Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hearts forwarded

What's with it when you'd start receiving emails about the 'heart'-- the next big thing for the majority after the Christmas season, that you'd somehow feel nostalgic? I would have my share of the usual surprise roses, cards and chocolates on Valentine's Day from people I'd really expect to receive from as well as those whom I'd raise an eyebrow ("Why on earth are you giving me these?"), or from those I'd hardly expect ("Why, really? --- *blush*) hehe.

Valentine's Day officially started for me during high school when I started receiving freshly picked roses, which were then better than those coming from flower shops. During those days, rose gardens were popular and one would really go out of his way to go and pick the right flower (naks!). This will evolve to a bouquet (or basket!) of roses in college. I remember in college, (without fail) during my four years when the reception area was literally 'filled to the brim' with roses and roses and roses, and balloons! Imagine people traffic here! Students craning their necks expecting (or hoping) that one had their name on it. Outside the school premises opposite the gate, in the middle island along Katipunan road were streamers and banners from boyfriends. Parang fiesta.

When I started working, uso na ang long, single-stemmed rose or the 1 or 3 roses in a box from flowershops. Signs of the times din ata-- it gets expensive na hehe. But it was during these times that Valentines happens any day of the year. I'd receive an unexpected rose because, 'wala lang'-- or 'Naalala kasi kita eh'. Hay, those were the days! When you get married, you can count with only the digits from your right hand, the times you'd get this special expected surprise from the hubby. (Di na daw uso)

After marriage, it would be unexpected Valentines again anytime during the year. This is when I get surprise love notes, mostly from Andee... and 'I love you's' from Diego. Now as I start a new life, those nostalgic "been there, done that" moments are now coming back to me. Nice feeling :-)

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Anonymous said...

hay!!! romantic pa rin kahit saang angulo mo tignan! nothing beats flowers. kahit lantoy ito after a few days!