Sunday, February 26, 2006

Heto na

ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Original Cast Recording
For those anticipating a ZsaZsa Zaturnnah: Ze Muzikal original cast soundtrack, good news! It's out!!!!!! Music, Lyrics and Musical Arrangement by Vincent A. de Jesus (very brilliant, Vince!!!)

24 tracks. Bonus tracks include ZsaZsa Zaturnnah's Transformation Music, plus minus one recordings of "Ikaw Ang Superhero Ng Buhay Ko" and "Ayoko Nang Mabuhay Nang Ganito".

matuyo man ang dagat, at magunaw man ang buwan
hindi ka ipagpapalit kanino man
ang isip ko man ay naguguluhan, ang damdamin ko'y aking pinagkakatiwalaan
ikaw ang superhero ng buhay ko..ikaw
hindi ka man lumilipad tinangay mo sa langit ang puso ko
nais kong sumama saan ka man magpunta
hawakan mo ako malalakbay tayo....

ikaw ang superhero ng buhay kong ito
ikaw ang Kristala at Darna ko, ang Sugo at Mulawin ko
Lastikman at Gagamboy, si Volta at Captain Barbel ko
ang Super G ng buhay ko
ikaw ang superhero ng buhay ko

Available at the Tanghalang Pilipino lobby.
BABALA: Huwag kokopyahin ever. Bumili ng orig na CD.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

State of emergency? Where?

As I write this, the kids are out in the terrace (peace at last!) with their visiting dad. I know they missed him since it's been more than a month now. Well, they'd better make the most out of'll be a guessing game again when he'll ever think of visiting them.
I got my pre-dose of advance birthday greetings from my friends at the office yesterday. I find it so amusing.. answering with a straight face, the perennial "how old will you be?" question. Some of them reacted that 'out of respect' (what?!?) the question shouldn't be asked especially to the female specie! No, it's alright, I'll answer that question. ahemm... "38. I'll be turning 38 next week". (ummm, that came out quite well, come to think of it.) One of reasons perhaps why I 'liked' saying how old I am, was the bewildered (?), amazed(?), unbelieving (?), open-mouthed, wide-eyed reactions of the people who asked. To which, the next lines are more valuable than any gift...
"WHAT ?!?!?! 38?!?!? oh come on!?"
"Seriously, how old are you??"
"I thought we've the same age! " (early 30's)
What's nice with hanging around people younger than you, makes you 'fit in' or 'blend in' well enough to, well, 'look' their age. Looking 6-8 years younger is more than fine with me. LOL. At least I didn't get to lie. :-)
When I left the office yesterday morning at around 8am, there were already rumors that GMA declared the country under a state of emergency apparently because of a coup attempt. Some would say that this is 'staged'. A prelude to martial law, etc. I was only aware of the fact that Ayala Avenue would be filled with the usual rallies and crowds commemorating Ninoy Aquino's Death Anniversary (for me, a sort of front for other 'issues'. Did you notice the banners asking GMA to step down?)

I took the MRT going to Cubao, passed by the Edsa Shrine and just noticed a small group. My friend, Grace, texted me (we have a Zaturnnah Muzikal date later this evening) and begged-off because her dad, (she's 37!!!!!) didn't want her to go out. Oh well. Anyway, when I got home (9am), I found out that all classes were suspended (Andee's school was just around the corner... 1 minute walk!!) and that a 'bigger' crowd was now gathered at the Edsa Shrine. All local tv stations are now reporting live at either the Edsa Shrine, Camp Aguinaldo, or MalacaƱang. I just had to turn off the tv. Not that I don't give a damn with what's happening... for me it's just a waste of time.

Why can't they just sit down and cooperate? Kainis! They do that to anyone they put there as president. They do a run-downed, second-hand People Power number one million.. remove the president..replace him. They then just wait for a few months, depending if they would be able to mold the replacement with what they 'want' to happen... then go to the streets again and try to replace the replacement with either the first one they had removed, or another political or military figure we never heard of as a their new 'puppet'.

Oh well.. my opinion. As much as I am concerned, I admire GMA.

What others care to see are the mistakes and corruption and wrong decisions made. They dwell on it and react, as if they themselves have no skeletons in their own closets! I try to see good things. I see how even the smallest things improve. Traffic. Garbage. etc.etc.

