Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday bonding and Zaturnnah

Every Sunday gives us 'Vergara' siblings an opportunity to have lunch together and have a weekly bonding session in the garden under our decades old narra tree, over coffee or Coke for me and Ron, while Earl and Cak burn their lungs (me and Ron are CERTIFIED "second-hand-smoke" -ers) . Topics would be so diverse... from Earl's flash games, to Baron's cellphone downloads, to Cak's workout schedule, to my store, back to Earl's Dubai employment, to Ron's DVD's, to Cak's new project, to my Diego's new antics. From kids, to new jokes, to fashion, to beaches, just anything under the sun! But a normal Sunday bonding day won't end without us talking about ZZZ.

We would laugh about possible business opportunities for food like "Dodong's Hotdogs" or "Zaturnnah's Qwek-qwek"... or an apparel business, "Amazonistas Designs"... or even the more obvious "Ada's Beauty Parlor" or "Aling Britney's Internet Kape". We would bug and fish out latest Zaturnnah news from Cak. We would talk about the second book. We would talk about the 4th Muzical run. We would talk about the movie. Earl would come up with his zaniest ideas for a movie teaser that would keep us laughing till our bellies hurt. Yes, it is soooo obvious that we are sooo excited about this... And this (coming soon) too. BTW, better check this out, Zsazsa Zaturnnah fans Multiply site...

Cak has posted the Zaturnnah movie cast class picture in his blog already. Here's more...

Pops Fernandez (Queen Femina), Rustom Padilla (Ada) , and Zsa Zsa Padilla (Zsazsa Zaturnnah)

The Amazonistas!
Sitting, Pops Fernandez, (Queen Femina), from left: KitKat (Nora A), Giselle Sanchez (Sharon C), Glaizel de Castro (Dina B), and Say Alonzo (Vilma S)


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