Sunday, January 17, 2010

A year that will be

2010. It was a bad welcome for me.

New Year's Eve, Andee was taken to the emergency room due to vomiting and loose bowel movement. January 2nd, it was Diego's turn. January 3rd and 4th, I was running a fever. Then now, for 3 days now, my allergies are more like a burning sensation on the skin.

But getting that aside, there are major looking-forward-to's for this year. February 20th will be our high school reunion's Silver Jubilee! Wow, 25 years na!!! Our batch holds reunion every 5 years. Each year handled and organized by a specific barkada, then 'assigning' the next barkada-organizer during the event. This time, everyone pitches in. As usual, I get to design the main tarpaulin for the event and take care of the physical arrangements. I will be (hopefully) posting a separate entry for that (fingers-crossed).

The next main event will be Lola's 90th birthday on August. It's going to be a grand family reunion, and everyone will be going home to Puerto Princesa. Exciting!

The last quarter of 2009 left a 'hole' in My Scratch Pad. After the Ondoy incident, phone and internet access are still non-existent. There were quite a few events that I should be blogging about, and of course, pictures to post. That might need to wait, I'm afraid, as I don't normally visit internet cafes.

So here's to 2010! :-)