Friday, May 11, 2007

Enrollment galore

Andee. Grade 3.
Diego. Senior Nursery.
Enrolled Andee last May 7th at St. Scholastica's Marikina , and Diego at Kids On Focus on May 10th.

Andee was with me because we had to get new uniforms for her. She's obviously grown and her blouses were way too small for her already. After an orderly queue at the Business Office and cashier, as well as getting her 13 big books at the school's bookstore, off we went to the Tuason Center for her uniforms. Had to have the seamstress take her measurements for blouse and skirt, instead of going for the standard S-M-L sizes which right now are so alanganin for her. Upon paying at the cashie, I also requested badges for her uniform. (St. Scho would have badges sewn on the left strap of their uniforms' skirts depending on what grade level you are in) In this case, the number "3" (for grade 3). Andee was asking how I'd be able to remove the Grade 2 badge from her uniform and change it to the new badge. I was able to answer when the cashier told her.. "Madali lang yan, bahala na si ATE diyan" (That's just easy, let your older sister handle that). Hehehe... that smile on my face stayed till we got home.

Diego's enrollment was a breeze, since the school is just a small one, -- but a great school. There were still tutorial classes ongoing for new students when we got there. I was hoping Diego would be admitted to Kinder. I was told that during trial classes and tutorials, they would be able to assess if Diego would be ready for Kinder or Nursery. He'll be turning 5 this June. Unfortunately, he'd need to put in extra effort... Kinder classes at Kids on Focus are already able to read. Andee and Jaki were graduates of this school too. Ok lang. I was actually concerned that Diego might be overaged by the time he gets to Prep. Had his picture taken too as a requirement. Aba! marunong nang ngumiti! Big boy na siya. (Had to re-take pic.. scanner not working)

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