Thursday, August 16, 2007

Miss Unibarse 2006

I stumbled upon Miss Unibarse 2006 while checking out friends of friend's pages at my Multiply site. This is a splendid project of F&G, --"a couple of men from the worlds of fashion, engineering, photography and social work joined together by a creative challenge that would take them to the limits of their innovative minds and competitive extremities. Their project requires patience, a sense of style, cultural detailing, a keen eye for beauty, creativity and above all dolls…welcome world to Miss Unibarse".

I find this very cute and interesting... spent most of my morning going through ALL the photos for the delegates' National Costume, Swimsuit Competition, and Evening Gown Competition, to name a few instead of checking my emails. WOW!!!! This collection is simply.... breathtaking!!! Imagine the OOOH's and AAHH's from me and Andee while we were browsing! Especially the costumes. Their official blog is a true-blue-beauty-pageant-update-blog.
Visit their site and feel 25-30 years young! -- well, for me..hehe. If you check their 'Links' tab, you'll find official web pages for different Doll Beauty Pageants-- like Miss Doll Universe, or Miss Doll Earth, among others. as well as official web sites for our usual Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss World, and Miss Earth.
Stay tuned for Miss Unibarse 2007!