Aren't we taught in school or even at work, where we should start within ourselves and our own group or department? Those people who complain and get on the streets, in my opinion, wanted improvement in a snap of the finger.. or wanted to see the Philippines as a whole 'improve' in less than two years time. Tall order huh?.. compared to doing or attending Evaluation and Planning seminars at the start of the year for your club or company. We set goals to improve our department (of less than 50 members). Goals set to meet in one year...some will be met, some not. We were made to evaluate ourselves with what happened, why the goals weren't reached. We learn from them and improve. We don't blame the president of the company why our department didn't do well. Again, one of my beyond the point opinions...

Getting back.

That afternoon, only ABS-CBN was still in that whole day media mood of covering the 'festivities'. Wonder how their ratings are. Other tv stations got back to their usual program schedules and just do an occassional flash news update. Around this time, the crowd at Ayala Avenue is swelling up. This is giving me a headache.I haven't taken a wink yet since I arrived.. and besides, I have other 'issues' in mind....


The Zaturnnah hullaballoo the past weeks sent out a rampaging search for available tickets. Though 2 more shows were added, there were no more tickets to be found. My friends were frantically searching and asking where they could purchase tickets. That's why when 2 available tickets came up the other day, I asked my friend, Grace, to watch..much to her excitement. Well, unfortunately, she now can't. And because of this state of emergency thing.... I was on this state of emergency myself looking for someone available in a short time's notice. They would either be uneasy to go out because of the present situation, or have previous engagements, or have work. Finally.... at around 5pm (been searching the whole day!)

I found someone. A long-time friend from Splash Island days, Malou, was about to go home from work, said 'maybe'. LOL That 'maybe' turned into a 'yes' and off we went. Just in time for the 8pm show. It was a typical Friday night at the Roxas Blvd. Baywalk Area.

State of emergency?!? Where?!? And I thought people are in panic?
Nah.... maybe it's media panic.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hand it over

If you're a graduate of the Behavioral Sciences like me, then you'd understand why and how reflective I am with regard to understanding what makes people tick, me included. Body language, behavioral patterns, the way they talk, etc., etc. I had been a member of the Tickle network for years because of those personality tests that most often than not, tell you 'who' you are (yeah..after some thinking, I had to admit to some).

Back in college in our Psychological Testing, and Abnormal Psychology classes, we submit ourselves to various personality tests and try to interpret one another's results. None of this tests ever came close to what I've read recently... my handwriting analysis from my friend, Lynne. Mind you, I've known Lynne for like, a month or so (from work), and all I got to say was... wow, talaga? Ako yan.

Cat curious? This is me.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Gumamela fever

I had a grand time looking for a nice gumamela plant (hibiscus) at the Manila Seedling Bank for my mom's birthday (I've got to thank someone for.. ahem, letting me in, in this botanical paradise...yoohooo!...).

The flowers are amazing! I was here about two weeks ago with a friend, gawking at a bright yellow Philippine hibiscus. Sayang! I should've bought it that time because it ran out! (I remember my mom's reaction when she saw a yellow gumamela plant in our local marketplace.)

Anyway, my choices were trimmed down to three as you can see.

The first one is an Australian variety-- looks more like a satellite dish if you ask me :-). The second and third ones are the local varieties.. the second has a nice fuschia color, while the third is actually in an orange shade. (hmmm... I think I need a new camera phone?!) :-)

And the fortunate hibiscus winner is..... #2!!! Nice! I'll be back!


Monday, February 20, 2006

Buksan ang puso niyo..

Kay tagal na non, Itay... Bakit ayaw pang kalimutin?
Hindi rin naman masama ang aking kinalabasan
Kahit papano ako'y may narating
Kahit na hindi ang pinangarap mo para sa kin
Hindi naman maaaring ako'y sunud-sunuran lamang
Parati na lang tatakbo sa inyo Kahit ang puso ko ba'y pipigilan
Ang pagdurusa ko ay inyo bang kaligayahan?

