Monday, April 22, 2013

Amazing Arts by JNBM: Adding color to your home!

It was a hot, boring day.  Andee, Diego and I decided to go malling at Robinson's Metro East to cool off. We first visited National Bookstore because Andee wanted to check out some pocketbooks.  After that, we saw Amazing Arts.

I've been seeing this 'kiosk' (?) smack in the middle of the hall with tables and chairs, and never really got the chance to try it out.  Nakakatuwa because it's as if we three could read each other's minds.  It was unanimous, yes, even Diego agreed.

Amazing Arts is a unique crafts store that specializes in clay paper art. Read about the company overview and paper art benefits here. It took a while to choose a design kit as there were lots! Kits vary in sizes, from the simplest designs to bigger, complicated ones. We decide to get a 200php kit instead of the smaller 100php one so that we could work together.

Shelves of different paper art kits.
Andee and Diego 'claiming their territory' and working on it.

Half done! We ended up continuing this at home after spending almost 8 hours at Amazing Arts!
This was one activity that all of us enjoyed doing.  I was pleasantly surprised that Andee and Diego wanted to go back.  And going back we will :-)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Animoto videos

During training, we were task to create a short video presentation about real estate using Animoto, and this has been the most entertaining part of the module.  Although the free option will only give you 30-seconds worth of video, it is really worth the time making this. Let me share a 30-second video I made for the kiddos:

I am now contemplating of getting full version.  This will be great for birthday videos! :-)