Thursday, January 31, 2008

Museo, Pizzas and the 'wild' Life

It was Kids On Focus' fieldtrip today and I had to hurry home from the office to take Diego to school before 6:30am. Was just getting ready when KOF texted saying that the group will be leaving shortly (scheduled departure time is 7:00am). It was only a 3-4 minute walk from the house to Diego's school.
First stop was at the Museo Pambata , a children's interactive museum, in Roxas Blvd. (beside the US Embassy). The tour started with the kids entering 'Miss Big-Mouth's mouth, passing through her esophagus then finally into a room where kids can learn more about the human body. They can press a large nose, a tummy and even a big butt to hear a sneeze, a rumble, or a f*rt! hehe. They see what blood vessels go where, or touch and feel different surfaces (and guess what it is). It's hands-on all throughout the museum. There is a science room, rain forest room, etc. There were a lot of educational trips that time, and the Museo management was able to organize the groups very well!
After this was lunch and a Pizza-making party at Shakey's Libis. We all had a quick tour of the kitchen and afterwards, we were given our pizza 'skins', as what they call it-- pizza' crust' actually to ordinary folks-- and basic ingredients for us to make our own pizza-- pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham, pepperoni and pineapple. Diego literally took a handful of pineapple bits and spread it over his pizza skin. I had to include the other ingredients for him. By the time the party host came over to get our pizza masterpiece and put it in the oven, Diego has plucked out all the pineapple bits and had eaten it. So much for a masterpiece. Shakey's special guest was Mr. Pizzaman, which is well, you guessed it, a giant slice of pizza that danced with the kids to the tune of 'Kembot'. Sa totoo lang, nakakaawa siyang tignan. What happened to Capt. Shakeys??!?!?!? Anyway....
Our last stop was Ark Avilon in in Tiendesitas. Its owners also own the Avilon Zoo (2) in Montalban, Rizal (obvious ba?) . After the infamous over-reacting snake bite news, there was still no clinic, but roving first-aid people (nice di ba?).
Like Manila Zoo's Kinder Zoo, one can get up close and personnal here with the animals. They have a 'centerstage' for photo ops with a sea eagle, albino snake and Coleen, the orangutan. The animals here are healthier looking-- the owners really do care for them! (makes me itch to take the kids over to Avilon Zoo). And like Malabon Zoo, you won't get an eyesore or strain your eyes getting a glimpse of the animals because the way they layout the place almost make you feel that you can touch them!
The main attraction (especially for the kids) is feeding the animals on the second floor. There is a mini 'corral' full of rabbits where kids can go in and feed them. Diego had a blast feeding a carrot to several rabbits, and okra to a tortoise, but begged off feeding a cricket to a chameleon. Definitely coming back with Andee in tow.
Good thing there are places like these where you can bring your kids. In this modern world where kids are mostly exposed to computers and books, only in pictures will they be able to see and experience this. Next to look forward to is the Manila Ocean Park, behind the Quirino Grandstand in Manila and expected to open this February 2008! Now that will be an experience!

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