Monday, June 04, 2007

You complete me

This is the nth time I've watch Jerry McGuire. I enjoyed the story the first few times I've watched it and it was only this time that I cried buckets.

Perhaps this time it's different--- Being the 'only one ' with Andee and Diego, basically 'single', 'alone' or whatever wordly metaphor you can sqeeze in or think of, made me connect even more with the characters.

And so like what most people think, one can stand up alone as long as you have a mission, a goal, or a purpose. Either to snag the right endorsement for a client and feel the wave of achievement-- or raise a child as a single parent and give them a good future. Yeh, some people live that way-- and prefer it that way. Though some, like me probably, would wish to share the feeling, tell the kid's wild and funny stories, laugh at what happened at work, etc. etc. etc., to someone other than your brother or mom, or best friend, or officemate. When that will be---well, there's someone out there..
...if there is still one destined for you.....
*hikbi!* *sigh!*

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