Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Colored Mung Beans

Can't believe that Christmas was just yesterday!

Had to rush home from work, got home at around 10am. Caught cousin Angge cooking her specialty "Pad Thai" (she also arrived a few hours before me from work too!); had to gear up as well. My turn to cook (Dory Fillet with Asparagus cream sauce)!

Every year, Christmas Lunch is tradition for the family. We don't celebrate Noche Buena like what most families do. Normally we'd just spruce up the house, bringing out all plates and utensils, finish our cooking marathon. We'd then open a bottle of red wine and toast at midnight, Christmas Day, wake the kids and open presents! That was then. Sans the wine toasting and gifts opening, this year, sleeping early was the agenda. I was at work when I called at midnight expecting to hear the kid's excitement opening their gifts. Ha! everyone's asleep-- Mama answered the phone, a bit groggy--sorry, woke her up kasi. Anyway....

Our house becomes the venue for a grand family reunion. I remember about two weeks before. Mama was really down to tears, not wanting to plan the celebration anymore. Mainly because we (literally) have no chairs for our relatives and visitors to sit on! --thanks to Ondoy. And to add to mama's frustration, she has scanned the Marikina Yellow Pages for chairs and tables for rent..but everyone's booked! Good thing Yaya Wilma chanced upon a flier somewhere last week that rents out tables and chairs. Lo and behold! Problem solved :-)

Like clockwork, our relatives (and my brothers and their families) arrived like, just a minute apart-- and I am not exaggerating! After one family comes in and the beso-beso's were done, the next family arrives. This cycle continued on 5 times! 5 families! Enough to make everyone smile.

By mid-afternoon, we all went to Loyola Park (Marikina) to visit Papa and Lolo. Our ride has my kids and all my pamangkins. We are the schoolbus. Kids' ride. We call them the 'Retazos' --hahaha! A strip from the original!

It was a riot going to and from Loyola. Christmas concert ito. Singing ABS-CBN's Christmas staion ID, "Star ng Pasko, Salamat sa Liwanag Mo"... the 'RETAZOS' (aged 2-10):

"Salamat sa liwanag mo.. Muling magkakakulay ang munggo!"


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jacob and Bella

These are my two 3-month old choco point siamese kittens, Jacob and Bella (yeah..New Moon, i know!).
I am also testing the email posting feature.
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It has been an eternity since my last entry.

After Palawan, Andee's birthday, followed by Diego's antics, then finally Ondoy. It has been more than two months now and still, Globe has not yet reconnected our internet.

Tahgaaalll ..............Tons of stories to tell, lots of pictures to share.

I'll be back.