she has scanned the Marikina Yellow Pages for chairs and tables for rent..but everyone's booked! Good thing Yaya Wilma chanced upon a flier somewhere last week that rents out tables and chairs. Lo and behold! Problem solved :-)

Like clockwork, our relatives (and my brothers and their families) arrived like, just a minute apart-- and I am not exaggerating! After one family comes in and the beso-beso's were done, the next family arrives. This cycle continued on 5 times! 5 families! Enough to make everyone smile.

By mid-afternoon, we all went to Loyola Park (Marikina) to visit Papa and Lolo. Our ride has my kids and all my pamangkins. We are the schoolbus. Kids' ride. We call them the 'Retazos' --hahaha! A strip from the original!

It was a riot going to and from Loyola. Christmas concert ito. Singing ABS-CBN's Christmas staion ID, "Star ng Pasko, Salamat sa Liwanag Mo"... the 'RETAZOS' (aged 2-10):

"Salamat sa liwanag mo.. Muling magkakakulay ang munggo!"


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jacob and Bella

These are my two 3-month old choco point siamese kittens, Jacob and Bella (yeah..New Moon, i know!).
I am also testing the email posting feature.
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It has been an eternity since my last entry.

After Palawan, Andee's birthday, followed by Diego's antics, then finally Ondoy. It has been more than two months now and still, Globe has not yet reconnected our internet.

Tahgaaalll ..............Tons of stories to tell, lots of pictures to share.

I'll be back.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Honda Bay Island Hopping

Suntan oil and bathing suit? NADA.

Me and my cousins went on an impromptu island hopping the morning after Lola's birthday. I had no plans whatsoever in taking a dip, that's why I didn't bother to bring anything fit for the beach. *sigh* (next time I'd better pack beach stuff WHEREVER and WHENEVER I go to a place near water!)

Anyway, headed off to Sta. Lourdes at around 6:30am where we are to take a motorized boat ride through Honda Bay. The banca costs 1,500Php for the whole day. The one we got can accommodate up to around 10 people. Snorkeling gear is rented out at 100Php. Entrance fee to the islands varies from free to 50Php/person. Our bankero asked if we have specific islands that we wish to go to. Cousin Ian opted for Pandan Island first, then Snake Island, lunch at Starfish Island, then the last stop is a new spot for snorkeling.

Our first stop is Pandan Island.

Got its name apparently because the water is green.. not because of a pandan plantation there (LOL) that's what most of us thought. The sand is white and very fine. You'll actually see a lot of what looks like crab skid marks or 'footprints'. And the water is very, very clear. There was a particular section 'buoyed' out for snorkeling and there where like baskets attached to a couple of buoys. This we found out is where the caretakers keep live rock lobsters and squid for sale for grilling!!!

Ian says that this beach is also operated by the Legend Hotel, so I guess they would have facilities for an overnight stay here.

Second stop was at Snake Island.

It was so called because it's sand bar looks like a snake from the air. While my cousin Lala and her boyfriend snorkels, Ian and I went on a hike up to the snake's tip.

The sand is coarser. There are a lot of sand dollars and other shells, and it was very hot! Mangroves are abundant to the right. There's no crowd too, since it's almost a 20-minute walk from the main beach area. Very ideal for skinny dipping I may say, or nude sunbathing! LOL!

It's hot, windy, and very tranquil. The wind is all you hear. It's surprisingly very'll not even hear the waves. At the tip of the sandbar is a house on stilts. You'd imagine seeing just the house during high tide. On our way back to the main beach, that's when I realized that I already have a mean sunburn. OMG. Removing my shirt leaving my bra on should have been better--tan-wise (now why didn't I think of that?!?!)

Our third stop and lunch destination is at Starfish Island.

Starfish Island has been a favorite destination since I was little. Whenever I visit lola, our beach trip would always be at Starfish. But it has changed a lot! The sand isn't as white as I remember.

We were halfway eating our lunch of grilled squid (from Pandan Island) and 'pares' --hehe take-out time to prepare kasi eh-- when it rained. And it rained hard. We were sort of stranded in an island at Honda Bay in the middle of a storm (I swear you won't see those mountains anymore because of the rain), and there was I calling my mom and buddy about it! MAY SIGNAL ANG GLOBE AND SUN!!!!! Mama said that lola was a bit worried already because it was also raining hard in Puerto. It's past 3pm already and we have one more destination to go before we head home. There is a second party at Lola's house at 6pm.

