Thursday, January 31, 2008

Museo, Pizzas and the 'wild' Life

It was Kids On Focus' fieldtrip today and I had to hurry home from the office to take Diego to school before 6:30am. Was just getting ready when KOF texted saying that the group will be leaving shortly (scheduled departure time is 7:00am). It was only a 3-4 minute walk from the house to Diego's school.
First stop was at the Museo Pambata , a children's interactive museum, in Roxas Blvd. (beside the US Embassy). The tour started with the kids entering 'Miss Big-Mouth's mouth, passing through her esophagus then finally into a room where kids can learn more about the human body. They can press a large nose, a tummy and even a big butt to hear a sneeze, a rumble, or a f*rt! hehe. They see what blood vessels go where, or touch and feel different surfaces (and guess what it is). It's hands-on all throughout the museum. There is a science room, rain forest room, etc. There were a lot of educational trips that time, and the Museo management was able to organize the groups very well!
After this was lunch and a Pizza-making party at Shakey's Libis. We all had a quick tour of the kitchen and afterwards, we were given our pizza 'skins', as what they call it-- pizza' crust' actually to ordinary folks-- and basic ingredients for us to make our own pizza-- pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham, pepperoni and pineapple. Diego literally took a handful of pineapple bits and spread it over his pizza skin. I had to include the other ingredients for him. By the time the party host came over to get our pizza masterpiece and put it in the oven, Diego has plucked out all the pineapple bits and had eaten it. So much for a masterpiece. Shakey's special guest was Mr. Pizzaman, which is well, you guessed it, a giant slice of pizza that danced with the kids to the tune of 'Kembot'. Sa totoo lang, nakakaawa siyang tignan. What happened to Capt. Shakeys??!?!?!? Anyway....
Our last stop was Ark Avilon in in Tiendesitas. Its owners also own the Avilon Zoo (2) in Montalban, Rizal (obvious ba?) . After the infamous over-reacting snake bite news, there was still no clinic, but roving first-aid people (nice di ba?).
Like Manila Zoo's Kinder Zoo, one can get up close and personnal here with the animals. They have a 'centerstage' for photo ops with a sea eagle, albino snake and Coleen, the orangutan. The animals here are healthier looking-- the owners really do care for them! (makes me itch to take the kids over to Avilon Zoo). And like Malabon Zoo, you won't get an eyesore or strain your eyes getting a glimpse of the animals because the way they layout the place almost make you feel that you can touch them!
The main attraction (especially for the kids) is feeding the animals on the second floor. There is a mini 'corral' full of rabbits where kids can go in and feed them. Diego had a blast feeding a carrot to several rabbits, and okra to a tortoise, but begged off feeding a cricket to a chameleon. Definitely coming back with Andee in tow.
Good thing there are places like these where you can bring your kids. In this modern world where kids are mostly exposed to computers and books, only in pictures will they be able to see and experience this. Next to look forward to is the Manila Ocean Park, behind the Quirino Grandstand in Manila and expected to open this February 2008! Now that will be an experience!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hearts forwarded

What's with it when you'd start receiving emails about the 'heart'-- the next big thing for the majority after the Christmas season, that you'd somehow feel nostalgic? I would have my share of the usual surprise roses, cards and chocolates on Valentine's Day from people I'd really expect to receive from as well as those whom I'd raise an eyebrow ("Why on earth are you giving me these?"), or from those I'd hardly expect ("Why, really? --- *blush*) hehe.

Valentine's Day officially started for me during high school when I started receiving freshly picked roses, which were then better than those coming from flower shops. During those days, rose gardens were popular and one would really go out of his way to go and pick the right flower (naks!). This will evolve to a bouquet (or basket!) of roses in college. I remember in college, (without fail) during my four years when the reception area was literally 'filled to the brim' with roses and roses and roses, and balloons! Imagine people traffic here! Students craning their necks expecting (or hoping) that one had their name on it. Outside the school premises opposite the gate, in the middle island along Katipunan road were streamers and banners from boyfriends. Parang fiesta.

