Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fast weekdays..faster weekends

It was a fast week. Started Monday with a bang, thought I'd be pulled-out already from my current job position to the new one (not yet daw.. for whatever reason). Been waiting for almost a month now. There were 6 of us who got the position and the 1st four has started already. Some say that they're waiting for the production headcount. Ummm...marami nang bago sa floor ah. While others say that our stats are still 'needed' program-wide. Talaga ha? Anyway, just hoping it would be soon.. Samantala... \\
There are series of seminars and workshops scheduled for this week at the Pacific Star office geared toward career advancement and management skills. In line with this the company has opened an ala-Top Design contest for the workshop's binders' cover. Papahuli ba ako? of course I joined. And won :-) The most exciting thing about winning this is not only the mere fact that all of the company's computer wallpapers are now showing the design, my name and the program, but also apparently, that I was the only female who submitted entries for this (submitted 4 designs..thanks to Cak for helping me out with fixing the layers in Photoshop. luv u bro!).

I never seemed to have felt Saturday.. and today Sunday, it's like I wasn't able to do anything. Tomorrow is again the start of another work week and hope that it will be as fast as the past week. Hayyy..

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