Saturday, June 28, 2008

Diego at 6

Diego turned 6 today. Called him last night from work, before 7am. He seemed more like a nine year old than Andee...

Hi baby! How are you?
DIEGO: Ok lang.

What are you doing?
DIEGO: Nood kami TV ni Ate Andee.

Sleep early ha?
DIEGO: Bakit?

Late na eh.. para rest ka na.
DIEGO: Bakit?

Birthday mo bukas di ba?
DIEGO: Oo nga.

Ok. Bye na. Work na ko. Love you!
Ngek. Binabaan ako ng phone!?! Inistorbo ko ba? Anyway. Got home, took a quick nap. Cousin Angge arrived before lunch with Diego's cake. Kami-kami lang. Sang Happy Birthday and Diego exhausted himself trying to blow up 6 re-light candles-- and enjoyed it! Hahaha!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Pro-GMA, Pro-BF

Today is the last weekend before school officially opens on Tuesday, June 10th, as GMA again moved Independence Day, June 12th, to tomorrow, June 9th. A lot of people disagree claiming that national holidays should be left alone-- rooted to the exact day it would fall under. But no, GMA would move it next to a weekend. For me it doesn't matter. To each his own rule. New managers, or CEO's would try their own thing also for the company they handle to see if it will work. Si GMA. Presidente siya, why not?!? Ok nga yun eh. For the normal working class, 3rd day weekend ito. Sa retailing and other leisure businesses, mas ok. Those who complain as I see it, complain because of personal frustration, or because of own inconvenience. I get p**sed off when everything is being blamed on the present administration. Especially the part when they say, naghihirap ang Pilipino. There is this commercial that I saw that has a tagline, 'Umaasenso na ako'. Like me, nakaka-bili na ako ng bacon, or I can sometimes hail a cab to work. The 500 pesos a week we spend for buying vegetables and meat is enough to feed a household of 5. Others who 'feel' that their monies earned is not worth it should rethink and revamp their lifestyle. 800-1,200 pesos for flip flops? night out with friends? new cellphone every 3 months? O come on...?!? Maghihirap ka nga. Again, most people complain because they are inconvenienced.. if that is the right word to say. When peso when up 39 php versus $1.00, we rejoiced! Others complain. See?

Like last week...

Thrice on a ride on the way to work, I would overhear--or evesdrop-- at drivers exchanging rants with another passenger (usually with the one seated beside him). MMDA woes, traffic here and there, Bayani Fernando (BF) is no good, etc. etc. As a resident of Marikina and had personally witnessed the city grow to what it is right now, I almost had the tendency to answer back in defense. What is actually weird here is, for those 3 times last week, these drivers are saying something like.. BF plans to run for President, but, "walang boboto sa kanya" cause pro-GMA siya. Mas magaling pa rin si Erap. Nge?!?!? Who feeds this ideas to them? I am sure this is not personal opinion anymore.

Traffic they say is not getting any better. Hayy naku.. if only they knew how it was when there were gazillions of stop light intersections at EDSA, or at Marcos Highway. The u-turn thingis, in my opinion is THE best solution done by BF as compared to all his predecesors in regards to controlling traffic. Pasaway lang kasi ang mga jeepney and bus drivers, and sometimes also, yung mga pasahero.

No other leader can top BF for solving traffic. E wala naman daw nangyayari.. traffic pa rin. Fine! How many brand new cars, vans, and SUV's roll out the streets everyday? Traffic has improved. A lot. Our lives has improved a lot too. People just need to know what they should do to help out, and need to double think of what their place in society is.

Isa pa...

..that hulaballoo protest about that animal rights ek-ek with the opening of the Manila Ocean Park. Taking animals out of their natural habitat is indeed very cruel, that is, if you don't replicate their environment when you decide to keep them! Better close down all the country's zoo's if that is the case. Of course you'd need to pay a price to see them. Ergo. When I first heard about the park's opening, I see it as a great opportunity to bond with my kids. They don't get to see this kind of thing everyday you know. Minsan, iisipin mo pa... better than seeing them die because of pollution or illegal fishing or what not, take them in and care for them yourself.


If you are complaining about an extra day off because a national holiday was moved, pumasok ka! Kami ngang nasa retail, entertainment, leisure, and call center industry hindi nagrereklamo eh!

If you are complaining na wala nang mabili sa pera mo, start eating healthy and make baon to work nalang, stop buying signature things dahil uso, minimize or limit your vices and lastly, be thankful for little things and slight improvements in life! Ang bigas, worldwide nararamdaman ang shortage! Don't know about them.. dito sa Marikina walang problema.

If you are complaining about traffic, take the bus or MRT rather than saying mahal na ang gas, follow road rules, at wag nang bibili ng extra sasakyan na wala rin namang paradahan sa house.

If you are complaining about GMA, BF, etc. etc. etc., Leave the country. ...and you will have peace of mind!