Saturday, June 28, 2008

Diego at 6

Diego turned 6 today. Called him last night from work, before 7am. He seemed more like a nine year old than Andee...

Hi baby! How are you?
DIEGO: Ok lang.

What are you doing?
DIEGO: Nood kami TV ni Ate Andee.

Sleep early ha?
DIEGO: Bakit?

Late na eh.. para rest ka na.
DIEGO: Bakit?

Birthday mo bukas di ba?
DIEGO: Oo nga.

Ok. Bye na. Work na ko. Love you!
Ngek. Binabaan ako ng phone!?! Inistorbo ko ba? Anyway. Got home, took a quick nap. Cousin Angge arrived before lunch with Diego's cake. Kami-kami lang. Sang Happy Birthday and Diego exhausted himself trying to blow up 6 re-light candles-- and enjoyed it! Hahaha!

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