Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lazy November

I have not done much posting recently. Maybe because of the cooler weather, Maybe because I get drowsy very frequently now or or maybe because of the supposedly picture attachments that I can't upload yet. The PC's monitor is busted and we are now on a slow laptop. My camfone's software and USB is 'attached' to the PC. Anyway.....

Much activity has passed... Diego's Halloween-Kids of the World party at school; Andee's participation to the Book Quiz Bee; Miriam's new auditorium; the better and improved (than last year's) Marikina Riverbank bazaar..and my obsession right now with! (Trying to get the hang of it initially buying small stuff, then slowly learn how to sell. Still got some items from my Ali Mall store stacked somewhere.) Probably can decide if I'd publish the other posts without the pictures. Probably.