Sunday, May 13, 2007

Nanay's Day and the week that was...

Happy Mom's Day! Got a few greetings from friends, a 'sun' drawing from Diego (wow!) and a kiss from Andee. Their dad called (himala-- to ask how the kids were doing. No, no greetings here).

Went out with the whole family to have dinner at Barrio Fiesta Restaurant Ave., along Marcos Hiway. Had a grand time, sira nanaman ang diet. Was able to do a little catching up with Cak, since he now stays at a different nest now :-) Kakamiss din siya. A family member that gives more than emotional support just by listening and commenting (scolding?!?! hehe) .. and makes me realize the blessing I have. Drama! Thanks, bro. Late evening was spent watching ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Moveeh DVD-- got to see scenes that were not included in the movie-- like the part when Didi was singing (Nakakasilaw Na Ilaw), which was one of the best parts of ze muzical but was deleted from the movie version.

It's back to work tomorrow evening! Ayoko pa. Was on VL and was well spent. Got to go out with friends, spent time by my lonesome (muni-muni ito!) , went swimming with Andee at Club Manila East and got a nasty tan.

The kiddie pool does not have a shade over it as compared to the overcrowded shaded adult pool at the other side. The kiddie pool is ok if you don't mind just wading, or sunbathing, and sharing the pool with, of course, other kids, a few yayas, and daddies. (Obviously, most moms were either at the shaded pool, or watching their tots from the shaded part of the kiddie area). We had fun. Next time we go back, it's with friends and/or family in tow!

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