Unfortunately for us when the rain stopped, and our bankero decided that it is already safe to go on, it began drizzling again and we had to fore go the final stop--which is at a location only for snorkeling. I'm hoping to go back especially to Pandan Island. The soonest.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Tamilok Experience

Only for the brave and adventurous. Sabi nila.

The tamilok or 'woodworm' thrives on rotten mangroves. They grow to more than a foot long and are a delicacy in Palawan. Although it looks like a worm, it is actually a mollusk-- like a long, - very looong oyster. At Kinabuch's, in Pto. Princesa, this is one of the best-selling and highly sought after pulutan. After Lola's 89th birthday celebration yesterday, the young 'uns (kami yon), me, my cousins Ian and Lala, her boyfriend Johann, and my Tito Dante headed over to this famous watering hole.  Tamilok is best eaten fresh, according to our family's tamilok-expert Lala, straight from the rotten mangroves, cleaned, then dipped in vinegar-- the ultimate gastronomical experience especially when on island hopping, or on trips to Sabang or the Underground River. Some restaurants here serve it kilawin style-- with vinegar, chilies, onions, and calamansi (that, I definitely know I can handle!).

Lala would take nearly a foot-long tamilok and eat it. Her boyfriend Johann, who is half-Filipino, half-Belgian, would take a long one and chew it first. "Does it break down to pieces when you chew it?" I asked. "Hindi," he says. "Buo pa rin siya". OMG. Parang rubber pa ata. I could imagine why others would just swallow it in one gulp followed by gin or tuba. They pushed the plate in front of me--took a picture of it, photogenic siya! Reminds me of regular oysters lang. Taking a closer look, it does have those two whachamacallit eyes like that of an oyster or a scallop/mussel. Kaya ko ito.

For photo-op, I took a long one-- all smiles pa ako. Panay kantiaw na ng mga pinsan ko. Summoning all my strength didn't do me any good. Despite the eyes, it still looks like a worm.

I settled for a two-inch long instead. But what happens next is priceless---. When it touches your tongue, it does have a feel and texture of an oyster-- but the difference is that it's slimy and you'd immediately taste the smell of seaweeds and mud (that's my opinion).  There's a feeling of gag-reflex (if you'd term it that way), which may be one reason why tomadors wash it down with gin.  It's like eating a very, very slimy, and thickier fetuccini and it gets stuck half down your throat. And to think I just tried a measely two-inch one. If you like oysters, you'll like this :-)

Lola at 89.

..and still looking fabulous!

The party was held at the Fresh Cafe along J.P. Rizal Street in Puerto. It was a party for around 25 people, mostly close friends and relatives. The food was spectacular! Two of my favorites are the tinolang manok with coconut meat (reminds me of the pumpkin soup at Crescent Moon Cafe--they also use coconut with the recipe), there is a slight taste of coconut in the soup, yummy! There's spicy seafood curry, forgot how it's named, where the curry sauce can stand alone on its own--sans the squid, shrimp, fish meat, eggplant, and sitaw.

A light moment was during the blowing of the birthday candles. We laughed when Lola took he numbers 8 and 9 and inverted it to look 98. "Royal bloods have long life!" my Lola Au, her sister said afterwards. Lolas' cousins lived to be almost hundred, and that's no joke. A few years back they attended the 94th birthday of one of her cousins. And what a sight! Seating beside the celebrant are his siblings, also in their 90's! Now that's life worth it!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Palawan: Back after 11 years

Finally. 2 days off and 4 VLs.

Last April, we (fortunately) chanced upon Cebu Pacific's promo for just 975.00 Php (you read that correctly!) for Pto. Princesa. Palalampasin mo ba yun?!?! It was actually a good thing because Mama is planning on visiting Lola on her birthday and also would be planning a grand reunion next year in August. It will be Lola's 90th birthday!

It has been 11 years already since I last visited. The city has changed so much since then. There are more tourists. Lots of good places to eat! There are now minicabs for transportation. Tricycles still rule but now they are color-coded, alternating from white on certain days, to blue. Looking forward to a relaxing vacation!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Frustrated and Glad

Why is it easier to train 20 sales staff about retail operations and product knowledge then to train my 7 year-old possessive nouns and vowel diphthongs?!?!?!!?

Not only that... their spelling list includes: AUTHORITY, DAUGHTER, and POISONOUS, among others. I don't remember 1st Grade spelling to be this 'advanced' already. Well...then again, I'm thinking of decades-ago-1st-grade-spelling. Anyway....back to..

