Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Har, Har, Har

Which reminds me.....

There was this one afternoon years ago. I was sitting at our terrace one late afternoon when our neighbor, whose house is directly in front of ours, who took their 2 big Labradors out for a doggie walk. The neighbor to our left took out their German Shepherd and well, the 3 dogs were now doing their own fashion dog show. Suddenly there was barking. The neighbor to our right, (not to be outdone probably) had their Doberman and Daschund out. What a frenzy!!! All 5 dogs are now barking at each other, with the 3 owners doing some small talk. Hmmm.... "Ilabas ko kaya si Lucky (one of my cats that time), taob silang lahat!".

I wish I did. Hehehe!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Dirty fingernail

Election Day. At around 9am, Mama, my brother Ron, and I flocked over to our local precinct here in San Roque to have our fingernail dabbed with indelible ink. As always everything is in order.

The San Roque Elementary School is clean, tidy-- though there were people who still give out sample ballots and pieces of it were lying or scattered on the street, the place is fairly neat-- give it to MarikeƱos who have the habit of looking for trash cans to throw unwanted pieces of paper, as well as the janitors and volunteers who makes sure that the surroundings are kept clean. At the school's main entrance, you'll see the lay-out of all classrooms as well as the list and assigned precincts of the voters per street. Very easy to comprehend. There were also guides ready to help out. Voters from Elm, Pine, Walnut and Redwood Streets were assigned a 2nd floor classroom, so off we went. Classrooms were well ventilated and clean. I left empty, and crossed-out a few slots from the city counsellors' list as well as the Senators' list.

I chose the Party List for Entreprenuers mainly because we had to make the most of the resources and wonderful ideas we have, as well as providing additional jobs. Most of the Party Lists are pointing toward corruption, human rights, manggagawang pinoy, which are okay, mind you-- but in my opinion, just waste time with rallies, voicing out complaints (ok lang kaso minsan parang nagpapapansin lang), sometimes crimpling the streets making it hard for the ordinary worker or employee to make a decent living. Haayyy.

I need a manicure.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Nanay's Day and the week that was...

Happy Mom's Day! Got a few greetings from friends, a 'sun' drawing from Diego (wow!) and a kiss from Andee. Their dad called (himala-- to ask how the kids were doing. No, no greetings here).

Went out with the whole family to have dinner at Barrio Fiesta Restaurant Ave., along Marcos Hiway. Had a grand time, sira nanaman ang diet. Was able to do a little catching up with Cak, since he now stays at a different nest now :-) Kakamiss din siya. A family member that gives more than emotional support just by listening and commenting (scolding?!?! hehe) .. and makes me realize the blessing I have. Drama! Thanks, bro. Late evening was spent watching ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Moveeh DVD-- got to see scenes that were not included in the movie-- like the part when Didi was singing (Nakakasilaw Na Ilaw), which was one of the best parts of ze muzical but was deleted from the movie version.

It's back to work tomorrow evening! Ayoko pa. Was on VL and was well spent. Got to go out with friends, spent time by my lonesome (muni-muni ito!) , went swimming with Andee at Club Manila East and got a nasty tan.

The kiddie pool does not have a shade over it as compared to the overcrowded shaded adult pool at the other side. The kiddie pool is ok if you don't mind just wading, or sunbathing, and sharing the pool with, of course, other kids, a few yayas, and daddies. (Obviously, most moms were either at the shaded pool, or watching their tots from the shaded part of the kiddie area). We had fun. Next time we go back, it's with friends and/or family in tow!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Enrollment galore

Andee. Grade 3.
Diego. Senior Nursery.
Enrolled Andee last May 7th at St. Scholastica's Marikina , and Diego at Kids On Focus on May 10th.