Paki buksan ninyo ang puso niyo Kahit kaunting siwang pasilipin ako
Nag-iisang anak na sa inyo'y nagmamahal
Ang araw na ito'y matagal ko nang pinagdarasal
Paki buksan ninyo ang puso nyo Tanggapin ng buong pagkatao ko
Ang pagkakataon wag palalampasin
Ang araw na ito'y matagal ko nang pinagdarasal
Ang multo ng nakaraan atin ng kalimutan

Dugo man ang iluha ko'y walang magbabago
Kailan man di nya matatanggap ang kagandahan ko
Ano bang naisip ko at ngayon pa ko umasa
dahil kahit nun sya'y nabubuhay pa malamig na ang puso nya?....

Music excerp from ZsaZsa Zaturnnah: Ze Muzikal where ZsaZSa/Ada meets her/his zombie daddy. Amidst all those tummy-aching laughter during the musical, this scene brought tears to my eyes. (There should be a soundtrack release! Calling TP!). This song, brilliantly written by Vince de Jesus , seeks acceptance from the character's father. The way it was sang by Eula Valdez and Tuqx Rutaquio makes you feel the love and pain. Somehow one can relate, you know. Not only if you're gay. You've lived your life in a way you dreamt of, and proven your worth, yet somehow there is still an emptiness felt. It's reaching out to the significant people in your life-- whether they accept you as you are or not! Tears indeed! Not only in my eyes though (I had a peak at the audience watching). As effectively as this scene made us all teary-eyed and heavy in the chest, we again roared into laughter in the next.

From Carverhouse: TP adds two more shows. Feb 26 and Mar 5, Sundays at 8pm. Call Tanghalang Pilipino at 8323661 to reserve. Now na!

SIGH!!!! Just two?!?

Sunday, February 19, 2006

In a reflective state...

When does one draw a line between friendship and relationship?

If you know in your heart you enjoy the company and not want to risk it? If you enjoy the stories, the jokes and the moments wishing it'll go on and on? If both can show their true self yet unable to really acknowledge what is going on between them? If thinking of the possibility only results in not wanting to destroy a healthy friendship?

When do you draw the line? or when do you step over?

Saturday, February 18, 2006

I Scream

I just had to take them out!

I was hoping to spend my day-off in a nice, peace and quite environment-- but I forgot that it was Diego's nanny's day-off too. I woke up with the kids screaming their heads off apparently because of some TV show they wanted to watch, doubled with a "Ayokong maligo!!!!" (I don't want to take a bath!!) ear-splitting scream from Diego. head began to ache again and I was getting that urge of joining them in this screaming marathon. I just had to take them out. I told asked Diego's nanny to get them ready. "Aalis kami!" (We're going out!)

I took them to Robinson's Metro East for lunch at Pizza Hut. There was also an ongoing exhibit for plasma tvs, videocams, and digicams, where the kids stopped to watch The Incredible Hulk (Eric Bana) in one of the oh-lala! Panasonic Plasma TVs there. Little did we know that the guy in the booth focused their videocam at the kids and took a picture of them and was shown in one of the featured TVs (that one in red is me), much to the kids delight!

We later went on to get a few groceries, and the screaming started again. Diego was getting into one of his tantrums --- and began asking, well, demanding for toys. "No, baby, you don't need that." Hmmm...wrong answer. He started to yell and scream, and cry (crocodile tears!..when and where did he learn that?!?!) . It was a good thing Andee tried to calm him down. And that was what was needed. Jollibee Krunchy Twirl Ice Cream. Haaayyy!!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Groping in the dark?

Hmmm... I wonder what this person was thinking when he purchased this light switch cover at one of my shops.... Not that I'm complaining though. Just ---- wondering....!

This is my Nude Duet in Oil Pastel, originally on 9x11 sketch pad, which I placed as a design for Cafepress. Which now reminds me to put in more designs since I only have two in there... and to think I set this shop up last August 2005! Tsk, tsk, tsk. Umm.. been busy?

Excuses. Excuses.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

This valentine...

This valentine...
I woke up with a kiss on the cheek and on my lips... with a gentle sound of his voice asking me if I love him. I said yes of course. He gave me a tight hug and asked for another kiss. And another... and another... and another... DIEGO!!!! tama na! (stop it!) I had to stop my 3 year-old lest I would have washed my face with his saliva!!!! hahaha!

At work, we were given long stemmed white roses (oww shocks! thanks, coach!) and heart-shaped choco-filled strawberry-icing donuts!