Diego has already (good riddance!) somehow developed his study habit at home. Thanks to his Lola. (read: "Si mama hindi marunong eh!" Hehe oh well! ) Diego would dutifully show me his assignment for the day and seatworks done at school. Because of my new schedule at work, I arrive home at around 3pm and find him at the terrace-- books and notebooks out, with his Ate Ana (his Yaya's niece) and of course, his Lola. There will be short bathroom breaks or snack breaks in-between, then homework and study commence again after Diego shouts, "Lola, study na tayo!!!!". The San Benildo Integrated School may be giving them endless homeworks and projects that may spell 'nightmare' for most of us comparing 1st-grade school life more than 2 decades ago, but then again, it does 'force' you to develop your child's study habits.

"Mama! finish na homework! Pwede na ko magcomputer??!?!".


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birds and the Bees

"Mama! ganon ba ginawa ni Papa sayo? Pinasok ang penis niya sa vagina mo?!?"

OMG!! Tumbling ako! That definitely took me off guard! 10 year old Andee came home last week from school and bombarded me with questions about this. It was that time in school where their lesson now evolved from menstruation to reproduction.

(I remember a similar scene in a movie, not too sure of the title ..was it "Maybe, Definitely" or something? The dad picked up his daughter at school and was met by a scene of children in various state of disbelief, coolness or upsetness because of this lesson at school).

"Is it really like that, Mama? Yuucchhhh!!! Ganon ba ginawa sa yo?" Andee looked almost teary-eyed. It's as if she sees the female as being violated somewhat, and the male, dominant. "Pero kung di nangyari yun, di ba wala kami ni Diego?" That's true. "Pero, Mama, YUCHHH!!! ayoko niyan!"

"Baby, you only do that kung mahal niyo ang isa't-isa -----".

GULP!-- It took a lot for me to say that...

Sunday, July 26, 2009


YoVille. FarmVille. Farm Town. Restaurant City. My Farm.

Two things in common--- Facebook and Addictive. VERY addictive. I started out Facebook just like anyone else.. to get and keep in touch with friends and family-- something that Friendster sort of.. got short of, or lacked. Yes both would 'connect' you with people but interaction is what Facebook has to offer. And, (sigh) games.

The only 2 games I really got so hooked up with since we got our computer are Sim City and RollerCoaster Tycoon. I remember when I was pregnant (years ago) that I'd really burn the midnight oil for these games. Even after I gave birth to Diego.. while trying to put him to sleep cradled on my left arm, my right hand would click away to RollerCoaster bliss!

Now right after work, I'd make sure I'd take a peak at my YO, my CROPS, or if my Restaurant crew is over-worked. It's also cool to see friends and former classmates (read: 40 year-olds!!) online playing. And to think, me and Andee are already exchanging notes and tips!!! Adik na nga!

To top it all...

Nanay (walks into my room, was supposed to wake me up for dinner when she heard me talking..): Ano sabi mo?
Me (still sleepy and a bit groggy): Harvest...?

Nanay: "Ano?"
Me: "Di ko alam kung maghaharvest ako or magpa-plow.."

Nanay: Ano yun?
Me: "Ha? (confused na ako)......di ko alam kung maghaharvest ako or plow..."

Nanay: "Harvest or plow?!?!!?"
Me: "......."

Nanay: "Bakit, may FARM ka ba?!?"

HAHAHAHA! I swear!... my mom almost had a nervus breakdown! Says that if she were not able to ask Cak about what I meant..she'd be taking me to the hospital na!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fast weekdays..faster weekends

It was a fast week. Started Monday with a bang, thought I'd be pulled-out already from my current job position to the new one (not yet daw.. for whatever reason). Been waiting for almost a month now. There were 6 of us who got the position and the 1st four has started already. Some say that they're waiting for the production headcount. Ummm...marami nang bago sa floor ah. While others say that our stats are still 'needed' program-wide. Talaga ha? Anyway, just hoping it would be soon.. Samantala... \\
There are series of seminars and workshops scheduled for this week at the Pacific Star office geared toward career advancement and management skills. In line with this the company has opened an ala-Top Design contest for the workshop's binders' cover. Papahuli ba ako? of course I joined. And won :-) The most exciting thing about winning this is not only the mere fact that all of the company's computer wallpapers are now showing the design, my name and the program, but also apparently, that I was the only female who submitted entries for this (submitted 4 designs..thanks to Cak for helping me out with fixing the layers in Photoshop. luv u bro!).

I never seemed to have felt Saturday.. and today Sunday, it's like I wasn't able to do anything. Tomorrow is again the start of another work week and hope that it will be as fast as the past week. Hayyy..

