Friday, June 01, 2007

Z3 to 2910

Getting home from work this morning is a relief. Relief because my darn pants are so tight (I did grew fat!) it's hard to do calls sitting down, nonetheless getting a street-map-of-manila marks across the belly, not to mention the ohh so obvious button mark in the middle; and the gwafaw of a fellow team mate because of my butt 'sticking' out.

Riding the MRT home from Makati always find myself standing near the doors even there are still a lot of seats in the ladies-children-elderly-disabled-only MRT car. As we passed the MRT Shaw station heading north, I suddenly remembered seeing Cak doing a new lay-out for Zaturnnah. Today is June 1st!!!!! ... and...AND THERE SHE WAS--- right before Poveda just as the MRT is leaving Ortigas station--- ZsaZsa Zaturnnah in her splendor (ok ba bro?!?)occupied the top billboard, promoting her 'downloads' and of course, the Muzical, come June 15th to July1st at the Carlos P. Romulo Theater at the RCBC building.

I immediately texted Cak and with all my excitement, failed to take a picture of the billboard. Hmm..... maybe I can get down Ortigas station the next time--no, sobrang gilid . Or maybe I can get the MRT driver to let me in his, umm...what do you call that?!? box? cockpit? driver's seat? to get a good picture!... nge--- too kinky ata. (Stay tuned for the pic!)

Anyway, decided to try the downloads. Text Z3 to 2910...
"To continuously enjoy Globe's services please keep your account updated."
WHAT THE..?!?!?!?

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