When I started working, uso na ang long, single-stemmed rose or the 1 or 3 roses in a box from flowershops. Signs of the times din ata-- it gets expensive na hehe. But it was during these times that Valentines happens any day of the year. I'd receive an unexpected rose because, 'wala lang'-- or 'Naalala kasi kita eh'. Hay, those were the days! When you get married, you can count with only the digits from your right hand, the times you'd get this special expected surprise from the hubby. (Di na daw uso)

After marriage, it would be unexpected Valentines again anytime during the year. This is when I get surprise love notes, mostly from Andee... and 'I love you's' from Diego. Now as I start a new life, those nostalgic "been there, done that" moments are now coming back to me. Nice feeling :-)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Be Part of the Big Bang!

Monday Morning Power has got what it takes to have visitors visit your site and you yourself gaining a 'place' in the blogging world---
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Joining memes is fun. Makes you think and enjoy at the same time. It lets you gain ringside access to the lives of others where you yourself can learn, laugh, share insights, etc. Here's a sample.. read on...

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The BIG BANG Masterlist is here. Great blog sites!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I just don't know

It started out like an intense heat coming from my lower back going upward, and filled my back. I began to perspire and began to have chills. Then the heat reached my neck and my head. It felt like it was coming out of my ears. It (the heat) was radiating from somewhere and was escaping through my back, my nape and head. All of the sudden, something swelled inside and I felt it rising, up my back again, to my neck, then my face.. 'forcing' tears (I'm not kidding) to come out. And I was crying. There was no pain.. just heat and something that I can't explain.

This happened when I was on healthbreak at work last Friday's shift. There was again an impending blackout feeling and I had to excuse myself and ask permission to go to the clinic. The nurse on duty already knows my history of 'sent-homes' because of this inconvenience that I often encounter at work. Not a headache, but something like na-ha-highblood ka (as if I know how it is). Medical check-ups get me nowhere-- ECGs, 2d-echos (I have MVP), goiter tests, and we even suspected pre-menopausal whatever it is. They found nothing.

"Anong nararamdaman mo ngayon? Nagagalit ka ba?.... Natatakot?..... Nalulungkot?" The nurse asked me. What the?!?! "Bakit mainit? Anong ginawa mo sa akin?!?!" . I started crying again. "Why are you crying?" "I don't know!--- it just came out, ayaw tumigil!" The nurse was quiet. Then she again asked "Nalulungkot ka ba? Nagagalit?".

It was the first 15 minutes into my healthbreak. The nurse didn't know what medication to give me because she can't really zero-in on a diagnosis. She just asked me to stay put and drink plenty of water first, when she mentioned that I was the first time she saw me in a jumper skirt. Told her that I wear skirts in just 2 occassions--that is, if I have nothing else to wear, or, if my allergies act up again. She focused on my allergies--until it came to the point that I had to share my experiences before on what or why, or how I started to get the rashes (medyo 'parang di-normal' na ito for those who still don't know). "So you see them? dwarves? incubus? -----Nakikita mo ba yung nasa likod ko?" she asked me. I said no. She stood up and touch my shoulders, my back, then lower back. After she did it..everything started.

I was still crying, for no reason at all. "Nalulungkot ka ba? Nagagalit?". Sometimes it seemed that maybe she was talking to someone else and not me. "Anong nararamdaman mo ngayon?". "Anong ginawa mo? Bakit uminit pagkatapos mo akong hinawakan?" She said she doesn't know. She said she didn't do anything. "Why am I crying? Bakit ang lakas ng emotion na nararamdaman ko? Bakit sobrang init??!" "Wag mo siyang pansinin" she said. "Basta wag mong pansinin". Then she asked if I feel something hot in my stomach. I said no. And I kept on crying. "Kakalat maskara ko!!!"

