Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Systemic Viral Infection

Many viruses cause systemic infections. A systemic infection is one which may involves multiple systems (organs) in the body.For example the virus may enter the body through the respiratory tract and initially cause some minor upper respiratory symptoms but then it may enter the bloodstream and travel to other parts of the body.

I am unable to locate an appropriate definition to this culprit that had me confined for 4 days -- after being sent home from work on a Thursday, four Emergency Room visits and five blood tests.

It started out with conjunctivitis and I was sent home half-day. That was Emergency Room visit #1.  Emergency Room visit #2 came a few hours into the same evening when rashes began to appear everywhere-- arms, face, torso, legs.  My right ankle began to swell too. Blood test #1.  No fever, but a little tired and a feeling of getting the flu. Sent home afterwards, gave me something for the itch.  The doctor asked me to come back if I get the flu.  Diagnosis was Non-Specific Viral Exanthem.

That was Thursday, the 16th.

My 3rd Emergency Room visit was Saturday, the 18th.  My right leg is swollen from the ankle up to just above the knees.  It is painful to the touch, parang may pasa ang sakit paghinawakan. Parang minamanas, pero siksik siya.  Bloodtest #2.  They said that they will check for Rhematoid Arthritis.  Gave me Celebrex and advised me to visit my doctor on Monday.

Monday came, the 20th.  A holiday.  No Out Patient Department, and the HMO office is closed.  Went to the Emergency Room for my visit #4.  The doctor there remembers me.  My right leg is still swollen, and so is my left.  Both arms are now numb and my hands are swollen. Oops, so it's not arthritis after all! There goes blood test #3.  Guess they found nothing because I made room for blood test #4 on my other arm.  Nothing.  No fever.  Potassium okay.  Tests came out negative.  Had my liver checked, thyroid... still none.  They decided to admit me instead.  Okay.

We opted for a 4-bedroom ward, deciding not to wait for a private room.  This was a tiring day.  It's a good thing that my bed is on the farthest part of the room.

The next day, I was attended to by my doctor around lunch time.  After that, I said hello to blood test #5.

I can't remember what tests I've been through as there were a bunch of letters, like CBC, SRA, TFT, ESR etc., etc. Anyways, on the 3rd day, I was given Prednisone.  The swelling lessened almost immediately, though I began to experience headaches.--- side effect.

I was then discharged last Thursday, the 23rd, and advised to visit for a follow-up on Saturday the 25th.  Finally I was given a 'fit to work' for Monday.

Monday morning, the 27th. yesterday.  Woke up with an extreme headache with half of my face swollen. So much for 'fit to work'.

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