Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My bestfriend "bodyguard"

This is another one of those pictures Abs sent me. I honestly would say that, aside from blogging, looking at cat pictures had helped me a lot --- therapeutic ito! Abs was a siamese parent before and though his personality does not fit it, well, he still is a cat-person as can be in my book (though he does not think so). Anyway, he's been my best buddie, or best confidante... knows more what's happening to me than anyone else. Panay sermon! Though he's way younger than me... he scolds me A LOT.. in a good way (loka ka!)-- actually throws in a lot of friendly reminders too. Christened him 'bodyguard' because of that. That's friendship at its best... and I won't change that for the world!!!!


tricia said...

good for you! i know he's special too

Anonymous said...
maraming pictures ng pusa dyan :)
they're all adorable :D

(=^-^=) *meow*

Reia said...

Hi tricia, thanks for the comment. all my friends are actually special. there's this 'thingi' in him that makes him 'tick' differently-- cuts him up above the rest. :-)

henson!! galing!!!!! thanks :-) it's zaturnnah opening night and how we wished to be there!