My mobile inbox was filled with valentine wishes from friends, friends and other friends. Thanks! that one kept me a bit busy..

I send out my "I love you's" to:
Andee and Diego, for those warm hugs and sweet kisses...
My college buddies, for texting valentine greetings and wondering when the hell I would have time (read: normal working hours) to be able to go out with them...
Tygra my cat, whose cat-sense never fails, for seemingly knowing what occassion there is..I purr back! :-) .....
and to all those who've made a unique difference, I know you know who you are (guess it right and I'll give you a kiss! LOL!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Ztill on Zaturnnah

"Too surreal. Di ko alam ang nararamdaman ko. Parang ako si Ada, sis, na nakalunok ng bato!"
"Too surreal. I don't know what I feel... like Ada, sis, when he swallowed the stone. "

This text reply I got from my brother when I asked him how he was, while waiting for him to come home after opening night. When, during curtain call, he was called to the stage and given a bouquet of roses.
!!!! Ohhh... i love you, little brother!

Ang pangalan niya'y ZsaZsa Zaturnnah

See that? I can't resist to take a pic of this sign at the Tanghalang Pilipino's box office booth early this evening when we lined up for ZsaZsa Zaturnnah: Ze Muzical. This is only the second day (and 3rd performance!) and the available tickets left are for the 3rd and 4th of March! The Huseng Batute theater is small and intimate. You can reach out and touch the actors. We actually left the house at around 4:30pm because Close Up's Lovapalooza event (sigh! I'd LOVE to be there! lol! ). Cak was with us-- me, my mom, my uncle and aunt,.. and my grandma. We had to really warn lola (grandma) about certain sensitive 'issues' that the musical has. She was supposed to head back to Palawan last Sunday but decided to stay and watch. We were actually worried of how she would take the play considering its gay themes and adulterated dialogues. Anyway....

The muzical was hilarious!! Talk about last song syndrome! Some songs are still playing repeatedly in my head. The music and lyrics were well written and the beat has a mixture of gospel, rhythm and blues, techno and funk. Kudos to Vince de Jesus for the type of music he has set in! Galing! (Do I smell a cd soundtrack in the making?!?!) The TP Chorus are a talented bunch! Much energy!

The muzical has a running time of 2 hours and 45 minutes by my watch (though I heard, they were really trying to cut it shorter). Tuxqs Rutaquio fills Ada's shoes perfectly. You can really feel Ada's struggle witht his feelings about his identity, his worth, the society and other people (gandang-ganda ako sa kanya!) . Ricci as the sidekick Didi, keeps the audience in stitches with his seamless comic timing. Eula Valdez as Zaturnnah was a pleasant surprise for me. She was able to portray that babaeng-bakla image with much gusto. I also love the details-- from the Diyosa t-shirt of Didi, to the pamalo with matching pako used to ward away the zombies, up to Zaturnnah's malaswa arts!

Scene hilarious highlights for me are:
- where Ada transforms into this sexy, full-bumpered red-haired babe-- Babae na ako! ( I am a woman!) and yes, it is also red-haired! lol
- confrontation of Zaturnnah and Queen Femina Suarestellar Baroux (played by Agot Isidro.. galing! ) -- You samamabits maderpaker siyeeeeeeet!!
- ala matrix-style fight scenes of Zaturnnah and Queen Femina
- Giant frog attack Nakakalokang palakang kokak!
- Ada and Didi 'drooling' over Dodong. Braso pa lang ay ulam na... and oh yeah, Lauren's (Dodong) noodles ARE delicious lol

Tearjerking and heartwarming scenes:
- Zaturnnah and Ada sings a song to her/his zombie father. Paki buksan ninyo ang puso niyo....tanggapin ng buo ang pagkatao ko
- Dodong professes his interest with Ada. Ikaw ang aking superhero.

After the play, lola pulled my brother aside and said that she didn't laugh or find it funny. Oh-oh! We were waiting with baited breath-- "I find it so pathetic" she says. We know how lola can be so ultra sensitive and conservative with sensitive topics, in this case, gay/homosexual issues, but very much to our surprise, she said, "I can feel his struggle to find his place in the society. Hindi niya kasalanan na ganon siya e! (It's not his fault that he's like that). There are temptations everywhere and we are all human. I feel sad because of what the society has made to believing that people like him doesn't fit in. They are ridiculed. I feel bad. But I like the play. Hindi lang ako natatawa. (I just don't find it funny)". Whew... and we thought we will be hearing another one of lola's litanya! Ok lang yun, lola. That's exactly the message that my brother wants to get across! Over-all, I really enjoyed it. Really really enjoyed it! And I plan to watch it again! Wanna come?

