Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ghosts and

This late afternoon, Mama and I were having our coffee in the main dining room. Andee turned on the lights for the dining and it started to flicker. This usually happens. The big 'Sunflowers by Van Gogh' replica frame covers 4 light switches (each for dining, library, library side, and TV corner) which are directly behind it. The lights for the dining area and the library tend to flicker because of the weight of the frame. The switches for the library side and TV corner are not affected by this but we would really move the frame in order to switch those lights on.
All of the sudden, while Mama and I were talking, *click* went a light switch and the TV corner light went on. Our conversation was cut and we both look at where the light switched on, -- a bit baffled-- and we looked at each other.. "Narinig mo yon?!?!" (Did you hear that?). Naku, hair started to stand at the back of our necks. Mama had to go over to the big frame to move it and reached over behind it to turn off the switch for the TV corner light.....
This evening, at around 9pm Andee and I were again at the main dining area. Andee was doing blowpens while I was at the phone. Suddenly, the kitchen light turned on. We both suddenly looked toward the kitchen, then after a few seconds, the light went out. We looked at each other, and again, I felt hairs standing at the back of my neck and arms. I went over to the kitchen and checked the switch. It is (since 7pm) turned off.
Hmmm...this came out as a good thing because it prompted Andee to go upstairs (finally! it's past 9pm!). I was thinking if this has something to do with the little girl I've been seeing recently inside the house. She's about Andee's age, short hair and I always see her standing at our stairs. Shadow-shaped... black--smokey color. Not like last time when there was a long-haired lady in blue, or that guy in a white shirt... this time it's different.
Which made me remember---------
Around last month, while checking my StatCounter, I noticed a sudden surge of online visitors visiting a certain post in My Scratch Pad. The return URL points to Hmmm-- I don't remember visiting this site, or let alone, leave a link. So to the link I went. (I had to register pa). Finally, when I was finally able to log in to the site (it is actually forum-based) and I found where the link came from-- a forum under 'Ghosts, weird experiences! ' What the--?!?
So in I went. I saw the culprit! It was my brother Earl who joined the forum and placed the link to my post --the one with the strange figure in a picture.
The responses were very interesting. One that really caught me was suggesting that there might be some kind of a portal in the house-- that's why I see different people/entities all the time. Parang dunadaan lang before they go on to where they are supposed to go to--- stopover? pitstop? That could explain why I see a particular figure for just a couple of days, and then they're gone. Then I see another one...


Jheck David said...

josko, sorta portal ang bahay n'yo? scary 'yun, ah! i get goosebumps just thinking about it. isang ghost nga lang ang maramdaman mong nasa bahay mo, kakatakot na. 'yung pa kayang sandamakmak?

but i guess, as long as they don't hurt you, nothing to get scared about, right? still, ingat pa rin.


Reia said...

i agree. at first.. i can only 'feel' that there's someone or something else with you and that definitely makes all hair stand. But after what happened (the albulario and stuff), when I started 'seeing', di nako masyadong kinikilabutan. it's better that i know what's there rather than not seeing it.
hehe...creepy pa rin though..