Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lola's 92nd

It was a wonderful Sunday family lunch at the Barrio Fiesta restaurant along Marcos Highway.  This is because we are celebrating in advance, Lola's 92nd birthday (Her birthday is August 15).  

After candle blowing, Lola shared a poem for us as her 'speech', which incidentally, was her speech as well on her 80th birthday.:

By Carolina F. San Juan

If you are going to love me, love me now while I still can sense the sweet and tender feelings from real affection flow.

Love me now while I'm still living!

Do not wait 'til I am gone...
to chisel in marble...
warm "love" words in ice cold stone.

If you have dear and sweet words about me...
whisper them to me now..
It would truly make me happy
and glad as I can be...

If you wait 'til I am sleeping,
never to wake up again...
There will be walls of earth and dust between us..
I will never hear them then!

I wont feel or need your kind caresses when the grass grow on my face..
I will no longer crave for love nor embraces...
in my final resting place...

So... then... if you love me any, even just a little bit..
Let me know... that you love me and care while I am living.
So I can own and treasure it.

Love you, Lola! and Happy 92nd birthday!

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