Thursday, July 03, 2008

Best Super-Awesome-Uber-Whack-Ek-Ek!

On the way home on the LRT from work, I was reading over the shoulder of a fellow passenger a copy of the LIBRE tabloid. The word 'ZsaZsa' caught my eye but I really didn't think there'll be any news about Zaturnnah (st this time) since most newspapers don't use 'ZsaZsa' anyway. Just thought it was some news about the Padilla actress.

Anyway, got an update from Carver about the Zaturnnah moveeh as being one of the RILEY-METZGER HONOURABLE MENTIONS of the recently concluded 10th Calgary Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival specifically the distinction of being the "BEST SUPER-AWESOME-UBER-WHACK-MEGA-GAYLORD-MAGIC-SURPRISE FILM" I swear! tumbling kami ni mama when we saw this. Hahahaha! Galing, bro! Yun pala yon! Sa sobrang tuwa nga ciguro nila, they had to come up with a special title!

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