Friday, February 03, 2006

Young love?

The other day I was in the living room while my 7-year old daughter was on the phone. She was once again talking to her classmate, Jom (hmmm..I think it was the nth time that day). But this time, they were not singing songs to one another, but, (what luck to evesdrop!) instead talking about crushes.

My daughter insists that there are two boys in their class who has a crush on her, while she only has eyes for a classmate named Angelo. She teases Jom as well to two of her friends. Amidst all those giggles and teasings (really, I can't even remember myself like this when I was her age!) I wouldn't be surprised if, through the years and they'd remain as friends, talking about love and crushes this way, she and Jom might end up together (like in the movies!). I wouldn't mind though...LOL because that would-be-future son-in-law looks more like a younger Mark Herras!

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