Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Har, Har, Har

Which reminds me.....

There was this one afternoon years ago. I was sitting at our terrace one late afternoon when our neighbor, whose house is directly in front of ours, who took their 2 big Labradors out for a doggie walk. The neighbor to our left took out their German Shepherd and well, the 3 dogs were now doing their own fashion dog show. Suddenly there was barking. The neighbor to our right, (not to be outdone probably) had their Doberman and Daschund out. What a frenzy!!! All 5 dogs are now barking at each other, with the 3 owners doing some small talk. Hmmm.... "Ilabas ko kaya si Lucky (one of my cats that time), taob silang lahat!".

I wish I did. Hehehe!

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