Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Funny Valentine

Aahhh, love. Iba talaga ano? When you get older it gets sweeter because you fully understand what it really is!

Was on an LRT ride home Valentine noontime when I saw these two lovebirds. I really sneaked to take their picture. Reminds me of the lyrics "..i love you just the way you are..! Don't go changin' to try to please me...". To think during my younger days, ang mga boylets mo kelangang naka-polo shirt palagi, nice pants, good footwear-- not white rubbershoes or spartan slippers!.

These days it's the connection that counts. Someone who makes you smile and be inspired. Someone who makes you feel so good and lucky to have had them. Someone whom your drawn to hugging or cuddling or kissing. Physical beauty still is on the list, well, be presentable at least.. para sabihin naman ng ibang tao na "ang swerte naman ng ang guy" or "buti pa si girl nakakuha ng ganon". Ngayon naman kasi it's OUT with the gwapo and maganda, and IN with the strong (sex) appeal. Hehehe kasama tayo dyan! The bottomline is knowing that someone cares and loves you in their own unique way. He's 'your boy' and you're 'his girl'. No hesitations. No expectations. No regrets.