Sunday, May 28, 2006

Yu samamabits maderpaker shet!!!

Decided finally to share this. Most of you know that I've been posting some designs I've sold on Cafepress from any of my stores..JustCats, My Backyard Gallery, or KHB.

ZsaZsa Zaturnnah does have a few pages on my JustCats store for those who were able to find it, as I was still deliberating with myself whether to set-up a separate one for her/him. To get permission from Cak to use some of his designs was through gunpoint... LOL kidding! No, it was easy :-) as this was specifically for those living abroad who had read and loved ZsaZsa Zaturnnah. This ever-famous quote is a top-seller!

It is expensive as it is listed in dollars, especially when you add shipping. That's why I haven't the slightest idea on how thick the material is, or how nice the print is. (still saving up?!) But at any rate, do enjoy these as I do and as others had, too! Oh yeh, you do would need plastic to order, but hey, no worries... a big surprise is coming up for all local Zaturnnah fans! Promise!!!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ten Simple Pleasures

I was tagged by Ganns!

Instructions: Name ten of life’s simple pleasures that you like the most, then pick ten people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used

1. taking camera phone shots of Andee and Diego
2. the P10.00 cup of Nescafe coffee with sugar and cream from the vendo machine
3. sitting at the terrace with a best buddy
4. being kissed by the sun
5. observing Tygra as he sleeps in the garden
6. flower and plant window shopping at the Manila Seedling bank
7. sitting down with Cak and Zsazsa Zaturnnah updates
8. tank top and fitted jeans
9. reading other blogs
10. laughing with friends about decade-old, corny jokes (especially THE elephant and giraffe jokes)!!

Roll-call! You're next.... Cak, Earl, Angge, Jheck, Doris, Alec, Vicky, Homer-Jay, Marge, and Gel!

Interestingly, while speaking of elephant and giraffe jokes, my mom and I were reliving the series of jokes these two animals were known of (well, during my time...).

It would start with the decades-old, corny question of "How do you put an elephant inside the refrigerator?" Answer: Open the refrigerator door, put the elephant inside, then close the refrigerator door!. Ummm, okay.

Next question, "how do you put the giraffe inside the refrigerator?" Answer: You open the refrigerator door, take out the elephant, put the giraffe in, then close the door!

Then there was this joke about Tarzan calling a general assembly in the jungle and while doing an attendance call he found out that there was one animal missing. What animal was it? Answer: Well, it was the giraffe because he wasn't able to come out of the refrigerator yet!

LOL And the sequence went on and on and on and on...with us adding more to the story..(how many elephants could fit inside a Volkswagon? etc..etc..) My daughter Andee was eavesdropping during our talk. When it came to the question on how we put the giraffe inside the refrigerator, she blurted out..."eh di..putulin ang ulo!" (well, then, cut its head off!!!) LOL enough said! :-)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Rated ZZZ

I was early for work last night. I usually laze around at the pantry with my coffee when I received a text message from Argel, one of my friends from SAP days... ZsaZsa Zaturnnah was featured on Rated K! WHAT?!?!? And this was that one single night that the television was not turned on in the pantry!!!!! I called home and asked my mom if she caught the segment, which she did, thanks to Diego who refuses to sleep early and went into a tantrum lest he turned on the tv. Sure enough, my brother Baron took a peek at the show when he heard Korina Sanchez mentioned the word 'superhero'. The segment showed interviews with Eula Valdez, as well as showed some excerpts of the play. And of course, hehe...Cak's picture. Sayang I wasn't able to watch it! Ano ba yan?!?

I remembered years ago (as in years ago) when 'Rated K' was still 'Balitang K'. I was still with Warner Bros. then when Balitang K did a feature on the store's Bean Bag Collection and had me as the spokesperson. I did not mention this to my mom, as a surprise, because she never fails to watch the show (that time, was aired everyday) Well, surprise of all surprises, it was ONLY that day among all days that my mom did not watch the show. Oh well......

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Picture perfect

It is a lazy Saturday morning. My second day-off AND yaya's day-off. Hay naku... come to think of it, it might not be my rest day after all. But then...