Friday, July 03, 2009

Little hero

Diego came home from school yesterday crying with a scratch on his cheek. This is what happened...

On the bus service on their way home, 2 other boys on the were picking on a smaller boy, who happened to be Diego's classmate, Paolo. Their bus driver at first didn't mind it because it was just like any other ordinary ride home where there would be 'kantyawans' or 'katuwaans' with the little tykes. Then came asaran, and pikunan. Apparently, Paolo was now being bullied by the 2 bigger boys. Diego, on the other hand, remained quiet 'at first'. Commotion followed and the boys were now crying. When asked, Diego replied...

"Eh, ang liit ng inaaway nila, kawawa naman. Sinuntok ko nga!" (They were picking on someone smaller that's why I punched them!)

Awww.... my little hero! hehe!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Diego at 7

Was still working on the computer at around 6am when Diego came in and said good morning. It's his 7th birthday today and aside from growing taller and still missing his two front teeth, he's like a young adult na when spoken to. I asked him why he's up so early. "Kasi tatawag si Papa at lalabas kami eh." *OMG... *
"Are you sure baby? Hindi naman siya tumatawag diba?"
"Dati kaya tumawag. Nood kami Transformers at tsaka may gift siya sa akin na PSP!"

It felt sad kaya... and felt really bad. His last true memory of his dad was a trip to the zoo and Star City when he was 2 years old. Now they see and bond with each other once a year.. either during Christmas or after New Year. A few months ago Yaya Wilma mentioned that his dad called and spoke with his Ate Andee. When asked if he likes to speak with his dad, he says "Ayoko sa kanya, liar siya". Broken promises of weekend bondings. Broken promises of gifts that never were.

His Ti'Angge got home from work with his cake and was he so excited. He'd insist on changing to his new Transformers shirt and eagerly wait for....---?

Everytime the phone would ring, he'd dash over and answer the phone. Naiiyak na lang ako when I see the look on his face when it wasn't who he was hoping for.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Glee Club Memories

I found these lyrics why rammaging through my mahiwagang baul.

I'd like to share it with everyone especially my co-Glee Club members in St. Scho Marikina under Mrs. Pia (Wonderful Thing to be Me) in Grade School, and Mrs. Espinosa (Love is the Answer) in High School. Nice idea to reminisce this on our 25th reunion, right? *wink*wink*hint*hint*

Words by Marcy Henchen and Don Besig. Music by Don Besig. 1974

When I wake up in the morning and I see a new day dawning ...
And I see the sky above me, and I know somebody loves me ...
Then I want to stand and shout it, tell the whole wide world about it ...
It's a wonderful thing to be me ...

I can hear the birds a singin', and I feel like singin' with 'em ...
And a breeze is softly blowing, in my heart I feel love growing ...
For this day is just beginning, all at once I can't help thinking ...
What a wonderful thing to be me ... and to be free ...

Free to walk along the river, free to tumble the grass ...
Free to chase away the gray clouds, from the sky ...
Free to take your hand and wander, through the meadows and the fields ...
Free to capture all the world, and call it mine ... I'm feelin' fine ...

Oh, the day has ended sweetly, now the evening comes to greet me ...
In my mind I see tomorrow, no, it won't be filled with sorrow ...
For I see a new day coming, through the meadows I'll be running ...
What a wonderful thing to be me ... and to be free.

by: Raymond Hannisian

Morning comes and I must go; day is breaking yonder.
After all the places I have been, now I’m going home.
I have been to seek the sky, to travel on the highway
And the time has come, I don’t know whyI am going home.

REF1: Where is the answer to so many questions
I don’t know, so I begin another journey
Where is the meaning for my world
I see the answer now.

Though we came by diff’rent roads, now we walk together.
Stay beside me all our days, strangers never more.
Through the cool of summer rains, by the hearthside fire
Here I’ll be with you when nothing remainsI am home to stay.

REF2: For love is the answer to so many questions
Now I know, and I can stop my endless wand’ring
Love gives the meaning to my world
I see the answer now.

Love gives meaning to my world
And I see the answer now
Love is the Answer… Love!

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Tear for Michael

There was buzzing early yesterday morning at around 4-5AM I think, when one of the agents was informed by her customer that Michael Jackson died. Not until the news was seen on CNN, one can believe that it is really THE Michael Jackson who passed away.

