Friday, February 10, 2006

Ready for ZsaZsa

Oh great! After an hour of overtime, another hour of coffee and popcorn, and 40 minutes of travel bliss, I am finally home. TWO DAYS' REST! But....
Got home only to find out that Diego was sent to a corner as punishment for tearing ZsaZsa Zaturnnah posters. OMG! and tonight's opening night of the musical! (Paolo Manalo sneak preview) My brother was so , so upset (peace, bro--) as he wanted Diego to realize that tearing these beautiful, promotional, collector's item of a kind Zaturnnah posters are not a usual everyday kiddie thing to do. We will be watching tomorrow evening. Not the whole family though, as tickets were really sold out (and compli tickets are hard to get). I can imagine what Cak might be feeling right now. Who wouldn't, when your masterpiece is now a musical, and soon to hit the big screen? The closest I could've felt this way was when I saw my botanical art on pages of Siglo: Freedom which I am very much aware would not surpass what my brother is feeling right now.

For those who have plans of watching (and wanted their ZsaZsa copies signed) Cak will be there on these dates:
Feb 11 Sat 8pm Feb 18 Sat 3pm Feb 19 Sun 3pm
Mar 04 Sat 8pm Mar 05 Sun 3pm

P.S. Got this info from Carverhouse : "... Zsazsa Zaturnnah sits at #12 of National Bookstore's Philippine fiction bestsellers for 2005. Wow!! Zalamat!!..." Congrats, bro!!!!

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