.. battlehymn:
"...Ang pangalan niya'y Zsazsa...! ZsaZsa Zaturnnah! Viktoriya! Winner! Tagumpay!..."

Friday, February 10, 2006

Ready for ZsaZsa

Oh great! After an hour of overtime, another hour of coffee and popcorn, and 40 minutes of travel bliss, I am finally home. TWO DAYS' REST! But....
Got home only to find out that Diego was sent to a corner as punishment for tearing ZsaZsa Zaturnnah posters. OMG! and tonight's opening night of the musical! (Paolo Manalo sneak preview) My brother was so , so upset (peace, bro--) as he wanted Diego to realize that tearing these beautiful, promotional, collector's item of a kind Zaturnnah posters are not a usual everyday kiddie thing to do. We will be watching tomorrow evening. Not the whole family though, as tickets were really sold out (and compli tickets are hard to get). I can imagine what Cak might be feeling right now. Who wouldn't, when your masterpiece is now a musical, and soon to hit the big screen? The closest I could've felt this way was when I saw my botanical art on pages of Siglo: Freedom which I am very much aware would not surpass what my brother is feeling right now.

For those who have plans of watching (and wanted their ZsaZsa copies signed) Cak will be there on these dates:
Feb 11 Sat 8pm Feb 18 Sat 3pm Feb 19 Sun 3pm
Mar 04 Sat 8pm Mar 05 Sun 3pm

P.S. Got this info from Carverhouse : "... Zsazsa Zaturnnah sits at #12 of National Bookstore's Philippine fiction bestsellers for 2005. Wow!! Zalamat!!..." Congrats, bro!!!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My bestfriend "bodyguard"

This is another one of those pictures Abs sent me. I honestly would say that, aside from blogging, looking at cat pictures had helped me a lot --- therapeutic ito! Abs was a siamese parent before and though his personality does not fit it, well, he still is a cat-person as can be in my book (though he does not think so). Anyway, he's been my best buddie, or best confidante... knows more what's happening to me than anyone else. Panay sermon! Though he's way younger than me... he scolds me A LOT.. in a good way (loka ka!)-- actually throws in a lot of friendly reminders too. Christened him 'bodyguard' because of that. That's friendship at its best... and I won't change that for the world!!!!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Young love?

The other day I was in the living room while my 7-year old daughter was on the phone. She was once again talking to her classmate, Jom (hmmm..I think it was the nth time that day). But this time, they were not singing songs to one another, but, (what luck to evesdrop!) instead talking about crushes.

My daughter insists that there are two boys in their class who has a crush on her, while she only has eyes for a classmate named Angelo. She teases Jom as well to two of her friends. Amidst all those giggles and teasings (really, I can't even remember myself like this when I was her age!) I wouldn't be surprised if, through the years and they'd remain as friends, talking about love and crushes this way, she and Jom might end up together (like in the movies!). I wouldn't mind though...LOL because that would-be-future son-in-law looks more like a younger Mark Herras!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Heart to heart

I found this interesting read about Mitral Valve Prolapse by Ronald Hoffman, M.D. The Holistic M.D.

For my case though, there isn't any stabbing or phantom chess pains, or whatever painful scenarios there may be. Nor adrenal instability, food sensitiveness, or panic attacks. (But that does mean I still have to stop my coffee?!?!?)

I may have to agree that at some point it may be stress-related. I've got mountains of it for the past years. It has haunted me up to the state of almost depression, and what made it worse, was that I don't have an outlet. No one to talk to about it, or not even having to treat myself for a long relaxing weekend, etc.etc. I am glad that recently I was able to have people to talk to. It also seemed that it was I who has been keeping myself from getting to know other people and reaching out in the first place. I'm happy too, though, that there are people who, by their sheer stubborness or kakulitan (that's supposed to be a compliment!), are the ones that tamed this MVP heart. You mean much more to me than what you think :-D