My very first memory of Michael was during the Jackson 5 way back in the 70's -- "Happy" and "Ben". Also, ang walang kakupas-kupas na "Give Love on Christmas Day". I wasn't really a diehard fan but I liked his music. Was he the one who sang "Someone in the Dark"? It was the theme song for the E.T.:Extra Terrestrial movie. I was gaga over that song for a while.

Watching the local news about MJ's death is surreal. Really can't believe it. Bye now, MJ.. your music stays with us. *hikbi*

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lost Art

I blogged about the Covers Project sometime ago and only got this time to follow through.

I was not able to attend the launch and was glad that the Art In Site Magazine website is up and running. They are still in the process of uploading the artworks used in the project. Itching to get my hands on a copy (specifically 'mine'/'my design'), I emailed Patricia Laurel, Editor-in-Chief. Unfortunately, she still could not confirm if the ('my') copy was sold or not.. imagine more than 1,000+ artworks submitted for the project! So, ok... wait na lang ako for the meantime, and do find time to visit their website! It's something for all us Filipino artists out there!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Spent Father's day just like any other ordinary Sunday family get-together.

Earl. who is back for good from Dubai, will be continuing employment here with same game developer employer, with son Hugo, Ron with his family including 2 new yaya's, and of course, kami dito-- Nanay, Andee, Diego, Cak, Ti'Angge, and Yaya Wilma and Ate Ann. Got up early to do a little market for our lunch menu with Yaya and Diego. Diego was absent from school last Friday because of fever. Yesterday the fever was gone but yet he complained of stomach pains.

Our menu was Cak's Veggie Meatballs with Nanay's Sweet & Sour sauce (pork giniling at 150php/kilo!) ; Nanay's Turbo Chicken, my Creamy Hot Tahong & Cheese recipe; and Yaya's Inihaw Adobong Chix Isaw (yummy hit!). Nanay (arrived last night from Palawan) also brought fresh Tuna Sashimi.

I was cleaning the tahong shells when I felt it. It was the same like the first 'attack' as I would call it. Cold sweat, uneasy feeling in the abdomen area, vision starting to blurr, hot flushes going up the spine, to the back of my neck, to my head, and this affected my hearing. Parang nabibingi ako. All I remember is, I sat down, closed my eyes trying not to pass out like I did the first time. I remember hearing Nanay talking to Yaya, I remember her calling Cak.

It was pretty scary. I tried to control breathing and focus on a particular name and face. That helped. But it still was scary.

Monday, June 15, 2009

New Look

Finally. It's about time.
It literally took me almost 15 hours non-stop (well, except for eating and trips to the little girl's bathroom) to go through a blog overhaul! Salamat kay Photoshop and a little help from Cak. He was able to help out in tweaking my then new header but in the end, I had to start from scratch again. Used Blogger template SCRIBE this time.
The original one I used since I started in 2005 is Blogger template DOTS. Naku, very eighties pa because of the cat wallpaper I used that time! Was not able to get a good screenshot of the old one, though. So I changed it-- from the main logo header, to the side headers, to the look of the main page -- I give myself a pat on the back, hehe. Next step right now is to make sure all blog links are still active. Would also need to check the old template in case I might have missed someone. To be continued... :-)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The brave and the BOLD

FHM Philippines features a Q&A with Carlo Vergara, David Hontiveros, Budjette Tan, Arnold Arre and Gerry Alanguilan.. and a special surprise from ZZZ!

FHM June 2009 issue!


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ito na..

Spent the day bonding with Andee and Diego. Watched Night at the Museum 2, then went ahead for some National Bookstore shopping!

While having dinner at McDo (naku--walang kakupas-kupas!!.. kahit papa-deliver sa house..) I faced the reality that the two are no longer babies. Lalo na si Diego. He'll be on 1st Grade already at the San Benildo Integrated School, and Andee, 5th Grade at SSAM. Time flies. But I've got a long way to go!

Friday, May 15, 2009


There were a lot of significant changes recently.
Family. Kids. Work. Self.

We're now slowly but surely 'fixing' our house in Marikina. Diego will be in 1st grade at a big school, while Andee, Grade 5. We're done with tuition fees and books. What's left are a few school supplies and bonding 'let's-all-cover-your-books' moments. Work has finally been 'good' to me, got to get and do what I really loved doing. And finally..Self. I've never felt so inspired. I think I've pick up most of my broken pieces already and mended them so well that I am almost my old self--!! I have never loved so much that I feel that everything is falling into place.

But one last thing though...