I was at the clinic for an hour. And for 20 minutes or so, I was feeling this heat, the emotion.. nanginginig ako. I was perspiring. I was crying. After that, there was heat coming from my stomach. Psychological na lang ba ito? "Ok ka na" the nurse said. True enough I was fine.

Ngayon, nababagabag nanaman ako. I was 'left alone' when I was given the St. Benedict medalion for protection. Now just last week, I dreamingly remembered a figure in my room again. What's this? Is what I'm feeling at the office something supernatural? Bakit sa office lang and not at home? May mga check-ups ba dapat na I should've took? Whatever it is I don't know.

I just don't know.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Amazing Journey

Took the kids out today for their much-awaited Disney on Ice "Amazing Journey" at the Araneta Coliseum. They had a blast.. actually, ako rin and Yaya Wilma. Diego, for the first time was so enthralled that we can't even get his attention or talk to him during the show, unlike the time when we watched Barney where he was definitely bored to death. Andee most remembered the Little Mermaid part where she can't stop talking about how Arielle's sisters came out of the big, colorful shells, and also says that she almost cried watching Lilo and Stitch. Diego, on the otherhand says that it was 'maganda'. Period.

I remembered when we were little, we'd watch then Holiday on Ice also at the Araneta Coliseum. It's like we as a family would always have this annual christmas/holiday tradition of watching ice shows at the Big Dome. That time, wala pang Disney characters. From the usual world class iceskaters, it evolved to Flintstones on Ice, and then, Disney on Ice. The very first time we watched it I think I was in the 3rd or 4th grade. Front seats!!!! The thrill there was feeling the ice on your face when the performers pass, as well as the usual handshakes from them. I clearly remember the ticket price then-- P500.00 for front seats VIP!!!! (General patronage was P50.00 hehe). Only later did we realize that it's better to be seated farther and higher... Oh well!

This will be a start of a tradition that I intend to uphold. I was hoping to expose them more also to stage plays and the like. Andee is now making kulit because of the featured advertisement of the High School Musical Ice Tour that was showing before the show started. Excited nanaman siya. But not until we go back the second time on the 27th to again watch Disney on Ice, as she won 3 tickets to the show by joining in a question-and-answer contest sponsored by the Jr. Inquirer. Aside from the tickets, she was also given a Guyito plush toy (Inquirer's carabao mascot)-- collector's item ito! But I swear.... sinusumpa ko talaga ang Chino Roces Ave. na yan sa Makati where the Philippine Inquirer office was located. The traffic was more than horrible!!!!
But for the kids, it was worth the trouble.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

We are brothers forever!

O.M.G.!!!! Last song syndrome I swear!

Was checking out Zsali's posting on her Multiple account about Filipino Renaldo Lapuz' audition at the American Idol. I was laughing so hard I can't breathe. Na-memorize ko na!

Kakatuwa siya. --- "you give chance to any talent for FREE OF CHARGE!" And he was teary-eyed not because that he was not picked, but because he was able to show what he's got! William Hung, look out! See Renaldo's audition here.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Got this for Christmas.

Cute noh?!?! hehehe! Was surprised how heavy this is! Afraid to move it or carry it elsewhere lest it might fall and break! She now took her territorial spot near my Yamaha organ (had to brand it!) at the living room.

Ahemm... Sana may kasama rin siyang iba! She gets lonely kasi eh.
Wawa naman... Ahemm...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hello, 2008

Was a bit teary eyed at around 10:30pm during my first break when I called home to say Happy New Year in advance because my 'lunch' was at 1am. I won't be able to call at midnight. This is my second year in a row where I celebrated New Year at the office. For some reason, mas 'malungkot' ngayon, in a way because maybe a lot has changed in my life already. This year is the start of a new me.

2008 is a year I am looking forward to because I feel that I am officially at home and at ease with my job, therefore, I get to do a lot more (kahit papaano) activities with Andee and Diego, start saving, and more importantly, have time for myself. I feel happier inside. And friends and family says that it shows.