Sunday, January 29, 2006


I left the house this afternoon amidst the crying of my kids, pleading that they accompany me. I was rushed to the hospital by my brothers, Ron and Cak, because I fainted. I was conscious already, though my breathing was still a bit shallow.

I was in the kitchen when it happened. I suddenly felt a rush of heat up my neck, then to my head, then my vision started to blurr. I was used to this though i only happens about once in 3-4 months or so. I usually stop and close my eyes until that episode goes away. But this time it was different. I felt my whole body trembling. I went to get a soda. Probably need a little sugar in my system. But then I had to sit down. I felt so heavy and both my arms started to get numb. I felt my head all swollen up, vision was almost blacked-out and it had affected my hearing. My cousin, Angge was there and she mentioned how pale i was. Sobrang maputla. I got scared because I felt I was slowly slipping away. My breathing was very shallow and everything became quiet...I swore I thought I never heard or felt my heart beat.I woke up with a jolt, I was slouching already. beside me was Angge, my kids and my brother.... I felt so hot, and I had cold sweat. Everyone thought I had a mild stroke (what!?!?! now everybody's scaring me).

The doctor couldn't find anything wrong. Sugar level was fine, and so was ECG. I was advised to undergo a CT scan just to be sure... and maybe i will. Now i cant sleep. I am absent from work. The top of my head feels heavy and numb. Both my arms feels so "tired".. mabigat ang feeling, parang nangangalay. The doctor advised that I rest for 1-2 days, and in her diagnostics it read: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Benign
Positional Vertigo
. On the next line was something i dread about seeing in a medical certificate: Mitral Valve Prolapse. I was diagnosed with MVP way back in 1995 and I really didn't mind it at all. Aside from the fact that I had to be wary of open wounds, and have prophylaxic treatments before going to the dentist, it doesn't bother me much. Now it looks like I had to take this seriously now because apparently according to some resources, what I experienced this afternoon may be one of the symptoms considered, triggered by stress, (or subsconscious stress) for MVP.


brax said...

uy ano yan?....ok ka na ba?.....sobra kasing pagod......asan ka na? pahinga ka naman........kulang sa gimik yan

Anonymous said...

Hope you are ok now. Much to my emotional discomfort, I decided not to bother you last night. I thought it was best for you to take a rest. But that made me restless, worried and disturbed the whole night. Wish I could talk to you again. Your voice comforts me like I am truly home. Miss you... God Bless!

Anonymous said...

my dear yang,

please do take care of yourself and pray more and i will pray more for you. i love you sis, and i hope to see u anytime you are okay huh.


marga :)

Vicki said...

Hoy Cow woman, what a thing to go thru, it must have scared the hell out of the kids. I hope your feeling better now. Please take care of yourself.

Reia said...

brax, you're right, maybe i do need to go out more often! lol thanks by the take care.
anon, i had to guess who you are! (kidding) i'm sorry if it bothered you. don't worry too much :-) missed talking to you too. take care!
marga girl, hey, kelan tayo kita? i'm fine..actually better now :-)
vicki, thanks. i actually thought of the kids when it was happening. im feeling better now.

Anonymous said...

hi yang!

heard, well actually read, what happened. hey girl, just take it easy. hindi biro MVP. i've learned that in school hahaha:)) (se, may maganda rin palang idudulot yung pag-aaral ko)

rest and take it easy. . .
labas ulit tayo. . .

gracelyn :)

Reia said...

grace!!!! fill me in with your MVP facts please! thanks by the way :-) nood tayo zaturnnah ha!