Friday, July 31, 2009

Frustrated and Glad

Why is it easier to train 20 sales staff about retail operations and product knowledge then to train my 7 year-old possessive nouns and vowel diphthongs?!?!?!!?

Not only that... their spelling list includes: AUTHORITY, DAUGHTER, and POISONOUS, among others. I don't remember 1st Grade spelling to be this 'advanced' already. Well...then again, I'm thinking of decades-ago-1st-grade-spelling. Anyway....back to..

Diego has already (good riddance!) somehow developed his study habit at home. Thanks to his Lola. (read: "Si mama hindi marunong eh!" Hehe oh well! ) Diego would dutifully show me his assignment for the day and seatworks done at school. Because of my new schedule at work, I arrive home at around 3pm and find him at the terrace-- books and notebooks out, with his Ate Ana (his Yaya's niece) and of course, his Lola. There will be short bathroom breaks or snack breaks in-between, then homework and study commence again after Diego shouts, "Lola, study na tayo!!!!". The San Benildo Integrated School may be giving them endless homeworks and projects that may spell 'nightmare' for most of us comparing 1st-grade school life more than 2 decades ago, but then again, it does 'force' you to develop your child's study habits.

"Mama! finish na homework! Pwede na ko magcomputer??!?!".


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birds and the Bees

"Mama! ganon ba ginawa ni Papa sayo? Pinasok ang penis niya sa vagina mo?!?"

OMG!! Tumbling ako! That definitely took me off guard! 10 year old Andee came home last week from school and bombarded me with questions about this. It was that time in school where their lesson now evolved from menstruation to reproduction.

(I remember a similar scene in a movie, not too sure of the title ..was it "Maybe, Definitely" or something? The dad picked up his daughter at school and was met by a scene of children in various state of disbelief, coolness or upsetness because of this lesson at school).

"Is it really like that, Mama? Yuucchhhh!!! Ganon ba ginawa sa yo?" Andee looked almost teary-eyed. It's as if she sees the female as being violated somewhat, and the male, dominant. "Pero kung di nangyari yun, di ba wala kami ni Diego?" That's true. "Pero, Mama, YUCHHH!!! ayoko niyan!"

"Baby, you only do that kung mahal niyo ang isa't-isa -----".

GULP!-- It took a lot for me to say that...

Sunday, July 26, 2009


YoVille. FarmVille. Farm Town. Restaurant City. My Farm.

Two things in common--- Facebook and Addictive. VERY addictive. I started out Facebook just like anyone else.. to get and keep in touch with friends and family-- something that Friendster sort of.. got short of, or lacked. Yes both would 'connect' you with people but interaction is what Facebook has to offer. And, (sigh) games.

The only 2 games I really got so hooked up with since we got our computer are Sim City and RollerCoaster Tycoon. I remember when I was pregnant (years ago) that I'd really burn the midnight oil for these games. Even after I gave birth to Diego.. while trying to put him to sleep cradled on my left arm, my right hand would click away to RollerCoaster bliss!

Now right after work, I'd make sure I'd take a peak at my YO, my CROPS, or if my Restaurant crew is over-worked. It's also cool to see friends and former classmates (read: 40 year-olds!!) online playing. And to think, me and Andee are already exchanging notes and tips!!! Adik na nga!

To top it all...

Nanay (walks into my room, was supposed to wake me up for dinner when she heard me talking..): Ano sabi mo?
Me (still sleepy and a bit groggy): Harvest...?

Nanay: "Ano?"
Me: "Di ko alam kung maghaharvest ako or magpa-plow.."

Nanay: Ano yun?
Me: "Ha? (confused na ako)......di ko alam kung maghaharvest ako or plow..."

Nanay: "Harvest or plow?!?!!?"
Me: "......."

Nanay: "Bakit, may FARM ka ba?!?"

HAHAHAHA! I swear!... my mom almost had a nervus breakdown! Says that if she were not able to ask Cak about what I meant..she'd be taking me to the hospital na!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fast weekdays..faster weekends

It was a fast week. Started Monday with a bang, thought I'd be pulled-out already from my current job position to the new one (not yet daw.. for whatever reason). Been waiting for almost a month now. There were 6 of us who got the position and the 1st four has started already. Some say that they're waiting for the production headcount. Ummm...marami nang bago sa floor ah. While others say that our stats are still 'needed' program-wide. Talaga ha? Anyway, just hoping it would be soon.. Samantala... \\
There are series of seminars and workshops scheduled for this week at the Pacific Star office geared toward career advancement and management skills. In line with this the company has opened an ala-Top Design contest for the workshop's binders' cover. Papahuli ba ako? of course I joined. And won :-) The most exciting thing about winning this is not only the mere fact that all of the company's computer wallpapers are now showing the design, my name and the program, but also apparently, that I was the only female who submitted entries for this (submitted 4 designs..thanks to Cak for helping me out with fixing the layers in Photoshop. luv u bro!).

I never seemed to have felt Saturday.. and today Sunday, it's like I wasn't able to do anything. Tomorrow is again the start of another work week and hope that it will be as fast as the past week. Hayyy..

Friday, July 03, 2009

Little hero

Diego came home from school yesterday crying with a scratch on his cheek. This is what happened...

On the bus service on their way home, 2 other boys on the were picking on a smaller boy, who happened to be Diego's classmate, Paolo. Their bus driver at first didn't mind it because it was just like any other ordinary ride home where there would be 'kantyawans' or 'katuwaans' with the little tykes. Then came asaran, and pikunan. Apparently, Paolo was now being bullied by the 2 bigger boys. Diego, on the other hand, remained quiet 'at first'. Commotion followed and the boys were now crying. When asked, Diego replied...

"Eh, ang liit ng inaaway nila, kawawa naman. Sinuntok ko nga!" (They were picking on someone smaller that's why I punched them!)

Awww.... my little hero! hehe!