Here we are in the living room... Andee and Diego each have a volume of World Book's Childcraft, while I, staring into midspace with, well, nothing really on my mind (owwsss?) and getting a bit sentimental over an 80's love song hits cd!

It's one of this rare, rare moments that I felt like doodling, and here's that one-of-a kind-moment where the two kids are on their tamed side (here rendered with a Goldpoint black ballpen on a legal sized bond paper). Perfect!!! I had a hard time with Diego's legs as he was moving, and moving, AND moving. The throwpillow that you see between the two was placed intentionally (on sketch) by me -- hehe, I had to hide mistakes, don't I?

Had a peek at Cak's blog as we haven't seen each other for days (yes, we DO live in the same house) for any latest news on Zaturnnah. Mother Lily has submitted ZsaZsa Zaturnnah among 7 other Regal Films entries for the 2006 Metro Manila Film Festival. Oh wow!!!!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunday lunch

Mother's Day lunch was celebrated at home, with my mom, my brothers Baron, Earl (and my sisters-in-law), Cak, and myself, together with my kids, my nephews and niece. The celebration sort of 'started' with the dancing of the all the kids, aged 1 to 7 years old, to the blaring sound of ZsaZsa Zaturnnah's "Babae Na Ako!" OST, much to the disbelief (?!?) of Cak. LOL! Naku, memorize na po nila ang lyrics! Fans Club Kids Edition ever!

Andee and Diego made me a small poster with 'Happy Mother's Day' on it. Through all those years, this was one of the occasions that is most heart-warming for me. I remember Mother's Day last year. I celebrated it with Grace, a high school friend, at a cozy restaurant in Esteban Abada (parallel Katipunan Rd.) amply called Gayuma. Their famous chocolate cake is called 'Better Than Sex' and it's hmmmmmm!!!.... better than...any other chocolate cake I've tasted! Yummy!

Now I'm off to sleep! I still have work later. :-) Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Not again..

I almost had another 'near-collapsing' spell this morning at work. It was exactly like the first time. I was brought to the emergency room of a nearby hospital, went under a series of tests, and was taken home after two hours by the company van. It was 3:25am. It was my last call before my lunch break when I suddenly felt that uneasy feel. Heat rose from my lower back slowly rising up to my head. Suddenly I was perspiring. I was trying to stay calm while I try to end my call, because I knew that the next thing that would happen is my slowly blacking out. Zerla looked over from her cubicle to remind me of lunch, and she saw what state I am in. She was kind enough to put me on idle-mode so no new calls will come through. Grabe! Kahit naka-lipstick ka e, pagnamutla ka...namutla ka.

I was taken to the clinic. BP was 90/60 OMG! I was trembling and perspiring like hell! My head felt like a balloon (as if I knew what that felt like!). No, no headaches at all. Ano ba ito?!?
Stress again? Age?

Monday, May 01, 2006

Zaturnnah..the 4th time around

4 times! (hey! love your own!!!! LOL hi bro!). The whole family was there during the last show, including 7-year old Andee (and the ticket says.. children below 7 years old not allowed), my lolo, lola, uncles and aunts, and their friends. This is the last show of the Zaturnnah muzikal 2nd run...(can't get enough of it!) and as usual, I laughed, sang along, and enjoyed. We were seated in the 4th row up front. The audience was a blast!!!

I noticed that the audience are more 'mature' now....(aside from the 2 7-year old Zaturnnah fans who watched, Andee being one of them). My lola was surprised to see her friends watching. There was this lady at the end of our row, around her 60's, who was browsing thru the comic book while the play was going on. Cool :-) Nakakataba na puso, you see. I really feel so proud of Cak, that seeing the crowd that night gave me goosebumps and almost led me to tears! All out support ito! It was also neat to meet Zaturnnah fans in person, most esp. Penny and Zee. (Jheck...where were you?!? hehe) Oh wow... wala bang Zaturnnah Fans Day?

There will be a 3rd run on June 16-18 (5 shows) as Zsazsa Zaturnnah: Ze Muzikal leaps back to its homebase--CCP's Tanghalang Huseng Batute as part of the International Theater Festival to be hosted this year by the Philippines. The festival will stage productions from the Asia-Pacific and ASEAN regions. See you there......... again :-)