Sunday, July 26, 2009


YoVille. FarmVille. Farm Town. Restaurant City. My Farm.

Two things in common--- Facebook and Addictive. VERY addictive. I started out Facebook just like anyone else.. to get and keep in touch with friends and family-- something that Friendster sort of.. got short of, or lacked. Yes both would 'connect' you with people but interaction is what Facebook has to offer. And, (sigh) games.

The only 2 games I really got so hooked up with since we got our computer are Sim City and RollerCoaster Tycoon. I remember when I was pregnant (years ago) that I'd really burn the midnight oil for these games. Even after I gave birth to Diego.. while trying to put him to sleep cradled on my left arm, my right hand would click away to RollerCoaster bliss!

Now right after work, I'd make sure I'd take a peak at my YO, my CROPS, or if my Restaurant crew is over-worked. It's also cool to see friends and former classmates (read: 40 year-olds!!) online playing. And to think, me and Andee are already exchanging notes and tips!!! Adik na nga!

To top it all...

Nanay (walks into my room, was supposed to wake me up for dinner when she heard me talking..): Ano sabi mo?
Me (still sleepy and a bit groggy): Harvest...?

Nanay: "Ano?"
Me: "Di ko alam kung maghaharvest ako or magpa-plow.."

Nanay: Ano yun?
Me: "Ha? (confused na ako)......di ko alam kung maghaharvest ako or plow..."

Nanay: "Harvest or plow?!?!!?"
Me: "......."

Nanay: "Bakit, may FARM ka ba?!?"

HAHAHAHA! I swear!... my mom almost had a nervus breakdown! Says that if she were not able to ask Cak about what I meant..she'd be taking me to the hospital na!!!

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