My blog needs an EXTREME MAKEOVER!
It's sooo eighties...eeeiioouuu!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Received an anonymous text message a few days ago, and it read:

"Pued po b akong humingi ng 2long sa inyo? I'm marie, 21yo freshgrad po from Bacolod City. Ggawin ko po ang lahat ngkpalit na gusto nio, ma2lungan nyo lng po akong mkpunta sa mynila. My job hiring na po kc sna ako jan sa san mig- ortigas, syang po kc kung madissolve lng... Im willing to take the risks ng kpalit na hhngin nio. Un nlng tlga pgasa ko na mkluwas kgd pra mhbol deadline ko po. My pic and supporting docs po ako sa"

Since I was using Globe (office phone kasi) I've been getting spam (Chinatrust loans, discount offers, etc) and scammers ("hon... naubusan ako ng load, dito mo padala sa number na ito..), I just let this one go. However, I received another message this afternoon..:

"Name: Marie Velasco
Age: 21
Birthdate: Feb. 15, 1987
Height: 5'7"
Complexion: Fair
Vital Stats: 35-25-36
Hair: Long and Straight
Other: Joined some provincial pageants for allowance.
Course: BS Information Management (Computer & Accountancy)
School: DOST Scholar in University of St. La Salle - Bacolod
Parents: Anna & Mario Velasco (both deceased)

Wha the F?! Pati ba naman vital stats? Ang kulit nito ah. Texted back.."Why are you texting me?". Her answer:

"Ahm..Marie Velasco po name ko, 21 yo, from Mandalagan, Bacolod City. Graduate po ng BS Information Management (DOST Scholarship). Living alone sa isang boarding haus po d2 sa Purok Sambag. 5'7" and hardworking province girl po. May pic po ako sa Nagtetext lng po ako ng random numbers starting with 09178 and really hoping na may makita lng ako kht maliit na 2long para makaluwas ng mynila. Wala po akong idea kung babae po o lalaki tinitext ko...But im really willing to give any favorable exchange in your part para sa tulong na makapunta sa mynila... Un lng po sana.. - marie"

I was in the middle of a luncheon celebration in Antipolo with mama when I got this message. I answered back to her. If I'm not mistaken, there are call centers now in Bacolod (?) sayang lang kung pupunta siya dito and sa San Mig ang work niya. Told her I admire her courage and determination BUT what she is doing is very dangerous, and wished her luck. Got her response when we got home--

"Hindi naman po ako mapapahamak, my 22luyan naman po ako pansamantala sa novaliches, sa 1 malaung kamag anak. Tapos my trbho na rn naman po akong papasukan..Sana bigyan nio po ako ng chance na magkaroon ng career.. Naghhnayang lng ako sa lumilipas na araw na dapat, sumisweldo nko at nagtratrbho.."

And another one at around 4pm...

"Gud day po, si marie po to, ung humihingi ng 2long makapunta ng maynila.. M22lungan nio po b ako? Gagawin ko po ung kapalit na hhngin nio, para lang makapunta npo ako ng mynila..Parang awa nio na po.."

This girl is desperate. If only I had the means to help her out. I just hope na may makita nga siyang tutulong with all sincerity and not take advantage of her...

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sun-Fun-Tan at Camayan Resort

It's fun-sun-tan at the Camayan Beach Resort in Subic for our team's nth team building activity yesterday after shift. Left the office at around 8:15am and arrived noontime. Subic on a Saturday was like a ghost town. The only vehicles noticeable are those en route to the beaches. It was soo tempting to visit Zoobic, since we passed by their signboard, as well as Ocean Adventure, just near Camayan.
The resort is clean and the water, cool and clear. The sand is fine with a few pebbles and shells. We started off firing the grill to cook our baon-- liempo and barbque. Food can be brought in but make sure to bring enough ice for your drinks. Charcoal grills are for rent and they have uling also. We stayed until around 6pm before we headed of to Duty Free. The picture below was taken using my beloved SE W810i -- a panoramic view from the cottage we rented:-)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Crescent Moon Cafe birthday

It's like a mini Sonya's Garden experience. That's how I'd be able to describe the ambiance and the way food is served. Celebrated a post-birthday lunch at the Crescent Moon Cafe in Antipolo. The place is easy to find if you are coming from Sumulong Highway. I've read in several blogs na medyo frustrating daw hanapin but then it's fairly easy pala.