Andee was with me because we had to get new uniforms for her. She's obviously grown and her blouses were way too small for her already. After an orderly queue at the Business Office and cashier, as well as getting her 13 big books at the school's bookstore, off we went to the Tuason Center for her uniforms. Had to have the seamstress take her measurements for blouse and skirt, instead of going for the standard S-M-L sizes which right now are so alanganin for her. Upon paying at the cashie, I also requested badges for her uniform. (St. Scho would have badges sewn on the left strap of their uniforms' skirts depending on what grade level you are in) In this case, the number "3" (for grade 3). Andee was asking how I'd be able to remove the Grade 2 badge from her uniform and change it to the new badge. I was able to answer when the cashier told her.. "Madali lang yan, bahala na si ATE diyan" (That's just easy, let your older sister handle that). Hehehe... that smile on my face stayed till we got home.

Diego's enrollment was a breeze, since the school is just a small one, -- but a great school. There were still tutorial classes ongoing for new students when we got there. I was hoping Diego would be admitted to Kinder. I was told that during trial classes and tutorials, they would be able to assess if Diego would be ready for Kinder or Nursery. He'll be turning 5 this June. Unfortunately, he'd need to put in extra effort... Kinder classes at Kids on Focus are already able to read. Andee and Jaki were graduates of this school too. Ok lang. I was actually concerned that Diego might be overaged by the time he gets to Prep. Had his picture taken too as a requirement. Aba! marunong nang ngumiti! Big boy na siya. (Had to re-take pic.. scanner not working)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ghosts and FemaleNetwork.com

This late afternoon, Mama and I were having our coffee in the main dining room. Andee turned on the lights for the dining and it started to flicker. This usually happens. The big 'Sunflowers by Van Gogh' replica frame covers 4 light switches (each for dining, library, library side, and TV corner) which are directly behind it. The lights for the dining area and the library tend to flicker because of the weight of the frame. The switches for the library side and TV corner are not affected by this but we would really move the frame in order to switch those lights on.
All of the sudden, while Mama and I were talking, *click* went a light switch and the TV corner light went on. Our conversation was cut and we both look at where the light switched on, -- a bit baffled-- and we looked at each other.. "Narinig mo yon?!?!" (Did you hear that?). Naku, hair started to stand at the back of our necks. Mama had to go over to the big frame to move it and reached over behind it to turn off the switch for the TV corner light.....
This evening, at around 9pm Andee and I were again at the main dining area. Andee was doing blowpens while I was at the phone. Suddenly, the kitchen light turned on. We both suddenly looked toward the kitchen, then after a few seconds, the light went out. We looked at each other, and again, I felt hairs standing at the back of my neck and arms. I went over to the kitchen and checked the switch. It is (since 7pm) turned off.
Hmmm...this came out as a good thing because it prompted Andee to go upstairs (finally! it's past 9pm!). I was thinking if this has something to do with the little girl I've been seeing recently inside the house. She's about Andee's age, short hair and I always see her standing at our stairs. Shadow-shaped... black--smokey color. Not like last time when there was a long-haired lady in blue, or that guy in a white shirt... this time it's different.
Which made me remember---------
Around last month, while checking my StatCounter, I noticed a sudden surge of online visitors visiting a certain post in My Scratch Pad. The return URL points to Femalenetwork.com. Hmmm-- I don't remember visiting this site, or let alone, leave a link. So to the link I went. (I had to register pa). Finally, when I was finally able to log in to the site (it is actually forum-based) and I found where the link came from-- a forum under 'Ghosts, weird experiences! ' What the--?!?
So in I went. I saw the culprit! It was my brother Earl who joined the forum and placed the link to my post --the one with the strange figure in a picture.
The responses were very interesting. One that really caught me was suggesting that there might be some kind of a portal in the house-- that's why I see different people/entities all the time. Parang dunadaan lang before they go on to where they are supposed to go to--- stopover? pitstop? That could explain why I see a particular figure for just a couple of days, and then they're gone. Then I see another one...

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Compound Nevus

"A congenital growth or mark on the skin, such as a mole or birthmark."

Compound nevus was on the biosy report for the mole that had to be taken off of Andee's left eye. Or in Andee's doctor's words... "It's an ordinary mole".

Salamat naman!!!