Monday, May 14, 2007

Dirty fingernail

Election Day. At around 9am, Mama, my brother Ron, and I flocked over to our local precinct here in San Roque to have our fingernail dabbed with indelible ink. As always everything is in order.

The San Roque Elementary School is clean, tidy-- though there were people who still give out sample ballots and pieces of it were lying or scattered on the street, the place is fairly neat-- give it to MarikeƱos who have the habit of looking for trash cans to throw unwanted pieces of paper, as well as the janitors and volunteers who makes sure that the surroundings are kept clean. At the school's main entrance, you'll see the lay-out of all classrooms as well as the list and assigned precincts of the voters per street. Very easy to comprehend. There were also guides ready to help out. Voters from Elm, Pine, Walnut and Redwood Streets were assigned a 2nd floor classroom, so off we went. Classrooms were well ventilated and clean. I left empty, and crossed-out a few slots from the city counsellors' list as well as the Senators' list.

I chose the Party List for Entreprenuers mainly because we had to make the most of the resources and wonderful ideas we have, as well as providing additional jobs. Most of the Party Lists are pointing toward corruption, human rights, manggagawang pinoy, which are okay, mind you-- but in my opinion, just waste time with rallies, voicing out complaints (ok lang kaso minsan parang nagpapapansin lang), sometimes crimpling the streets making it hard for the ordinary worker or employee to make a decent living. Haayyy.

I need a manicure.

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