About Me


I started blogging in 2005 as a sort of therapy for myself. Fighting depression after a failed marriage isn't a joke.  You get to always look back and ask 'bakit?!?'.  I lost faith in HIM, totally and intentionally missed out on praying, blaming everything on me and every one else-- why I chose that path and why I wasn't brave enough to follow what I really wanted.

After Ondoy in 2009, blogging has been placed in the backseat. Everything else since then seemed a priority---the kids are growing, getting so stressed-out at work, and a new inspiration blooming (to say the least). But I'm not complaining  (as of yet).

That was 9 years ago. Now I'm in my mid-40's:
1) with a daughter short of a year to college and a son in the 5th grade, 
2) with a new, (on my 10th month) not-too-stressful-but-lower-paid-with-awesome-benefits-job, 
3) an AVP/slideshow-making business, 
4) a very supporting, loving and caring 6-years-my-junior partner (haba lang ng hair ko); and
5) my family who has been with me through thick and thin...

I thank God for these simple things and for giving me this opportunity to be ALIVE again, experiencing, an sharing.

This blog is dedicated to all who cared to read, all who are curious to find out the whats and whys.

Enjoy reading my scratch pad.  Where everything in it brings a beat to my heart.

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