In front of the cafe is a koi pond, and what a sight to see. I never saw kois as big as those before! The cafe is cool and quaint, country-like feel-at-home almost similar to Sonya's. Their food is unique as well. For starters, an ala prepare-it-yourself-fresh-lumpia, sans the lumpia wrapper and ubod, or veggies. They use alagao leaves as wrappers. You'll mix and whiff up your own conconction with the following: minced ginger, minced red onions, jalapenos, kamias, sweet arnibal-like peanut paste, dessicated coconut and crunchy alamang. You'll find an interesting blend and medley of flavors there. Soup followed and this was my winner. Hands down. Thick cream of pumpkin soup with coconut meat. Yummy. You can taste kalabasa in there and a hint of coconut too! The main course included crunchy noodles with chicken curry, grilled fish (tanigue ata yun) and chopsuey. Dessert is riped mango and their delicious suman! Wonderful place for just talking and eating especially if you prefer garden-like settings. Like I do. At Php350/person, swack na swack!

Directions: From Marcos Highway, you turn right at Sumulong Highway when you get to the Masinag Market intersection. Just go straight up Antipolo, passing Dencio's; etc. etc. You'll be passing Assumption Antipolo signboard to the left, and Banker's Village to the right. Watch out for those fruit stands at the left side of the road -- you'll get to an intersection with a signboard-- (arrow going straight: To church; Arrow right: To Hinulugang TakTak; and Arrow left: To Teresa). Turn left to Teresa. Here you'll take probably 15-20 minutes drive. You'll be passing the Antipolo National Police at the right. At the end of the road you'll get a rotonda with a Flying V gasoline station at the left. You'll be doing a left here, halos parang u-turn at the Flying V. The road is now smaller. This is Brg. Dalig. Watch out for the corner Barugan hardware to your right. You will see the Crescent Moon signage there. (You'll know you've missed it if you reached Robinson's Homes na) Turn right here. Crescent Moon is about 1-2 minutes to your left. Hehe sorry, not familiar with meters or kilometers eh.

Oh, and it's better also if you call for reservations 630-5854 so that food can be prepared. If not daw, you'll be waiting 30-45 minutes.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Diego's Crossing-Over ceremony

It was goodbye to KOF (Kids On Focus) as we attended Diego's Crossing-Over ceremony at the Water Nymph Resort in Marikina. 'Most Improved Student' was the citation he received this year. Haay.... and I remembered again when he took his 1st Grade entrance exams at the San Benildo Integrated School (Marcos Hi-way, Antipolo) on how a nervous wreck I was that time knowing how seemingly 'lazy' and reklamador he is with studying!Anyway, this year he has an itsy bitsy role as an emcee together with this classmate, Fonzo. A lot a coaching from his Ti'Angge paid off as we were (finally) able to understand what he was saying. He and his classmates presented "A Whole New World", and it was something he reminded me to watch because he is partnered with his crush, Pams.

 Last year, Pams was in another class and has been calling Diego's attention eversince. Ayaw lang nitong isa at iba daw and crush niya. This year since classmates na sila, nag-iba ang ihip ng hangin. He likes her na rin daw. He'd make kwento na magka-holding hands sila during their practice for their presentation, etc. What is extremely funny is this picture I hurriedly took while the kids are getting ready on stage for their group song when I spotted Diego's reaction when Pams gave him a hug! Hehehe!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

March again

Time really flies. March na! In a few days, I'll be adding a year to my age. Since last week the family has been greeting me (or singing rather..) "Haaappy birthday to you!..!" to which cousin Angge would exclaim "Tanda mo na!" and Andee would follow it up with "Forty*** ka na!!!". Cak joins in with "di bale at mukha ka namang thirty something-something tapos panay mas bata pa ang nanliligaw sa yo, leche!" Hehehe! And that was over lunch.

Andee wrote me a song and sang it. I could have swore I was listening to a Camp Rock-alike tune there! Sweet :-)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Funny Valentine

Aahhh, love. Iba talaga ano? When you get older it gets sweeter because you fully understand what it really is!

Was on an LRT ride home Valentine noontime when I saw these two lovebirds. I really sneaked to take their picture. Reminds me of the lyrics "..i love you just the way you are..! Don't go changin' to try to please me...". To think during my younger days, ang mga boylets mo kelangang naka-polo shirt palagi, nice pants, good footwear-- not white rubbershoes or spartan slippers!.

These days it's the connection that counts. Someone who makes you smile and be inspired. Someone who makes you feel so good and lucky to have had them. Someone whom your drawn to hugging or cuddling or kissing. Physical beauty still is on the list, well, be presentable at least.. para sabihin naman ng ibang tao na "ang swerte naman ng ang guy" or "buti pa si girl nakakuha ng ganon". Ngayon naman kasi it's OUT with the gwapo and maganda, and IN with the strong (sex) appeal. Hehehe kasama tayo dyan! The bottomline is knowing that someone cares and loves you in their own unique way. He's 'your boy' and you're 'his girl'. No hesitations. No expectations. No regrets.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Team Bonding with Zaturnnah

Come Feb. 8th Sunday at 3pm, almost half the team will be watch the 6th run of ze muzical! Tickets (20 seats!) were quite hard to get for other dates, and I really appreciated that Coach Dee and QD's Cathy and BJ are joining the group.

