Sunday, July 30, 2006

Crisis Center

Around early this month, after work I passed by the Women's Crisis Center in East Ave. Was off from work at around 6am, and was still having second thoughts whether or not I should go. Appointments or consultations in regards to filing this case would either be posponed or cancelled. Maybe this would be a better option. So go I did. I was early and decided to have breakfast first. The center was at the 7th floor, or 'penthouse' of the EAST Ave. Medical Center. This is the only office at the 7th floor..and I'd say...the floor's CREEEEEPY!.. They have an auditorium there also... the door was open and there's this eerie feeling. Don't know if they still use this.. anyway..

I was made to fill out a form. It was one of the most gruelling things I did in as far as I can remember. There was a section for physical, and psychological details, where there are little boxes that you can place a checkmark in.... Like, punching, hitting, or slapping (among others) in the 'physical' section; and well, like unable to eat, fits of depression, etc.etc.etc. in the psychological section. Honestly, nakaka-trauma sumagot ng form. Naiiyak ako. While there was a handful of checkmarks under physical, most of the boxes under the psychological section had a checkmark in it. Never really knew how affected I was. Well, reality bites. If I really wanted to go on with my life, I had to get this done and over with. I could imagine how worse this can become in regards to digging up the past and recalling every detail.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What IS that?!?!?

The other Sunday, July 16th, we went to the wake of my uncle (my dad's brother)..and I'd say, the last of the original Vergara's in his generation. That Sunday afternoon, around 2:00pm, I was at the terrace waiting for Cak and Ron to finish dressing up. While waiting, Andee and I had a photo spree...or photo shoot, rather, with my camphone. So there we were, posing and clicking away with the camphone, taking around 15 pictures. While enroute to the funeral home in Sucat with my brothers and Andee, I started deleting and choosing pictures and finally have around 4 remaining.

It was only last Sunday, while browsing thru my phone's gallery did I notice something peculiar. Behind me and Andee was a dark figure..blocking the supposedly white grilled-window near the door (for those of you who've been to our house would know what window I'm referring to). It was in broad 2:00 in the afternoon daylight. I was trying to decipher what it is when I remembered that I can actually zoom in. And zoomed in I did. Suddenly, I felt all hairs stand up and a chill down my spine. WHAT IS THAT?!?!?

I sent the pic to Ron's phone and he sort of 'editted' it, and resent it to me. Now, can anyone explain to me what this is? We are all convinced that this is something more out of the ordinary... well, in reference to what I experienced before. I was wondering whether this has something to do with it (hay naku..long story..) Dark figure..probably looking over his shoulder?
Creepy. Spooky. It looks so compared with ghost photos I've seen online. I was thinking it might be my uncle (whose wake we went to that day) but, no.. not even a resemblance. Help??!?!


Saturday, July 08, 2006


My brother Earl has finally left for his new job in the Middle East, after 2 unsuccessful attempts in a span of 3 weeks to go through immigrations at the NAIA. Apparently, the working e-visa his employer provided is not a valid pass. When he checked-in the first time, he was asked if he knew someone in Immigrations. Of course, my brother said 'no', thinking what the hell does that have to do with anything? Well, maybe it did. A week before Earl was able to finally go after his employer sent him his visa through mail, there was a feature on TV, I'm not sure if it was on ABS-CBN or GMA-7, where an overseas worker (former GRO) was complaining about the job that was offered to her also in the Middle East. During the interview, (my mom watched it), the GRO presented a similar e-visa that my brother also has the first and second time he was denied departure. The GRO apparently paid P6,000 or P7,000 to an Immigrations Officer to let her through. ..-- so THAT'S why my brother was asked if he knew someone from Immigrations!--- And according to her, this was already advised to her beforehand. Ano ba yan?!?!

Anyway, Earl emailed a few pictures yesterday to show off his room, his car, his flatscreen tv, his view from the window of his condo unit-- temporarily provided by his employer till Earl finds a place-- which left my mom crying! Hay naku... I'm starting to miss him na rin.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

One great news

Great, good news comes along when you least expect it. Amidst my struggle in putting my life back to pieces, coping with raising two kids and attending legal appointments and counselling, I was elated when I heard this good news...

My all-time friend, Gel, whom I've known for, oh my, around 31 years!....: she was literally my classmate from Grades 1-5 (she was on the 'star' section in Grade 6), High School Years 1-4, College Years 1-4; even shared our first employment with the same employer for a year, and we've been constantly keeping in touch along with our college group ever since.... is now engaged to a nice gentleman from Conneticut! I can't help but cry with her when she called up Sunday afternoon, as I have been witness to several of her heartaches. I'm so, so happy for her!!!!!! So Gel, all the luck and the very best of wishes deep down in my heart!!!!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday bonding and Zaturnnah

Every Sunday gives us 'Vergara' siblings an opportunity to have lunch together and have a weekly bonding session in the garden under our decades old narra tree, over coffee or Coke for me and Ron, while Earl and Cak burn their lungs (me and Ron are CERTIFIED "second-hand-smoke" -ers) . Topics would be so diverse... from Earl's flash games, to Baron's cellphone downloads, to Cak's workout schedule, to my store, back to Earl's Dubai employment, to Ron's DVD's, to Cak's new project, to my Diego's new antics. From kids, to new jokes, to fashion, to beaches, just anything under the sun! But a normal Sunday bonding day won't end without us talking about ZZZ.

We would laugh about possible business opportunities for food like "Dodong's Hotdogs" or "Zaturnnah's Qwek-qwek"... or an apparel business, "Amazonistas Designs"... or even the more obvious "Ada's Beauty Parlor" or "Aling Britney's Internet Kape". We would bug and fish out latest Zaturnnah news from Cak. We would talk about the second book. We would talk about the 4th Muzical run. We would talk about the movie. Earl would come up with his zaniest ideas for a movie teaser that would keep us laughing till our bellies hurt. Yes, it is soooo obvious that we are sooo excited about this... And this (coming soon) too. BTW, better check this out, Zsazsa Zaturnnah fans Multiply site...

Cak has posted the Zaturnnah movie cast class picture in his blog already. Here's more...

Pops Fernandez (Queen Femina), Rustom Padilla (Ada) , and Zsa Zsa Padilla (Zsazsa Zaturnnah)

The Amazonistas!
Sitting, Pops Fernandez, (Queen Femina), from left: KitKat (Nora A), Giselle Sanchez (Sharon C), Glaizel de Castro (Dina B), and Say Alonzo (Vilma S)