Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Crescent Moon Cafe birthday

It's like a mini Sonya's Garden experience. That's how I'd be able to describe the ambiance and the way food is served. Celebrated a post-birthday lunch at the Crescent Moon Cafe in Antipolo. The place is easy to find if you are coming from Sumulong Highway. I've read in several blogs na medyo frustrating daw hanapin but then it's fairly easy pala.

In front of the cafe is a koi pond, and what a sight to see. I never saw kois as big as those before! The cafe is cool and quaint, country-like feel-at-home almost similar to Sonya's. Their food is unique as well. For starters, an ala prepare-it-yourself-fresh-lumpia, sans the lumpia wrapper and ubod, or veggies. They use alagao leaves as wrappers. You'll mix and whiff up your own conconction with the following: minced ginger, minced red onions, jalapenos, kamias, sweet arnibal-like peanut paste, dessicated coconut and crunchy alamang. You'll find an interesting blend and medley of flavors there. Soup followed and this was my winner. Hands down. Thick cream of pumpkin soup with coconut meat. Yummy. You can taste kalabasa in there and a hint of coconut too! The main course included crunchy noodles with chicken curry, grilled fish (tanigue ata yun) and chopsuey. Dessert is riped mango and their delicious suman! Wonderful place for just talking and eating especially if you prefer garden-like settings. Like I do. At Php350/person, swack na swack!

Directions: From Marcos Highway, you turn right at Sumulong Highway when you get to the Masinag Market intersection. Just go straight up Antipolo, passing Dencio's; etc. etc. You'll be passing Assumption Antipolo signboard to the left, and Banker's Village to the right. Watch out for those fruit stands at the left side of the road -- you'll get to an intersection with a signboard-- (arrow going straight: To church; Arrow right: To Hinulugang TakTak; and Arrow left: To Teresa). Turn left to Teresa. Here you'll take probably 15-20 minutes drive. You'll be passing the Antipolo National Police at the right. At the end of the road you'll get a rotonda with a Flying V gasoline station at the left. You'll be doing a left here, halos parang u-turn at the Flying V. The road is now smaller. This is Brg. Dalig. Watch out for the corner Barugan hardware to your right. You will see the Crescent Moon signage there. (You'll know you've missed it if you reached Robinson's Homes na) Turn right here. Crescent Moon is about 1-2 minutes to your left. Hehe sorry, not familiar with meters or kilometers eh.

Oh, and it's better also if you call for reservations 630-5854 so that food can be prepared. If not daw, you'll be waiting 30-45 minutes.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Diego's Crossing-Over ceremony

It was goodbye to KOF (Kids On Focus) as we attended Diego's Crossing-Over ceremony at the Water Nymph Resort in Marikina. 'Most Improved Student' was the citation he received this year. Haay.... and I remembered again when he took his 1st Grade entrance exams at the San Benildo Integrated School (Marcos Hi-way, Antipolo) on how a nervous wreck I was that time knowing how seemingly 'lazy' and reklamador he is with studying!Anyway, this year he has an itsy bitsy role as an emcee together with this classmate, Fonzo. A lot a coaching from his Ti'Angge paid off as we were (finally) able to understand what he was saying. He and his classmates presented "A Whole New World", and it was something he reminded me to watch because he is partnered with his crush, Pams.

 Last year, Pams was in another class and has been calling Diego's attention eversince. Ayaw lang nitong isa at iba daw and crush niya. This year since classmates na sila, nag-iba ang ihip ng hangin. He likes her na rin daw. He'd make kwento na magka-holding hands sila during their practice for their presentation, etc. What is extremely funny is this picture I hurriedly took while the kids are getting ready on stage for their group song when I spotted Diego's reaction when Pams gave him a hug! Hehehe!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

March again

Time really flies. March na! In a few days, I'll be adding a year to my age. Since last week the family has been greeting me (or singing rather..) "Haaappy birthday to you!..!" to which cousin Angge would exclaim "Tanda mo na!" and Andee would follow it up with "Forty*** ka na!!!". Cak joins in with "di bale at mukha ka namang thirty something-something tapos panay mas bata pa ang nanliligaw sa yo, leche!" Hehehe! And that was over lunch.

Andee wrote me a song and sang it. I could have swore I was listening to a Camp Rock-alike tune there! Sweet :-)