Great seats (4th and 5th row from the front), nice matinee show (pwede pang gumimmick after!) and wonderful friends will equal to never-ending laughters and LLS!! (Last Song Syndromes) Now who can beat that!

This will be the nth time I will be watching the show (hmm...bakit nga kaya anoh?!). Feb. 8 is also the date when the whole family will watch ... Mama, brothers Ron and (of course, obviously) Cak, my 2 sisters-in-law Marlene and Carol, the kids ...yes, Andee (will be her 3rd time) and Diego (I'm bracing for that!) and the yayas.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Art In Site Launch

The much awaited Covers Project of the Art In Site Magazine will now launch at 7:00pm tonight, January 17th at the Ayala Museum.

The invite I received read:

"...Greetings from Art in Site!

What seemed like an eternity to publish has been accomplished. The 'baby' has been delivered! We thank you for your patience in riding it out with us. Please find attached to this email our invitation for you to attend Art in Site Magazine's launch on January 17 at 7pm, to be held at the Ayala Museum. All artwork submitted by Filipino artists from around the world will be on display.

Your very much-appreciated participation and contribution were chosen by a panel of judges and will grace the cover(s) of the magazine. Your magazine will be sold at the launch to kick off the start of our fund-raising drive to cover expenses of the magazine's publication and printing costs. The rest will be applied to the future Manila Center for the Arts..." Naks!

In a nutshell, Art in Site (AIS) Magazine is for, by and about artists. Art in Site Magazine is not just any arts magazine. It is the literary vehicle for what will soon be the Manila Center for the Arts. The Center shall be a convening venue that will serve as a cooperative for Filipino visual and literary artists. It will support all Filipino artists, whether in the Philippines or abroad. The magazine will be distributed in the Philippines and the U.S. to promote and showcase our untapped brilliant and artistic talent.

I have contributed 2 of my pressed botanical artworks to the site and well, of course more than excited to attend the launch. My main obstacle unfortunately is my work at 11pm. Hope that the launch starts on time :-)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fooling around with Eric

It was one day-off morning while having coffee at the terrace when I decided to fool around with Eric --- my beloved SE810i camphone. I was ecstatic when I saw me caballero in bloom! Wow.. that took ages! I still have to wait for the yellows (which I got from Maan) and the reds (which I got from Sonya's Garden). Never thought that the pictures would look this good!

Below, close up of Bleeding Heart, orange Caballero. Below that are pictures of small purple flowers (actually like a vine sa fence namin) and rosal (from my lola's garden).

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Zsazsa Zaturnnah ze Muzikal: One More Round

From Carverhouse:

"Had a meeting over the weekend with Tanghalang Pilipino (TP) and, yes, curtains will rise for the 6th run of the "Zsazsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal" in February 2009 for 15 shows. Auditions have taken place to fill in slots for the chorus, as well as a new Dodong (again!) to alternate with Arnold Reyes. Eula Valdes will reportedly do all the shows barring any schedule conflicts. Tuxqs Rutaquio, Joey Paras and Kalila Aguilos will reprise their roles as Ada, Didi, and Queen Femina, respectively.Sounds like a great Valentine's date, don'cha think?This latest staging of TP's song-and-dance extravaganza will have the 400+ seater CCP Little Theater as its venue. More details over the next few weeks.

(Oh, and forgive the shameless plug, but the book is still available in bookstores...Heehee)"

Happy days are here again!!!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hello 2009!

Again spent new year at work (3 straight years!). Schedule was moved 3 hours earlier para di daw kami abutan ng new year revelry.

Arrived home at around 8am and the family is already getting ready for a New Year Lunch reunion (again). My contributions for this get together are 2 Lechon de Leche's! (see pic). Well, they are actually bread, to the shape of the infamous suckling pig! Saw this at Farmers' Market in Cubao yesterday while I was scouting around for fireworks/luces for the kids. Pinagkakaguluhan kaya! They seemed to be more like monay bread and according to the tindera, it had bits of cheese inside. Too bad I was not able to taste it as I was on sleep mode already by lunchtime and missed it all.